A Picture is Worth…

In 2012, Jacob went to New Jersey. He was happy.

Surly Jacob 2012, New Jersey, Stanley Cup Final

Happy Surly in New Jersey, 2012

In 2014, Jacob went to New York. He is happy.

Surly Jacob in NY, 2014 Stanley Cup Final, Game 3

Happy Surly in New York, 2014

I know him well. I swear, that is his happy face…

Surly Jacob in NY, 2014, Stanley Cup Final, Closeup

Like, REALLY happy face.

He summarizes all of our emotions well, emotions from a couple of hours ago. Emotions that are now settled down and in. The waiting isn’t the hardest part because I know how hard our men have to continue to work to earn the 4th win. And I trust them to know that too..and to do it.

Go Kings!

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  1. Well done sir. Well done.

  2. Hahahaha! That a boy, Surly!

    I would have loved it more if you punched JR in the back of the neck. That would have been classic!

  3. Repeating history one Surly at a time. I miss your podcasts Surly and Scribe! Podcasts aren’t cursed are they? Bring it back for the final game(s)!

  4. The best way to tell real championship teams from teams that are just fortunate to be in the Finals is how a team reacts after a loss (or losses). Last year, during the Chicago series, the Kings were outplayed, and they admitted it. After every loss they said that they needed to do better, and how they needed to improve. And at the end of the day, they were simply beat by a better team, and they acknowledged that. Nothing about Chicago being lucky. Even this year, when they were down to the Sharks, down 3-2 to the Ducks, and lost 2 in a row to Chicago, they talked about what they needed to do better, not about how unlucky they were.

    This year, all you hear from the Rangers locker room is how there have been “lucky bounces” that are going the Kings way. I guess they forgot about Kreider “accidentally” running Price, taking him out for the playoffs. I guess they forgot about Voynov kicking the puck into his own net in game 1. There was nothing “lucky” about the Rangers allowing Carter to skate right down the slot with no one near him in the closing seconds of the first period. There was nothing lucky about the Rangers taking dumb high sticking penalties leading to Muzzin’s goal. There was nothing lucky about McDonagh stupidly pinching down giving the Kings a clear 2 on 1. (sidenote – what a joke the east coast biased media is, comparing McDonagh to Doughty going into the series)

    It’s pathetic to hear them complain that they don’t have the “puck luck” right now. Reminds me of the Coyotes locker room after the Kings waxed that asshole Doan in 2012. Well guess what, you make your own fucking luck. You make your luck by crashing the net and getting bodies in front of the goalie. THAT is what causes deflections. THAT is what creates “luck.” The Kings have been the better team, and they soon will have a nice shiny toy to prove it.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • Has Quick given up a goal in the Finals that wasn’t a “lucky bounce?” Also, how many “penalties” (especially last night) have the Rangers been gifted? The reason that the playoffs are 4 rounds and each one is 7 games is because over a long enough timeline the luck dissipates and results are a product of opportunities caused by skill and effort. Therefore what appears to be luck is merely the result of opportunity. It is the same reason that Littlewood’s law exists. Luck is a result of opportunity and when a team is more skilled and works harder there are more opportunities for “luck” especially over a long enough timeline (e.g. four seven-game series). As you said how a team handles “luck” is a great indicator of how good they really are.

    • Amen to that brother.

    • Stick tap on the ice for you.

  5. OK heres my Rant…( to my SLC friends and not the real regs on here!)
    I love/hate the bandwagoners …….most people dont understand the pain it has been being a real kings fan and why we enjoy so much having a great team! ( greatest kings team of all time IMO ) like.. going to the finals in 93 then.. not making the play offs . Or having Rick in your face Tocket and Eddy O” cash my check and it doesent matter ( and still sucking) or Larry Robinson helping us learn to be boring just to squek out games. The Pallfy Allison Stumple days where a close to redemption after losing what… a bunch of straight playoff games we beat the Wings in the playoffs (oh sweet! )I was at the frenzy on Figueroa and It still was the best game I ever saw just because it felt like the fans made the difference …Larry Murry loved to pull the goalie early plus Potvin was on board..to bad it didn’t last. But that was the beginning of the staples era and the new attitude of drafting a team instead of always just trading a team started…Oh thank god. 5 ish years ago I started to notice that the players were all about the same age and adding Terry Murry to implement a strong bend but dont break defense was just thrilling to see unfold. But not enough to get us to the next level. (just let them play MF.)Fast foward to 2009 – 2011 we started out top of the league just to watch it fall apart again and get bounced out of the playoffs again..then 2012 we were in such a tight race ( then fell out again ) and along comes “Sutter” (wow) ..we were fighting to be in the playoffs 2 mo. before season ended and we where what? 1 point out from being a 3 seed I think instead of eight seed …we had just found our Identity ( after years and years ) ..Today I watch a team that plays for each other and for us and dosent waver. So to all the Bandwagoners welcome ……and sorry for the pain in the future….. When I lived in LA it was all Red Wings fans and here in SLC its all Black Hawks and Aves however they dont seem to be able to mention more than a few players names …( lame ) All real LAK fans can probably mention 100’s of players from the past years. And we’ve seen Greatness and Sadness we have been through alot so step the fuck back and let us enjoy this shit. Oh and by the way This team is on the up not down ….fuck we are deep too! I almost want them to loose game four so I can go to game 5 in LA like I did last Stanley Cup Final but I have had to many cardiac arrests this season../ and… last ///this has been the most epic playoff runs of all time …what a privilege to be apart of…. oh and by they way after we lost three straight to the sharks I posted that If any team could come back it would be the Kings so FU Sharks dick heads… Anaheim Sucks fans… Black small cawkers and Colorado Avalange in my pants fucks. Welome to the Kings Bandwagon however loyalty is part of being a true fan. peace!

    • So I am not the only one who selfishly would not be totally pissed if somehow the Rangers manage to steal game 4. Maybe Henrik Lundqvist can show us what all the hype has been about. You know the bull shit east coast tire pumping that led to him stealing away Quick’s Vezina in 2012. Either way here’s hoping for a parade on Saturday!

      • No your not the only one.

      • I have tix to game 5. That’s my consolation prize if we don’t take it in 4. No guarentees of course. But most of my playoff game purchases were in an effort to see the ever elusive handshake. Game 6 Ducks, Game 6 Blackhawks. Game 3 Ducks. Game 3 Sharks. Jesus. I’m cursed aren’t I? So obviously not good if it goes 5 right? 6,7 are right after that game. GKG \X/ tomorrow night is an elimination game.

    • Hilarious and Great at the same time..
      It is said you can always be more appreciative when you have to work for it.
      Long Time LA fans are the Perfect example.


  6. Fucking classic Surly! Man I thought I was a hardcore Kings fan. :)

    3-0 is nice. Very nice but it don’t mean a cup. The Rangers coming back with 4 straight…ain’t even going there. It’s one and done in a good way.

  7. Awesome Surly! When I saw the postgame “show”, I was like “That’s wicked Surly!!” Ha ha. And what’s up with a good part of those New York dweebs wearing suits and ties to go along with their moussed up hair…. Way to represent Surly man!! Our boys are choking them out. GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. Gotta a little time to kill. Didn’t know our local boy was a Kings fan.

    Go Kings!!!

  9. Right On Surley!
    I take this ALL as Great Karma..
    Question peeps
    DD intetview pre game ..he told of time
    Sutter gave him a shift as a Forward.
    Anyone remember the game?
    I hope I have it recorded and can watch :-)

  10. Does anyone know if Bob Miller & Jim Fox will do a recorded broadcast of the game tonight?

  11. In case anyone was wondering what Alain Vigneault does in the offseason:

  12. It almost looks like your picture is superimposed into the picture. Is that real?


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