Kings vs. Rangers, Game Four, 2014 Stanley Cup Final. Another Hockey Game.

Die-hard L.A. Kings fans don’t get wrapped up on who the Conn Smyth winner from the Kings will be. They don’t  talk of an inevitable sweep. Die-hards don’t do a lot of things the media, pundits and others do. I see these article titles out there and I just smile. They won’t understand how you think, how Surly and I do, how we are, who we are and what this team means to us.

This isn’t our job. This isn’t some story. We don’t seek to entertain anyone.

We love our team. We live our team. We take ownership of its success and take nothing, not even a moment of it, for granted.

In 2012, we titled the game four preview as the “climax.”

In 2012, we were younger, less experienced winners and had not plowed this road. This series, to date, has shared much with that of 2012. And while we seek the same end result, it is not the end that draws our focus now. It is the beginning and each shift, hit, pass and shot that follows.

June 11, 2014 is game four of the Stanley Cup Final. We get out there and work hard to play our best. We work hard to leave it all on the ice. We let our skill, effort and fierce competitiveness dictate.

Bring your focus and undivided attention. I expect nothing less from you and myself. I expect nothing less from our men.

Let’s remember where we are and what we must do. You know our boys won’t need any reminding.

Let’s earn it.

Go Kings!

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  1. Yes, we are more experienced. Yes, we are better at focusing on each shift. Yes, we will leave it all on the ice…

    BUT… that last game 4 post in 2012 was epic. One of my all time favorites!

  2. Justin Williams, no brainer. ;)

  3. Just found out the reason why the Rangers have no chance against the Kings; it’s not just because the Kings are better at every position, not just because the Kings are up 3-0, not just becuase the only reason they are in the finals is because they injured Carey Price. Regardless of those facts the Rangers were fucked from the get go because:

    They took a team photo with the Prince of Wales trophy! Hardly “ignoring it.”

  4. The Room. In 2012, the players develop chemistry under Sutter, win the Cup. Sutter is part of a family that is well respected and entrenched in Hockey. Lombardi decides to bring back just about the whole cup winning team. The finals, in 2013, alittle short in their challenge with Chicago. An up and down regular season in 2014, make the playoffs, shock the Sharks, shock the Ducks, and Beat last years Cup winner, the Hawks. Hear we are, up 3-0 against the Rangers. The Room is focused on tonights game, they know they haven’t won anything yet, and need their best effort tonight. So what’s in the room. One of the finest brotherhoods this long time fan has ever seen, they have looked adversity in the face and keep climbing that mountain. We’ll mostly never know the private encouragement and support they give each other, the measure is on the ice. This is the best of rides, glad I’m still here to enjoy it.

  5. We LIVE our Team!
    Those are THE words.
    Only others like ourselves understand.
    This is a day I get NOTHING done. TG do
    not have to work! Would not be good.
    Today is devoted to


  6. This is “the game”…..nothing we’ve done before matters. Today is the day we gotta face.

  7. Fucking Kings game 5 is on my graduation ceremony fuck idk what to do WAAAAAAAAAAAH :(


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