Kings vs. Rangers, Game 5, 2014 Stanley Cup Final. For What Do We Play?

If this was 2012, Friday’s game 5 would be game 6 – coming off a road loss where we hit posts and, though we played damn well, the other team somehow won.

Every game this series has been the same. Slow starts in the first period built up to L.A.’s dominance. As for Friday, what are we to believe may happen?

Do you know?

I know.

It’s simple.

That’s not our job. Our job is to chant, yell and scream support, to make Staples Center loud and wild, an assault on the senses, where our warriors beam with pride at the savage adoration and we drown the other team in irrelevance.

Scream like Surly. Chant like him. Pick a fight or two with opposing fans like me.

No matter what your style, raise the volume because I want and expect the energy within Staples Center to be palpable.

You don’t do it for yourself. You do it for something greater.

Do not forget for what we play.

The Cup raised over head symbolizes it.

The rings engrave it.

That which we wear reminds us of it.

But it is far greater than all of that.

It is not for ego, or bragging rights. It cannot be erased. It will not be forgotten.

It is glory.

Let Friday be glorious for our L.A. Kings, fans and each of us bear witness.

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  1. Glorious day indeed.

  2. This should be a very happy day in LA! We have home ice, and last change! We have the fabulous LA fans who will be screaming loudly for their Kings!

    The Kings WILL raise the Cup again this evening!

    Go Kings!!!!!

  3. Let’s go boys! Let’s fucking go!

  4. fans since 2012!

  5. Best of luck from all the guys at the station!
    This is our house! Bring the cup back home!

  6. no ya dopes ya! all Kings fans are fans since 2012! Bandwagon!

  7. Taken from the Insider

    A far cry from the one home playoff win in eight years, tonight’s game marks the 64th playoff game Los Angeles has played since 2012, which sets an NHL record. The Kings will also tie a league record held by the 1987 Flyers and 2004 Flames by playing their 26th playoff game of 2014. Neither the Flames of Flyers won the Stanley Cup after such an extensive line of postseason work.

    I like the part about setting an NHL record and also tying a league record. Elite status? Does a bear shit in the woods? Mediocrity for the Kings is officially dead. It doesn’t matter from here on out. The organization set out to set the bar and they’ve accomplished that. The Islanders, Oilers, Detroit had their glory years and that’s something that they could always fall back on and strive to attain again. We’ve never had that until now.

    GO KINGS!!!!


    that is all


  9. Voice gone! GFKG\X/

  10. Glorious INDEED!!!

  11. Sweet baby jeebus! Good times are back again!

  12. How fitting that we win a double fucking overtime game after this insane postseason!?! What a team! What a fucking team! This series, and all the series before it starting with that amazing 3-0 come back against the Sharks probably took 5 years from my life similar to “the machine” from “The Princess Bride.” Wow! You gotta love this! I can’t wait for the next cup!! Well done Kings!

  13. YEEEEAAHHHHH!!!!!!! :)

  14. Banner #2…. going up! !!


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