Report? L.A. Kings Dean Lombardi Offers Marian Gaborik 3 Years, 15 Million

A website called reports something allegedly written by the Toronto Sun – the L.A. Kings have offered Marian Gaborik 3 years and 15 million for a cap hit of…looking around, no beer, shit it’s only 9am, later…5 million per season. I write allegedly because fansided’s link to the Toronto Sun article has nothing to do with Gaborik and any contact but rather why Tim Leiweke did not want Darryl Sutter as coach and why Brian Burke may not be too bright.

I looked for the article elsewhere and could not find it. I will post it when I have it or you do so.

Let’s assume it is true.

Sounds right for an opening offer. Opening offers should not be insulting. This isn’t. Opening offers should leave room to negotiate. This does.

$5.3 to $5.8, 3 or 4 years, that was my guess on Gaborik’s contract. I think that is exactly where it will come unless Gabby decides to test the free agent market and take more money…and I assure you he will get more money and more term on the open market.

Marian Gaborik is a very good player. He will have a lot of success with the L.A. Kings. He will win more Stanley Cups with the Kings. But if the bigger money is still the primary motivator, he should go elsewhere and cherish the moments he had in Los Angeles.

Go Kings!


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  1. Mayor said 3 years – $5 mil. I pretty much believe everything he says at this point.

  2. It’s noted in that Sun Article in the paragraph ‘Hear and There’, I read it earlier. And that’s fair given his injury history. You had to think the deal was done when Gabby flew back to Europe on Friday. Dean had the draft to prepare for and traveling to LA for the awards Tuesday, so one less thing to worry on.

  3. I loved that look on Gaborik’s face as he felt more and more comfortable with the Kings! It was quite evident that he has enjoyed every single minute of his short time in Los Angeles! He worked hard, when he was on the ice, because he was happy! He doesn’t want to go to a different organization where he could be in another Columbus. He likes LA! DL will offer him a fair contract. Yes, he probably could squeeze out a few more dollars by leaving LA, but I seriously doubt that he would want to. He’ll stay!!!!!

  4. The Mayor reported on a radio interview midway thru the playoffs that the Gaborik deal was already done and the announcement would come post season.

    Gabby likes his lucky #12, he’s keeping it:

    Michael Richards @MRichie_10 · 18h

    “@theScore: Orioles’ Ubaldo Jimenez paid up to keep his No. 31. The price? A shiny new Rolex” @MGaborik10 you can still have number 10

  5. I would be shocked if Gabby doesn’t sign with the kings. The 5 mil at 3 years is negotiable, so Lombardi could add a fourth year even if he feels Gaborik would not be an effective player at that age. Bottom line, He had more fun playing hockey in 3 months than he did in several years, and he knows he can’t go anywhere else that has a better chance to win a cup in the next few years. Plus, he gets to spend the winter in 70 degrees and sunshine.

    • Yes, Johnmr12, I think you’re right on. Everything that I’ve read has stated that Gaborik loves the whole sunny southern California way of life. When you add in the facts that the Kings immediately accepted him as “one of the guys,” and this tightly knit group has won another Cup together, it becomes undeniable that Gaborik has everything he wants, except, maybe, a new girl friend!

  6. I would like to believe this is a ongoing conversation between the representation of Gaborik and the Kings. I have seen over the past few hours posts regarding this offer, along with some other teams also expressing interest in Gaborik.

    The Kings should have enough money to get Gaborik at least 1.5 mill less than his previous 7.5 million contract, and still have enough to get all of the other players on this team, with the exception of one of the veteran defensemen.

    I have been seeing lots of pictures of the Kings as a team, along with multiple players at once having fun with the cup. Now I don’t know what the environment was like on his previous teams, but when I see these pictures I see a spontaneous, impromptu family.

    I flashback to the movie “Miracle” the scene when they have just beat Harvard, and 4 players ask to speak to Herb about a new addition Tim Harrer. Over time the rivalry, or vendetta they may have had against a player who is now a teammate is forgotten, and everyone is getting along.

    I see this same close knit brotherhood with the Kings, and Gaborik is pretty much included in every single picture or celebration.

    I just hope this exclusive fraternity within the Kings, is real enough for DL to get Gaborik for a decent salary for 3 years. My only concern with Gaborik deciding to stay is his physical shape, and being lucky to avoid any major injury or time on the IR. This is a different animal he would be playing with, one where it is said the West is a more physical conference.

    If its 3 yrs 15 million great, even if it is bumped up to around 3 years 18 mill CAP hit 6 million, so long as they can get Gaborik to stay, and it does look like he is enjoying his time here, get er done!

    I was reading a post or story about Philly expressing interest in Gaborik. I read the Flyer fan complaints about having Top 6 wings to play with Giroux or Schenn and I want to scream you fucking had JVR and you traded him for a pylon in Luke Schenn, you had Jeff Carter and you traded him for Voracek, Sean Couturier and a pick that was Nick Cousins. Anyway whatever!

    3 years 15 mill CAP of 5 per awesome or 3 years 18 mill or 6 per great. Just get it done before July 1st so we know for sure he is going to be with the Kings another 3 seasons.

  7. This article shows 3-year deal at $5.5-6 million per season

  8. It shows once again how much we fans know…Greene on verge of signing 4 year extension. I don’t think anyone saw that one coming! Haha!

    It tells me (I think) DL will not over pay Gaborik or Mitchell has other plans. I can’t see Willie signing with another club, but what the hell do I know.

  9. Matt Greene inks a dea l for 4 years…OUCH…I really didn’t see that coming given how his game changed so much this year ,post surgery. I’m not sure he has 4 years left in him. And where does that leave the rest of the D? McNabb (7th) So RR is in the top 4? Not sure I like that. AMart will be earning a raise if he’s got to compensate for Greene’s shortcomings.
    THe only positive thing about the 4 years is that the length should mean lower dollars, hopefully not more than 2.7 tops.
    I read somewhere Mitchell wanted a raise, something 2 years north of 4M per, so he’ll move on.

    • Yes, Deirdre, I’m stunned by this news. I truly thought he would be leaving LA. Since his injuries, his on ice performance has been much less than strong and dependable. Actually, he isn’t an old player, but he’s been playing like he’s old.

      This makes me wonder about WHY? LA’s management team is supposed to be much smarter than we are. What do they know that we don’t?


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