Kings vs. Rangers, Game Three, 2014 Stanley Cup Final. Maniacal Monday

In 2012, we led the series against New Jersey 2-0.

Jacob wrote

The big question is how the Devils will respond to having squandered a home ice advantage that no 6th seeded team has ever enjoyed in the Cup finals. They were two whiffs away from being up 2-0 instead of down. Dejection or reaffirming of resolve?

Then. Now.

Different. Same.

Our Kings have the opportunity to gain a 3-0 series lead.

Whether they do is firmly within their grasp for it is their play that has dictated their success and the bumps to same.

Lessen unforced giveaways and dramatically increase the prospect of victory regardless of what New York may attempt. Don’t and flirt with chance and bounces.

Our men are not intimidated by anything, not a building, its occupants nor the opposing white and blue sweaters.

May we force our will upon them and earn the win.

Be ready.

Go Kings!

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  1. Hopefully they don’t follow the same pathology of spotting New York a 2 goal lead before they wake up and realize they aren’t all dreaming the exact same dream.
    i am very happy the Kings have managed to comeback in the first two games when gifting the Rangers a few goals usually in the first period of first two games of this 2014 Stanley Cup Finals.
    The first 2 games have kind of started out the same with the Rangers looking to be faster than the Kings in the first period, while the Kings are establishing the physical punishment in the first hoping to slow down the Rangers and making them play to the Kings strength.
    The second period has been a little of the Rangers starting out well, while the Kings gradually slow them down and start to turn the game in the Kings favor.
    The Kings come out in the 3rd and pretty much dominate the Rangers with the amount of shots Lundqvist has to face, and putting the Rangers on their heels because of how much time is spent in the Rangers end..
    Looking at the +/- of both teams in the 3rd really shows how well the Kings are just peppering Lundqvist while pinning the Rangers in their own end and not allowing the Rangers any prime scoring opportunities. Even when the Kings do allow the Rangers to attack, Quick makes one or more saves that keep the game tied or at the very least close enough for the Kings stage a comeback.
    IMO the Kings have beat the Rangers mentally, and planted the seeds of doubt, which should have them winning their second cup in 2 years.
    Blowing multiple goal leads then forcing the game into OT, and beating then Rangers twice always coming from behind is now inside the Rangers head and I just don’t see the Rangers being able to recover.
    We know the Kings have got this far the hard way, so there isn’t much they haven’t been through as a team which is why I don’t see the Rangers beating the Kings in this final. New York might win a game but that is about it.

  2. The price of the tickets in NYC means that a lot of the best Rangers fans won’t be able to attend. In my mind this lessens the home ice advantage. Theoretically, the same thing happens in LA, but not to the same degree.

  3. Rangers are desparate. These two teams know each other alittle more now. Protect Quick, he can be the difference tonight. Good vibe from Carter last game..he and the boys contribute tonight. Sutter knows there will be a NY push at the start of the game, so do the vets on the King’s team, they’ll need to be ready. Desparate teams sometimes do desparate things….confident we’ll keep our cool.

  4. On the heart of this team, and the amount of comebacks, Justin Williams identified why this team is so resilient and it speaks volumes to they the are about to win their 2nd cup in 3 yrs. The leadership in that room, the winners with the right ‘stuff’, the sacrifice of themselves for the good of the whole, is the reason they are champs, and DL did that

    “It comes from experience. It comes from looking around the dressing room. I look at faces when I look around dressing rooms when we’re down a goal, and you can read a lot about what someone is thinking about just by looking at their face. Between the second and third last night, I looked around, and I didn’t see anyone scared. I saw a prepared team that knew what they had to do.”

    That says it sall and why that lone 2012 Stanley Cup Banner in the Rafters will have company.

  5. Good comments! Yes, I also think that the Kings are now in the heads of the Rangers. The Cockroaches just keep on coming!

    It’s undeniable that the Kings have made their share of mistakes. And those mistakes have given the speedy Rangers quite a few opportunities to capitalize on those mistakes by scoring goals. However, the overall strength, skill and determination of our cockroaches have given the Kings hard earned victories. Yes, the Rangers have earned their place in the final. They are a good team. But no eastern team could prevail over the best western teams.

    I don’t see this trend changing. The Kings WILL win this series, and they WILL raise the Stanley Cup again!

    Go Kings!!!

  6. WOW People. .
    I am Just Giddy


  7. This is LA! Our city our home! Los Angeles! We never walk alone!

  8. That was an incredibly well played road game by the Kings!! And Jonathan Quick was spectacular!! They even had a solid 1st period!!


  9. I just saw Surly Jacob behind JR on NBC sports net….. way too go Surly

    • The mad photo bomber…….. Awesome dude. MSG was library quiet like my dishwasher. So awesome. Get harrassed at all? Uno mas guey!!!

  10. Me and some dude were watching the game on my phone during our daughters 6th grade graduation. When Richards scored he yelled YES! Everyone turned around and looked. Our wifes were pissed. Classic!

    • What are ya gunna do..gotta represent…
      bet we all have a similar story
      Best Game of Playoffs by the Kings IMO.
      Not just for the Shut Out..but for Our Play.
      Quick’s best game definately. SOLID.
      Our D..SOLID.
      Strong Strong Game.
      Very Pleased.


  11. June 11 2014 , June 11, 2012….I sense Cup pattern here…

  12. So I guess those game 5 tix…………. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry. If there is a sweep, I will be at the airport this time. Without question. GKG \X/


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