Matt Greene Signs for 4 Years? FOUR?! FOUR!!??

Per Rosey:

LA Kings Insider has learned that the Los Angeles Kings and defenseman Matt Greene have agreed upon a four-year contract extension. At this point, the new contract has not been signed, but the team is optimistic that it will be signed sooner rather than later.

Big Matt Greene fan. Love him. And I don’t get this at all.

38 games this past season. 5 the season before. Not just injuries but serious ones. His back.

I have three explanations:

First, Greene is fine. His health is not a concern at all. Fully recovered and ready to be the two-ton, menacing diesel truck with whom we have fallen in love. I am rotting for “first.” Remember Greene is only 31 years old so this would be ideal.

Second, Greener isn’t as beaten up as we think, Dean knows Willie Mitchell is not re-signing and McNabb’s basket remains unoccupied with eggs. The thought of Robyn Regehr and ____ is not cool. This seems the most logical.

Third, Jon Rosen is stoned. Wait, no, that’s not it. Third, we are talking about a very low cap hit, like 4 years, $8 to $10M so it’s low risk, high reward if Matt Greene can stay healthy.

What is this insanity?


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  1. Just saw on Facebook that he’s happy to be here for another 4 years.

  2. Well … it’s done! I hope Greene can be the solid D-man that he was … AGAIN!

  3. My first impressision is, I don’t know what the numbers are, but DL isn’t stupid enough to get hung out to dry if Greene starts sucking ass. My guess is that Greene wants to stay a King for as long as he can. He’s got value there’s no questioning that but we’ve got guys that can step in and play that solid D game at least the same level as Greener.

    If he can’t hold his own he’ll be traded at the deadline to someone like Edmonton or Florida or any one of these teams that desperately need a strong, experienced D man. The boys have already shown that they can move on without him. I don’t think Greener has any illusions about his situation either. An assistant captain being benched for the SC playoffs is not a good sign.

  4. I was thinking if it’s 4 years, then it has to be very cap friendly, front-loaded to max allowed by the CBA, and have a hit less than 2M/yr. Or it means that either Regher or Mitchell is gone or retiring.
    I expect the Kings will be looking to resign McNabb and try to work him into the line-up slowly. We know somebody will get injured at some point and AMart will again find his way into the doghouse for a spell, but having a guy like Greene be your 7th dman and healthy scratch for 2M+ would be stupid.

    • Mitchell UFA, Regehr one more year and then UFA, so no Regehr is not retiring.

      The Kings might think they can use McNabb and or Vey as potential trade bait to acquire a player, or picks, or move up in the draft to take a player high on their list.

      • Regehr could decide to retire and there are rumors (yes, I know) to the affect that he is considering it. Just because a player has years left of his contract doesn’t mean a thing.

        The Kings think very highly of McNabb and went so far as labeling him as the best defensive prospect that wasn’t playing in the NHL. They see him as a potential replacement for Mitchell/Regher and he is just about ready to step in. Some more seasoning at Manch or perhaps some time practicing with the Kings as a 7th defenseman. I don’t see them moving McNabb, especially seeing as they don’t have another defenseman in this caste that is ready or very nearly ready right now. Vey on the other hand might be moved. He still deserves a longer look at the NHL level, but the Kings are a bit impacted at Center right now. So a change of scenery might be good right now for Vey.

  5. I don’t know. I just don’t know. Love this guy! He is a warrior. I don’t know.

  6. I’m gonna get his back. Fuck yeah Grenne! Happy for you! You have made us all happy since you been here.

  7. We need his snarl.

    • We’ve all loved his snarl, BUT can he still do it?! He made some serious mistakes during the playoffs. He looked old. I certainly hope he can do better.

  8. I have the same questions Persister.

  9. I’m just gonna root for him. I’m hoping he can do this.

  10. Well, if he has indeed signed that four year extension, that’s all we can do!

  11. Great to have greener back….but 4 years? Try 2. There will be other pieces that need signed in the near future. $2M can be spread around youngsters RFAs in upcoming years. Trade rags resign Mitchell. All that said, “in Deano we trust”!

  12. Yeah, this extension for Greene doesn’t sound good regarding Mitchell, does it? This is making me extremely nervous! I’ll be sad if 33 hits route 66.

    • I think the only way that Willie was ever coming back is if Regher retires. Kings LOVE that L/R pairing on every line.

  13. Mitchell. What are you gonna do? Is he the odd man out? Please sign.


    Good problem to have. As an organization….

    • Remember, we have 3 or 4 defensemen pushing from the AHL. McNabb, Forbort, Campbell, Schultz. This is the way that DL has things designed. Kids get ready to take over when the older players get expensive and/or move on. It is all in the plan. Time for cheaper younger blood.,

      • Schultz and Campbell are UFAs and McNabb is a RFA, so something has to fall in place very soon for the UFAs or they will likely go elsewhere.

        • Keep Schultz in the AHL at the 600K he was making. Andrew Campbell is also another guy who will be a career minor league player so his value to this team, is pretty much just his age and experience, but other than that, he’s never going to crack the Kings NHL line up.

          Forbort/Gravel/Ebert/Miller are at various stages of development, having the luxury of being able to allow them to continue to learn and improve, helps their chances of making a successful transition into the NHL and being solid reliable defensemen for many years to come.

          Gaborik is a player that hopefully is willing to take a little less money to continue to play on a team built to be a contender for years and makes his decision before July 1 so if he doesn’t choose to come back, the Kings can start working on plan B, which after losing out on Kovalschmuck they did not have.

          I also think with the emergence of Toffoli and Pearson, sooner than expected, Lombardi now has to really examine the construction of this team and where he feels they might not need certain players, and get a return on them, to continue building a Western Conference powerhouse and a legitimate front runner to win the Stanley Cup for years to come.

          Personally I don’t see a real need for a Dwight King or Colin Fraser.

          A player like Linden Vey who is a center, would be a 4th line center on a team loaded with a few centers already. Vey might be regarded as one of the Kings top prospects at the center position, however with a player like Andy Andreoff who can play either center or LW and is a projected 3rd or 4th line center who is very physical and also isn’t afraid to drop the gloves when necessary makes Vey a potentially very attractive player to move.

          If the Kings were to be offered a pretty attractive offer for Vey, I think they might trade him.

          I’m sure in time, as the summer months go by, we will see what Lombardi was working towards all along.


          • I was basically just answering Mike Edwards post. I am not concerned about Campbell, Schultz or Fraser. They are fringe players and box fillers. Simply keep them around until your have a better option available, which we may at this point. I also agree that King is a player that we can afford to lose, but the truth is he was and is a reliable LW player that has helped the Kings win 2 Cups. DS trusts him and DL is loyal to those guys that got him those Cups. For that reason, the Kings will offer King a multi-year contract. They won’t throw huge amounts of cash or anything more than 3 years at him, but they will try to retain his services through his potential peak hockey years (25-28). If King wants the big pay-day, then he will ask for 1 year and then go the UFA route.

            Andreoff is still a prospect and has to prove it at the NHL level. Until he has done that for both DS and DL, he will remain labeled as a prospect. He has the right make-up to make the Kings and could certainly help improve the options at LW, but I don’t think he makes King expendable. Yet.

            I like the idea of keeping Vey around as well. We may need a replacement at Center for Stoll next year. If Vey is smart, he will sign a 2 or 3 year contract with the Kings at a reasonable hit, so he can step in if Stoll is gone after next year. It’s after next year that DL will have to work some real magic and make some tough decisions. You have Pearson, Toffoli, Muzzin, Martinez, Williams, Stoll and Clifford all needing new contracts. Yikes!!!

  14. I know. Talk some shit…

  15. 4 years at $2.5M cap hit. That likely means there isn’t more than $3M available for Mitchell. Of course Gaborik and King’s contracts will factor in here. If Gaborik is 5 and King is 1.5, then we have like 3M left before the ceiling and DL likes to have some breathing space.

  16. Greene is a machine – sometimes parts break when used to maximum productivity – Matt is always giving 150 percent – Go Green Go !! You Rock !!

  17. Wow… Greene is a bargain at a 2.5 million cap hit as it probably would have taken 3-3.5 to sign Mitchell. Greene fits in the system, However we really only need a “stop gap” for a couple of years. McNabb is close to ready and will be with the big club all year. Forbort is in the wings. Regher’s contract is up after next year. So I question the length of the contract, especially since he may frequently be a healthy scratch. In the last 2 years of his contract, its a 2.5 million hit for a “depth” player, especially one with injury concerns and his slow speed. This means there is no way mitchell comes back and we will let regher walk after next year.

  18. Gaborik for 7 years. 7!!!!

    The Los Angeles Kings have re-signed pending UFA Marian Gaborik to a seven-year contract extension. The deal is worth $34.3 million with a salary cap hit of $4.9 million.

  19. This is wonderful news! And it is not over 5 million! I hope he stays healthy!

  20. This is only good if Greene plays against guys like Couture, Kane, etc…You know, because he’s so fast.


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