Kings vs. Rangers, Game Two, 2014 Stanley Cup Final. Saturday Night Fervor.

June 2, 2012, we prepared for game two against New Jersey. Surly was on the East Coast. He wrote

Oh, game two of the Stanley Cup Finals, is that it?

The Kings are up 1-0 on the road you say?

Tonight they could go home to Los Angeles up 2-0… For the fourth time in a row?


A guy could get used to this.

So much has been written (finally) about the Kings. Both teams had jitters this, the ice was crappy that. Kovalchuk WILL be better. OK, so will Doughty. The Devils will make a strong push. They push against a solid wall.

It is game two of the Stanley Cup Final.

The Kings are up 1-0 at home I say.

Tonight, they could go on the road to New York up 2-0…for the second time in a series but the first time from home ice.


A guy could get used to this.

So much has been written (consistently) about the Kings. Both teams had a feeling out period. Game went longer, we got better, we took over. Others write New York needs to improve here or there. So do we. Doughty may just be the best defenseman in the NHL.

Say it coach.

No. Game 1 was an elimination game. Game 2 is an elimination game. When it’s over, then we’ll answer that question going into Game 3 and we’ll answer it going into Game 4 and we’ll answer it as we go forward.

– Darryl Sutter when asked whether Game 2 becomes more important the deeper a team advances in the playoffs.

Go Kings!

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  1. Just saw the Billboard in New York. Didn’t read about it (or the roasted duck)
    here so figd I mention it.

  2. Strength of will is a weapon….

  3. Is Mike Emrick related to Charles Nelson Reilly in any way.

  4. Let’s go BOYS!

  5. How many playoff goals have we given up over the past 5 years that were fucking lucky shit?

  6. Sorry. I’m being negative. WE GOT THIS

  7. Fuckkkkkkkk!

  8. I appreciate your analysis even more now that I am seeing it in action, esp the chip to open ice-noman’s land. Very evident.
    I have my Mantra going:


  9. :)….

  10. Games 1&2 down 2-0 and we come back to win in OT! Rangers have no answer to our never say die attitude! MSG better be ready for a Kings invasion!
    We are coming full force, without compromise and no discrcretion for NY hockey!

    Strength of will is a weapon!!!

  11. At the $ ridiculous. So glad you gota be a rich bitch, who doesn’t give a shit, to see a Kings game.

  12. Anyways. Heart attack Kings strike again!


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