Congratulations to Our Captain, Dustin Brown for the NHL Leadership Award

Dustin Brown won the Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award, in “recognition of his commitment and service to charities in his community.”

That means Dustin does good things off the ice. We are proud of Dustin.

I am not even mad anymore that Anze Kopitar didn’t win the Selke and Dean Lombardi didn’t win the GM of the Year. Bergeron and the pussy East Coast teams against which he plays are made for each other. He can win all those regular season awards. We will keep winning Cups. Let’s see if Boston can win another Cup now that the West is a force with which to be reckoned. And let’s not forget they beat Vancouver. Big deal.

Regarding Bob Murray GM of the year. LOL. Okay.

I haven’t watched the whole award show yet. Hopefully, they will replay it. I heard our Stanley Cup Champion L.A. Kings got some love.

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  1. We did..but could have done A lot Better!
    Our Boys..and staff are a Humble bunch. That makes me even prouder.
    Videos they showed of best
    Plays of the Year..Best Goal of the Plays and Goals in Playoffs..East coast bias bs.
    Whatever..We know.. the Team knows..the West Coast knows..
    and ALL the other Teams in the League know.
    I don’t know if anyone posted. .but

    Quick had Surgery on his Wrist!
    Out 8 to 10 weeks..Hurt it during the
    suckduck series..Healing thoughts to our Goalie.

    • That’s some bullshit for sure. Whatever the road to Stanley now goes through LA. As for all that ec bias the Kings just farted on their dinner.

  2. Way to go Brownie! Quick with the Jennings. Kopitar was robbed. Bergeron? Cmon. This one is determined by professional hockey writers association? These idiots were looking for Kopidor on the ballet? Ducks GM? I guess two cups in three seasons just isn’t good enough.

    What a load of crap. Evidently the leagues still butt hurt over the Kings success. Ah they’re eating crow now, the ones that the Kings pissed on.

  3. Congrats Brown!

    Let me get this straight, we have won the Cup 2 of 3 years and made it to the Western Conference Championship in our “off” year and Sutter isn’t in the top 15 best coaches? Hahahahaha!

    Doughty ranked 6th? Hahahahaha!

    Good thing Championships is the only thing that matters! :)

    • I watched the show..and read twitter curious where our Players and staff ranked..I just shook my head..did
      not even get mad. Theses writers, and whomever else gets to vote are clueless. I do know they have lost credibility in this woman’s eyes…even with my Rose colored glasses :-/
      I am guessing this is another example of politics.
      I saw it growing up in horse shows.
      I have seen it with the Acadamy Awards..Grammys..Tonys..etc
      Whenever it is a subjective choice and
      bias is allowed. more energy thinking on this..time to move on to the Draft..our prospects..development camp..
      We are Fans of the


  4. It is utter bullshit that Kopitar did not win the Selke. Boston bows out of the playoffs early because they have the best two way player in the game today? Really? That award should have been Kopitar’s, and any thinking person knows it.

    And how do Doughty and Quick not even receive nominations for Norris and Vezina? The East Coast bias in these awards is just a joke.

    • Bergeron deserved it. Better Corsi & Fenwick (albeit both barely) and won 5% more of his faceoffs than Kopi.

      Quick’s numbers were way down this year, plus he missed a decent amount of time. He did finish top 5 in voting, right where he belonged.

      Doughty consistantly gets overlooked because he sacrifices offensive stats for stellar defense, and having Muzzin as a partner didn’t help his case either. That is not to say Muzzin didn’t grow leaps and bounds this year, but he is not the asset some other Norris candidates get to play with.

      Now all things considered is there any other center, goalie, or defenseman that is better than these three? NO! But, in terms of having a better regular season last year, Yes.

      • What you said is spot on! We all know the Kings are a different team regular versus post season. The NHL awards are stricktly regular season. None of our players “stood out” as the top player for their position during the regular season, although Kopi was very close. I’m sure every player and fan though would prefer to have the Kings success

        • I will add hearing ONeal and ODonnall during the parade and rally talk about how Sutter coaches plays right into these commments. During the year he is on players to improve in certain areas.. and he drills and works them hard. Come playoffs he more or less hands the responcibility of individual accountabiliy over to the team. Between the leadership group and and the the team concept that has been instilled they police themselves.. feed off each other and really want to play and win for their team.. ( and us fans too :-)


  5. What I like about Miller and Fox is their honesty in calling any game, and their appreciation of brilliant efforts on either of the teams playing. The east coast bias really started clicking in during the Conference finals and the Championship series. Fans on this site could offer more insightful commentary about the games than the washed out players on NHL network panels or NBC. Ed Oldchuck came across hard pressed to give the Kings their due. So I’m not surprised at the slight given to our players for the NHL awards. After getting a taste of the bias, I just watched the games without sound, wtf, I can call the game myself.

  6. Wow. Deano just signed Gabby for 7 years!? I never thought it would go over 5 but I guess the main point was getting him under 5M so hence the length of the term.

    • I don’t see Gabby playing that long. Maybe another 3-5 years, but who knows.

      Getting him for under $5M/yr. is huge for our long-term cap management. Getting him for any amount is great for our scoring!!!


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