L.A. Kings’ Second Stanley Cup. The Moment Elation Became Validation

The L.A. Kings 2012 Stanley Cup Championship came with a sense of disorder and disbelief. Our minds were mush, our mood maniacal and there were talks of finally being able to die happy.

2012 – we dominated, laid waste to opponents through 20 games, going up 3-0 in every series and only the Cup Final went to 6.

2014 – We fell behind 3-0 in the first round to the San Jose Sharks and won four straight. We fell behind 3-2 to the Ducks and won two straight. We went to seven games and double overtime against the Chicago Blackhawks in the most competitive playoff series I have seen in my over three decades of being a hockey fan before advancing to the Stanley Cup Final. And only the 2014 Final shared any resemblance to 2012 in a 4-1 series victory over the New York Rangers but not before it took three, count them, three overtime victories to become Champions once again.

Perhaps game five of the Stanley Cup Final symbolized our 2014 run better than any other. Fall behind, battle back and win in a heart stopping and glorious manner.

And there is that word.


History remembers winners, plural, not just those who have won.

Winning once can be the wind at one’s back, good fortune or pieces that fall into place for a temporary moment, only to soon thereafter perish.

Winning the Stanley Cup once brings elation.

Those that win again share a similar rapture as the first but along comes another label altogether, one that not only affixes to a moment when you were the best but fast becomes your identity – winners.

You no longer were. You are.

You no longer had. You have.

You are no longer defined by a moment. You are the moment.

Others look upon you as the model, that which they wish to be and become.


The Los Angeles Kings have won the Stanley Cup two times in three seasons. They are not just a team in the National Hockey League. They are the team in the National Hockey League all teams strive to become.

And as for you? What now? If you are here and you are with us, then you are a Die-Hard L.A. Kings Fan. You are family. Wear it with pride for your loyalty and fandom has you, among your brothers and sisters, in elite company.

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  1. I’m just SO PROUD of the best team in the NHL; the LA Kings!!!! Yes, this year’s playoffs weren’t easy for our team. They often had to battle from behind to win. They showed everyone that loves ice hockey that this team has the best group of stalwart and hard working men in the league. This team has fortitude that is unending! This team is the CLASS of the NHL! No one can say that this team cheats. No one can say that these players play dirty. No one can say that this team doesn’t have guts! Everyone CAN say that these guys don’t quit!!!

    This is not the time to pick out the mistakes that were made by our team. Yes, they did make some mistakes in this game. But the Rangers also made some mistakes. This was, overall, a very tough and well played game. I will say that there was one mistake made by Anton Stralman that highlighted the skills of our newest forward … Marian Gaborik. His goal showed the strength, skill, and beautiful eye/hand coordination that he possesses! Stralman failed to clear Gaborik from the front of the net. He should have laid him out. Gaborik got a real nice tip toward the five-hole of Lundqvist. Then, because Stralman was unable to move him, he managed to push the rebound through Lundqvist’s five-hole! That was a beautiful effort! He showed that he has the strength to prevail when he’s battling for position in front of the net! And he’s had other goals that were very similar. He’s certainly not a prima donna! And now, he’s scored 14 goals in the playoffs! He’s second only to Wayne Gretzky, who had 15 goals in the playoffs! Fabulous!

    Everyone on this team can hold their heads up high! They can be proud of being on this team. They’ve traveled a difficult road, but they’ve overcome! They’ve succeeded! They are the best!

    They are THE KINGS of the NHL!!!!!

  2. It’s good to be the Kings.

  3. Stayed away from venting, stayed away from getting too hysterical, stayed away and let Darryl and the players do their thing.

    So glad they took out the Rangers last night, so glad they took out the Rangers period just because the alternative would have meant doubt.

    Jake Muzzin is Jake Muzzin no longer “Muffin”! The focus of our dissatisfaction early in the season grew-up before our very eyes this season. He got better and better as the season progressed.

    Alec Martinez (ALEC not ALEX) who we all screamed we wanted to see playing, got his chance and after a few games of being average, and who had a few miscues over the season, scored goals, and defended well. It seemed only fitting the guy who ended the Blackhawks season, would end up ending the Rangers season.

    Our veteran battle scared defense Regehr, Mitchell, Greene were a major reason this team once again is on top of the hockey universe. It will be interesting to see what happens with Mitchell. Does he come back for another season or does he decide to go out on top?

    Matt Greene I think earned another few years of playing on this team. He seemed to have got stronger and better as the playoffs progressed. Is he a step slower than many? Yes, but he makes up for that with grit and leadership.

    Jeff Schultz deserves a big thank you for being a professional and accepted playing in the AHL and then came up to help fill in for a few defensemen who were injured and never looked like he didn’t belong in the NHL.

    Colin Fraser is another guy who deserves recognition. I can’t imagine how hard it much has been to be told you are being sent down to play in the AHL. He went, he showed the guys in Manchester what playing in the NHL would be like.

    Martin Jones had a fairy tale start to his NHL career. I am not sure if he will just be handed the backup job behind Quick. The Kings might look at making it a competition between Berube and Jones, but we shall see. Jones regardless showed he is capable of filling in for Quick in the event of an injury, or if he is getting lit up. He is up to the task.

    The trade deadline pickup of Gaborik proved to be a genius move by Lombardi. Gaborik was clutch, another gun for hire who delivered at the most important times. Many people doubted his mental makeup, but Lombardi knew given the right situation, Gaborik would thrive and he did. I just hope he decides to play with the Kings for another few years if the price is right.

    Toffoli is getting better and better and finally got to play where he belonged on the 2nd line. Can’t wait to see this kid improve, especially if they plan on keeping that 70’s line together.

    Tanner Pearson, the guy idiot McGuire said was the last pick of the 2012 entry draft. Pierre you jackass, Pearson was the last pick of the 1st round, not the last pick of the 2012 draft. WOW! He might not have scored as many goals as Toffoli did, but his speed, and his pressure on the defense on the fore check were much needed. Pearson is what Trevor Lewis could have been, if only Trevor had hands like Pearson.

    I don’t think much more has to be said of the rest of this team. They never quit, and never looked back and they never looked ahead. The coach made sure the focus of the team was the task at hand.

    Parade on Monday which I will skip, but come the end of June, or 1st week of July its off to TSC to watch the development camp, get a glimpse of players drafted, players just starting their professional careers after college, or major junior play, and some players from the various leagues in Europe.

    As this blog indicates the Kings can’t be seen as some fluke, or a one and done franchise. The road to the Stanley Cup now goes through Los Angeles. The rest of the NHL better get themselves a Garmin because traffic can be a bitch!


    • Fuckin A!

    • Great points, Modcoop!

      Green has had some issues this season, but he is still one of the better D-men in the league. If it weren’t for the overall good play of our defense in these playoffs, the Kings wouldn’t have the Cup now!

      Yes, the Kings are awesome! They are now the team that every other team doesn’t want to come up against!!

  4. Who snagged the puck out of the net after Martinez scored the winner?

  5. How bout this fucking TEAM. Great job boys. So happy for them.

  6. I knew if they got past Chicago it was another cup. I felt the real SC finals was against Chicago. Now that was a fucking series!

    • I agree. LA vs Chicago was one for the ages. The winner of that series was destined for the cup. Glad it was us! Now everybody enjoy this championship, new fans, old fans we are the team to beat!!!


  7. Second voiceless day. Somewhere between Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. With a touch of Brenda Vacarro. Nothing to say really anyway. :0

    • I dislike the Hockey News and if Ken Campbell wrote that piece, fuck him. He may be ready to blow us now that we have won two, but we don’t take them from witless and toothless fuck-faces.

      • Maybe the east coast is finally seeing the light! The Kings have more than earned the respect of all of the “experts” who have only wanted to speak highly of east coast teams! Ice hockey is international, so why not show some respect to the west coast of the U.S.A.! Anyone with a brain in their head will know that the best teams come out of the west!


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