Kings vs. Rangers, Game One, 2014 Stanley Cup Final. Will Take My Day With Extra Relish

How did you feel before game one of the 2012 Stanley Cup Final? Do you remember? Me neither. Fortunately, Surly documented it. I went back and looked for that game one post.

Hello folks. Men. Women. Boys. Girls. Kings fans.

We are gathered here today because we share a mind, a common coalescence of swelling pride, immutable thrill and overwhelming anticipation. For we, my friends, my bothers and sisters, my amassed lovers of puck, we watch tonight as our very own Los Angeles Kings take the ice in game one of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Let’s savor that,

The Stanley Cup Finals.

Motherfucking Finals.

Fuck me.

The Finals.

So not that different.

Pride, thrill and anticipation…and a bit of disbelief.

When you have slain the 100 foot dragon and watched it fall, you tend to look around and see who’s next. Someone then hands you a mirror and you come to realize you stand at 200 feet and others look up. That’s not ego looking back. That’s the fruits of labor. Our L.A. Kings have earned their way to this game 1 and this series. I am proud of every forward, every defenseman, every veteran, kid, coach and suit.

And for all the talk about the other team’s speed and skill, I remind those who speak that we just bested one of the fastest and arguably the most skilled team in the NHL. We did it with our own.

As for Lundqvist, how many pundits tooted Crawford’s horn and touted his brilliance. It is what they do. The game is not played on their tape recorders, note pads and keyboards. We don’t care what they predict and why.

To a man, we know what to expect from our team, both as individuals and a synergistic force.

There isn’t a team in the NHL for which I would trade our group. I love our hockey team and I want, as you do, for them to play their best games of the playoffs in this series, when it counts the most.

Drop the puck on game one.

I relish this day.

Let’s earn the right to be the better team.

Let’s win.

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  1. Looking back over 40 years of following the Kings, watching games from the rafters at the Forum, seeing the Triple Crown Line, Danny Maloney, Bernie Nichols, drinks at the Forum Club, the White Hats circling the rink between periods….there was always hope we’d get to this level of Hockey. One cup in hand, feels good, one potential cup even better. You two guys bring quality analysis, insight and passion to me as a fan. There is a certain fiber to this blog that I appreciate, it fits this current culture with the Kings. Never give up..on the ice or in life. Peace.

    • Dang! Right on!

    • No one can say that you aren’t a stalwart fan of the Kings! :-)

      I moved to southern California from NY, in 1976. I was a Rangers fan. I still follow the Rangers, but the Kings are my team! I never stopped following the Rangers because they are an east coast team. I just never thought I would ever see them playing against the Kings for the Cup! This should be a great series! Both of these teams have had a strange season with many ups and downs. And near the end of the season, they’ve been playing excellent hockey. It’s going to be fun!!!!

      It took me a while to warm up to Kings’ hockey, when I moved to southern California. What really changed my attitude was when Gretzky came to LA. That’s when I began to believe that the Kings were going to build themselves into a contender for the Stanley Cup.

      I love the Kings! They’ve certainly had their share of problems, but that’s true with any NHL team. The Kings are for real! They proved it in 2012, and again in 2013! Now, they have the opportunity to raise the Stanley Cup again … in 2014! This is SOOOO amazing!!! :-)

      I believe that the Kings WILL lift the Cup again!!!!!!

      Go Kings!!!

    • Your use of the word fiber in this context turned me on. Thanks for the kind words. Jacob and I are who we are off this blog as you read on this blog. It’s easy when you are committed to being yourself without compromise. Go Kings.

  2. You are my Word Guru..
    Only other Fans Understand
    what I am Feeling.


  3. One last team stands in the way. We’ve beat the teams we weren’t supposed to beat. Made history with this playoff run…..again. Showed the league we do in fact belong with the NHL elite.
    Battle tested with a determination like no other team the Rangers have faced.

    Strength of will is a weapon.

    Reclaim our crown.


    • I like That..”Strength of Will”
      equals Determination!
      We really have beaten the odds when you take a moment to look back on it..


  4. i hate you bastards that get to go to the game. give ’em hell boys!! i will be watchin’ from a sportsbar, probably the only hockey fan and still being a louder, bigger village idiot than all the nba fans combined as i was during the whole playoff run. this goes w/o sayin’ but there better not be no chonies on mr hamburgler

  5. Hahaha!

    I didn’t expect anything less.

  6. I certainly didn’t expect that the Kings would blow out the Rangers. The Rangers’ speed surprised them, but they made the necessary adjustments to play better against them.

    This is going to be an exciting series! :-)

    Go Kings!!

  7. Is that Vincent Vega interviewing with Williams? Haha!

    • Come on folks! Did y’all see Doughty interviewed with Williams? Didn’t he look like Vincent from Pulp Fiction? Hahaha! I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s a great look for Doughty! Matches his attitude as well!

  8. I was just thinking about those shot charts of goals given up by Lundqvist and Quick that they showed in the pre-game show. I don’t think that Lundqvist has allowed a goal under his blocker arm until tonight’s goal by Doughty! Am I correct about that?

  9. This is HOW We do It do It
    This is HOW We do it :-D
    Oh Yeah!!!
    3 to Go


    • Somehow I can picture you dancing around your living room like your trying to summon rain!

      • :-D
        I actually had a function could NOT get out of..I am not a good liar so don’t even try. .
        But did get to see first 2 Periods in the
        Bar of Black Angus..had the Manager(King Fan)
        coming to check TV everytime I yelled..said he couldn’t stand not knowing what was happening…ha!
        Know that feeling..
        Sunday’s game I must have walked 10 miles.. pacing in my Living Room..the dancing came during the
        celebratory Interviews.
        Awesome Sport this Hockey We play.
        Now Saturday we have to deal with my Industry trying to Hog the Spotlight. With Belmont Park dovetailing
        a Huge program of Stake races..and the enevibility ofthe races running longer then expected, NBC could end up preempting the Beginning of game..throwing it to NBCSHD..or who the Hell knows..I am already


  10. God I can’t stop thinking about that Doughty goal. Sooooooo good! Williams’ snipe was pretty damn nice too.

    • Don’t know about the rest if youz,
      I have gotten to where I see a play develop and jist Know that We are going to score.
      Know My team and how they play and connect together.


      • Yes, Hockeyjockey, I agree. I’ve learned, over the years, that set plays don’t always happen, except for when you are able to leave your zone with possession, and you aren’t forced to dump the puck into the other team’s corner. It’s a game of finding an opening that you can slide into. With the Kings’ strong forecheck, the man who gets the puck will be looking for an open man, and he will attempt to get it to him. When the Kings are on, they’re really good at passing the puck to that man who was able to find that seam.

        It really is fascinating to play the game over and analyze the game. It helps you to understand the game better. It’s such a fast game. Doing that has helped me to not be puck focused. I try to take in the entire zone. Then, I will be able to understand what that line is doing. I’ll see that man moving into the seam and see the play develop.

        It’s made hockey much more enjoyable for me!

  11. Lets be real. The Kings are fucking amazing. It reminds me of a video game or an epic book or something. It’s like the Kings are Player 1. The main character. I don’t know where this feelings comes from. Maybe I’m just in disbelief, maybe I am in awe, but this is an awesome team.

  12. This playoff season Kings team reminds of a Rocky movie or Muhammad Ali (Philadelphia puns totally not intended). Specifically Rocky 2. Wether the strategy is intended or not (I’m sure it’s not), it’s all about feeling your opponent out. giving ‘m space to feel comfortable, absorbing the pain, and then delivering the knockout punch at the most crucial and unexpected moment.
    The KIngs didn’t really know the Rangers but now it’s been absorbed. I think our boys know what to do now..


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