Terry Murray Benches Justin Williams…A Look Back

A reader emailed me and reminded me of this article I wrote back in 2010 about Justin Williams and an incident he had with Terry Murray.

Check out the article.

Read the comments.


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3 replies

  1. Yeah, they never seemed to get along.

  2. God I don’t miss that stupid look on Terry Murray’s face. Every time anything went wrong on the ice he would stand there with that incredulous look. I wanted to put it on a t shirt. I know Kings fans know what look I’m talking about. The seethingly angry “are you fuckin kidding” me look. Dudes gotta have a wicked ulcer or high bp. He and Sutter may both mix lines and do some stuff I don’t get, but what a huge difference in style. Sutter>Murray. \X/

    • I’m sure he was on the verge of a massive stroke. Kinda like principal McVicker from Beavis and Butthead. “Uhh uhh uhh, damn it Justin Williams….uhh uhh uhh, I’m gonna kick yer ass for not dumping the puck deep enough”


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