I am upset too. That is because we expect excellence from our L.A. Kings, to win every game and we hate to lose at a barometer shattering level.

But we lead the series 3-1 in the Stanley Cup Final and we’re playing at home for game 5.

I know, that’s not a consolation for me either.

I know, every loss is personal, penetrating and all we see is red.

I know…

Channel your anger if you can into focus.

And if you can’t yet, I know.

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  1. I’m not angry. The Kings dominated most of the game. and the Rangers were barely holding on by the buzzer. A pile of snow saved their asses.
    But Friday night, the Kings will reclaim their rightful throne and drink in the well deserved adulation that will rain down from the loyal denizens of the Kingdom

    oh and the Kings will set yet another NHL record

    Jon Rosen @lakingsinsider · 10m
    The #LAKings will set an NHL record by playing their 64th playoff game over a three-year span on Friday night.

    64 games in 3 playoffs…wow is that a lot of hockey.

    • Yes, Deirdre, the Kings can hold their heads high! I fully expected the Rangers to play an incredible game today, BUT they didn’t! Only Lundqvist played fantastic! He was “The King” today! After the 1st period, it was all Kings! I couldn’t believe that the Rangers would just play defense for the latter two periods of the game! I thought they were better than that! Now, however, I’m realizing that they’re not!

      The only thing the Kings need to do to raise the Cup again is to play the same way that they did today! The Rangers can’t expect Lundqvist to play a great game and not give him the support that he deserves. It’s not fair to Lundqvist or their fans.

      It’s so obvious that the Kings are a much better team! The Kings deserve to win the Stanley Cup! And the Kings WILL win the Stanley Cup! Let’s make a statement and crush the Rangers in game 5!!!!!!

      Go Kings!!!!

      • You know a part of why the Rags were barely holding on, esp in the 3rd is that the Kings just wear teams down, esp East Coast teams not used to a team that can dominate the way the Kings can, they just come at the opposition in waves and at times, relentless. The Kings just wore them down…and that won’t change.
        The Kings will be on a blood hunt on Friday night. I don’t expect them to give the Rags a sniff.

  2. Ny did what they had to do and Lundqvist played lights out. The last puck that just stopped short of the goal line was Jedi mind trick shit. If Lundqvist moves his right skate a coupla inches the pucks in the net.

    Kings dominated the game. It’s a series. Come home and bury their dumb asses.

  3. Hendqvisk isn’t rated as an Elite for nothing.
    He needed A+ game ..a
    and got it. Plus 2 seriously WTF GOALS that were OURS!!! Carter. .come on. .not all the aay Iver line.ndid that line get thicker..and the stopped by a snow POS O’halloran..God how I HATE him!!!
    whatever Friday!!!

  4. And 2 more days of suffering NHL Network Jamal (I’m masquerading as an analyst) Meyers and NBC Marty (please stop by my NY Rangers altar and pay homage with me) Biron. Who exactly lost those auditions?
    I didn’t watch tonight pregame …so sick of them all week…

  5. Fuck Hank. Fuck the Rags. Fuck the zebras. Fuck this lucky bounce shit. Fuck Nash.

  6. Feel a little better. Thanks.

  7. Funny Boy.I qm not incensed. .
    We are the BETTER Team.
    I feel So cocky..not arrogant. .Confident!

    • I am not angry. We are the better team. We controlled the majority of the tempo. We had the better chances. Whether it be ‘puck luck’ or the ‘hockey gods’ shining on the Rangers tonight, the tide will change. It will shift to our favor. We get the favorable matchups in game 5, we get the face-off positioning advantage, and most importantly of all, we get 19,000 Kings fans screaming for our boys in the next game. Game 5 will be ours. A new chapter in Kings history is inevitable. The names will be engraved. I am drunk. It shall come to pass.

  8. I didn’t expect a sweep. I’m not worried at all. The Kings played very well but unfortunately they didn’t have the “puck luck” tonight ;) That’s OK. If that is all the Rangers have to throw at us, it won’t be long now!

  9. Not angry. LA played well, just wasn’t in the cards. Next game is in our house. Friday the 13th….would be fucking awesome if quick came out with a Jason mask.

  10. We played an excellent two-game road SCP set. Given the choice (and alternatives) we would have taken it 100 out of 100 times. Kings fans need to STOP bitching about the refs. Those decisions either way are a part of the game. 90% of the Rag fans are still bitching is about the refs. Not a club I want to be a member of. So, do you see it in the faces of their coach and players? I do. The same look McClellan had going into Game 7 at San Jose. The sheer utter terror in Boudreau’s eyes game 7 at Ponda. The look is the same – it is called inevitability. The overwhelming commentary from Rags players including Hank was ” we didn’t want to see them carry the cup on our home ice”. Great, super, That was just enough (I mean, barely enough) to get them past the sweep. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a better overall team and I really like our chances to close this thing out in five. Believe!

    • That’s very true Stephen. I had always liked the Rangers, since I was in high school many years ago, but I haven’t been impressed with the way they’ve been handling the playoffs; especially the final. They used to be a classy team. I always liked that about them. But they’ve changed. I don’t know why. Their lack of class only magnifies the class of the Kings. Now, I’ll have to admit, I can’t see myself following the Rangers anymore. Times have changed. Things change.

      Over the years, the Kings organization has proven itself to be a class operation. I’ve followed them since I moved to CA in 1976. But I wasn’t really a fan until Wayne Gretzky came to LA. I’m very happy for this team and its success. I’ll be very happy indeed to see them raise the Stanley Cup again!

      I hope they win on Friday night, at home! I want to see them skating around the ice with the Cup raised high!!

      Go Kings!!

      • Not nearly as classy as Keenan eh? It really doesn’t matter what team you put out there against us if the competition is about class. Post TM this is the classiest team hockey has ever seen in my hardly humble opinion. The differences between Sutter and Murray are pretty stark in the way team image is handled. Every one of our players speaks the same Sutting language right?! GKG \X/ like a dream come true for me tomorrow night. If you’re there section 329 row 7 seats 2 and 7 me and my buddy. I’ve been a good boy. I want to see this so bad. Tippy top of the bucket list. Please please please please please. WWTC WWTC WWTC!!!

        • To ALL who will be on attendance tomorrow night…
          Time of Your Lives!!!
          You must represent for those not lucky enough to be there, and make up for the People only there because it is the place to be. Our KINGS want to hear their True Fans!


          • Absofreakinglutely!!!
            My shift ends at 20:00 tomorrow night so i can’t be there. I expect all my fellow Kings fans to rock Staples like never before! Lemme hear you guys on TV!!!

        • Yes, Hamburgular, the Kings are most certainly the class act of the NHL. I’ve always hated teams that are dirty and look to find excuses for their inadequacies. The Rangers were never that way. But this season they’ve been different; especially in the playoffs. Maybe I’ve been too kind to Alain Vigneault. I blamed the Vancouver Canucks hockey organization for being bitches. Maybe I should have blamed Vigneault! Because the Rangers are playing more like the hated Canucks now than ever! I hate it!

          I love the Kings!!!!!

          • Pllayers do reflect their coach..or in the case of Totarella rebel against him and into Doghouse they go. Remember we used to say so and so is in Murray’s doghouse? Really cannot say that about Sutter. Exception being AMart. Still don’t get what that was..but I am no coach.
            You compare Daryl with other coaches.
            He doesn’t scream at his players…the Refs on occasion ..I think he is pretty restrained in that regard :-/
            He is a Respected Leader. The players revere/respect/accept him.
            Truely a special bond Our Coach and Our Team.

          • What you say makes sense. It seems that Vigneault is not the classy man I thought he was. His affect on the Rangers (the same as the Canucks) has hurt them. Maybe, if NY ever gets rid of Vigneault, they’ll return to being a class act, but it won’t matter to me. They’ve lost me for good. They were the only team in the east that I liked. Maybe they were just a long time habit, but now, it’s all west all the time! Go Kings!!

          • NY is my East Coast team in honor of my Father. That being said NY has been sliding for a while now.. Gabby..Prust..Dubinsky..Anisimov..and going for the Prima Donna Free Agents..Richards..Nash..not because they were a good fit..but just because they were the premire free agents.
            And they were really hard on their rookies..Zucarello..look at him.. and Tortarella was brutal on him.
            Enough on them rangers…
            Tonite is ALL ABOUT OUR LA KINGS
            EXCITED..Really don’t have adequate word(s).


          • Yes, Hamburgular, tonight is about our Kings!!! It’s a wonderful thing!!!

  11. Oh boy! Underpants!


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