L.A. Kings Lead Series 2-0. Reset. Refocus.

2012 Game One, L.A. Kings vs. New Jersey. OT win.

2012 Game Two, L.A. Kings vs. New Jersey. OT win.

2014, games one and two…two OT wins.


What did we feel after we won game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final against New Jersey, in 2012, in OT? On June 2 of that year…

Drew Doughty said it. Reset. Start the series on Monday night like it’s 0-0. There is plenty of room for improvement.

Jarret Stoll said it. Two means nothings. Only four matters.

Plenty of room for improvement is still right. The New York Rangers caused some forced turnovers but not nearly enough to impact the game. The Kings had a mess of unforced giveaways that have to stop because those ended up in our net…and that’s all that needs to stop because, absent those, we are playing excellent hockey.

Don’t have the passing lane? Don’t make the pass.

Trying to clear the puck? Make sure you have a seam to do so. If not, patience, short pass to support forward or defenseman.

Entering the attacking zone but no shot, pass or scoring chance ahead? Carry it deep or send it deep – then forecheck or wait for it to come.

In our own zone, under pressure, no open teammate and choice is to keep the puck, put your body between the attacking forechecker and the puck or…there is no or! Protect the puck and take the hit.

Mistakes are inevitable in hockey but in small sample sizes and certainly not in your own zone or those that lead to odd man rushes.

We will reset. We will refocus.

When we scored the third goal, the “controversial” one NHL Channel and Radio will talk about and which will be written about by the East Coast Media 1200 times combined in the next 36 hours, I sensed we would tie it and I could just feel this game was ours…we clean up the above and the Rangers shots and scoring chances will be far fewer than they have been.

We haven’t seen the better or best of some Kings players.

Jacob is heading to New York for game 3. Wish him a safe trip there and back. Jacob would like to see our boys’ better or best there. So would we. So would they.

At the moment, only game 3 matters.


Go Kings!

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  1. Notes not on the scoreboard; Quick taps Voynov on his rear as he skates by, lets em know we are behind you even though your struggling; Sutter’s twitch means one of two things..when being interviewed by Pierre Mcguire, I’d like to kick your ass or I know we are going to win; Quick talking over his and Mitchel’s botched play behind the net…don’t worry let’s move on; Carter looking at Lundquist after his dive, are you kidding me?; Tyler Toffoli’s baby faced tough guy look after getting checked; and finally, this is called Team Play, synergy, no one part is greater than the sum of all the parts…we go forward to Monday Night.

    • Poor Slava!
      My heart hurts for his struggles this season.
      I swear his broad shoulders are shrinking.
      He looks so stressed out on the ice.
      I do hope his teammates are giving him
      encouragement. Since last season was not a full
      one, this truly is the Sophomore slump.
      Counting the hours.


  2. I was very disturbed with the play of the Kings last night. From the very beginning of the game, they were making mistakes. And of course, the Rangers capitalized on those mistakes by getting goals. The Kings are a proud team. And they DO have a very special way of persevering toward a possible victory … even when they get down a couple of goals. And that’s very commendable. But they did not deserve that win. They stole it from the Rangers. That game never should have went to OT.

    Am I happy that the Kings are up 2-0 in the Final? You bet, but game two has tarnished this Stanley Cup Final. As much as I want the Kings to win the Cup, I don’t want them to get it with bad calls/bad plays. King showed good hustle when he moved in between Lundqvist and the D-man, but it was still interference. I have never seen that blatant of a goalie interference call, which permitted a goal to be scored on Lundqvist, allowed to stand. If it HAS ever happened before, I have forgotten it. That goal should not only have been disallowed, but there should have been a two-minute penalty on King. That goal ended up being the difference between a victory and a loss for the Kings.

    I think the Rangers played well, and they outplayed the Kings for more of the game. The Kings had better “tighten it up,” or things will get tough in New York. I think the Kings need to find a way to sweep the Rangers to help people forget that bad call last night. If this series goes seven, with the Kings getting a narrow win on home ice, everyone will be talking about that interference call for many years. They’ll always say that the Kings stole the Cup from the Rangers. I certainly don’t want that to happen! The Kings deserve better.

    • Tarnished? Oh please. Should the goal have been waived off? In retrospect, yes. But this kind of call/non-call happens CONSTANTLY. Just like tons of penalties were missed. Just like the Kings got away with some interference. Just like Lundqvist got away with a dive. Just like the Kings should have had a 2-man advantage when Dan Girardi blatantly closed his hand on the puck and forced a stoppage in play that was more clearly delay of game than Kings’ move into Lundqvist was goalie intereference.

      That goal did not decide the game. The Rangers didn’t have to allow Gaborik to score and after he did they had over 30 minutes to score another one. But they didn’t, so they lost. Tarnished my ass. The only thing tarnished is the Rangers’ attitude. As soon as you start to blame outside forces for your circumstances, you are trending down. If the King goal was the game winner in overtime, the Rangers would have cause for complaint. You can say there was a bad call in the game. There was. There often are in nearly every game, some worse than others and over the course of a season and playoffs that stuff evens out for everybody. You can not say that non-call is why the Kings won the game. It’s not like it was a tying goal with .5 seconds on the clock. Had the goal been waived off, it is equally fair to say the Kings would have still rallied with the 18+ minutes left in the game as it is to say the Rangers would have held on for the win.

      So knock it off and move on. No one will remember that goal in a month.

      • That’s why this blog is so good. We all love the Kings. And we sometimes see things differently. I’m glad that the Kings are resilient. That’s a good thing. I’m glad they always work hard, even when they sometimes can’t get it together. That’s a good thing. I think they’ll win this series, and raise the Cup again! And that’s a good thing!

        Go Kings!

        • Shameless divers your 2nd favorite team. Can’t help but think that’s Vigneaults influence. The hockey gods will continue to smile on the better team in this series.

          • I’m not happy about the diving either. I know that both of these teams want to make sure that the Refs see the penalties, but some of the very obvious diving has pissed me off too. I’ve never seen the Rangers do so much of it. I remember that Montreal did a lot of it against the Rangers. Brown did a little play acting himself, when he was cross-checked by a Ranger (I forget who). There is no way that he should have done somersaults when he was hit. It seems that as the games get more important more diving is taking place. I like the idea of making embellishment of a penalty worse than the original penalty. Maybe an obvious embellishment should be a four minute penalty. Then, they’ll stop doing it!

          • Ha! that is funny..and sure could be true.
            R. Kessler(whom I like minus the diving)..the twin winers..
            cheap shot Burrows..
            that did strike my funny bone.
            Henrik is a damn good goalie.
            But that dive fall was not characteristic of him, and did Not become him at all.
            I have gone back and forth on the King interference. Seems like he Was knocked into Lundqvist, and the
            Ranger D’s stick came up and caught Lundqvist not King’s.
            Surly is right saying that goal was not the goal that decided the game. We always pout about questionable goals, but it was not a last sec goal or the OT game winner. Opposition had plenty of time to put game away but could not.

      • Harrumph!

    • You are placing WAY to much emphasis on the non call. And the only bad period we had was the first again. Their 4th goal was a fluke in an otherwise even game after 1 but for LA taking complete control at times

    • Overreaction. This kind of thing happens all the time, and last night, it happened to be in our favor. That’s fine. It may happen to the benefit of the Rangers next time, or it may not. No one is going to care about that goal after the end of the series except bitter Rangers fans.

      Games may be won or lost due to bad calls, but series are won by the better team.


  3. Here’s a good article from The Hockey News. Ken Campbell states that the Rangers shouldn’t have folded after that bad non-call on the interference penalty:

    “The non-call on the Dwight King goal that narrowed the gap to 4-3 in the third period of Game 2 was a terrible mistake by the officiating staff, but teams that are serious about winning Stanley Cups are able to regroup quickly enough to put those setbacks behind them and continue with the task at hand.”


    Yes, the Rangers SHOULD HAVE persevered through that adversity, and fought hard to achieve a victory. But they didn’t. If this non-call had happened against Quick, the Kings WOULD HAVE continued to battle toward victory. That’s the difference between these two teams. That’s why I feel that the Kings WILL raise the Cup again in 2014!

  4. The most important thing that we can pull out of this incredible 2014 run for the Cup that the Kings have presented to us is that they ARE resilient. I know. This word is being used quite often by those who are trying to understand this incredible team. But many people aren’t saying that this team is also an incredibly talented team. We can get irritated with the Kings when they don’t play well. And we can get frustrated with them when they make stupid mistakes. But then they will pull together and will themselves to another win. For a team to make bad errors and still pull off victory after victory, there can be only one conclusion. They are a very good team! Lesser teams will seek out an excuse for why they lost. The Kings are only thinking about their next game and how they’re going to get one more victory!

    Go Kings!

  5. Surly…here’s to a Great and Sucessful Trip to the
    Big Apple..Be Safe.
    If you have not been to,
    the Flagship NHL store in Manhatten..
    worth a trip. I am sure it will be overflowing
    with Ranger paraphenelia, but they
    better have some of Our
    Western Conference Champion
    King treasures as well.


    • I drove down to New York two years ago to see our boys in Game 2 of the finals and I had gone into the NHL store and it was awesome to see all the employees wearing Kings shirts. They hated the Devils so much that they were all cheering for us. I bought a Kings jersey and the staff were all smiles. I am sure it wouldn’t be as friendly this time around though!!

  6. Great piece.


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