“Just The Winning Tradition…” And Then It Happened.

From Marian Gaborik:

“I won a Cup, and being with this group and this organization made me really feel like at home. Just the winning tradition that really made a difference,” the 32-year-old said.

I was at home, behind the lap top. Long but good day at work that started very early. Grabbed a beer and sat down. Knew that Gaborik signed. My phone blew up with text messages from friends immediately. Knew the term, salary and cap hit but wanted to read all about it. Was in a good mood. Went to Insider to read the quotes. Read that quote. Read “Just the winning tradition that really made a difference” and it happened.



A lump in my throat.

My eyes welled up.


How far we have come.

Wiped the tears. Took a sip of the beer. Go Kings.

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  1. Fucking A Bobby! All the years of hoping of being better. Now it’s reality. Crazy!

  2. Awesome!!!!!!!!! :-)

  3. Taking less money than he could have gotten somewhere else just to play for us says huge volumes of the brotherhood in that locker room.
    Excited for the future!

  4. Remember when they had to over pay for Handzus to get him to play here? Roenick, Pressing, etc. to get to the cap floor. Now players are taking home town discounts.

  5. It’s amazing how many people thought not to long ago that our GM was average, our coach was clueless and the team needed to be entirely retooled….What?!?!?!??!

    Wait, you mean we have winning tradition? Fucking-A-Right! We have a magnificent organization and players that represent us and our city with honor and pride! Way to go gentleman!

    • You’re right about people, including me, beginning to doubt. But they pulled together when it counted, and brought the Cup back to LA!! We just might have the makings of a dynasty!!! :-) It sure does look like it!!

  6. Stars aligned with Gaborik. Bringing him in early enough to show him how committed the organization and the players were, and how supportive the fanbase was, couldn’t have worked out any better.

    To see all that actually come to fruition and be a contributing factor in it all must have been overwhelming and earned DL some major brownie points till the day he retires.

  7. Let’s put this contract in context: 1 more year and $0.7M less than Ryan Callahan just got, same number of years and $2.65M less than what David Clarkson signed for last year, $25K higher cap hit than Ryan Clowe, $3M less than Nathan Horton got last year.

    Obviously a better player than all of those guys, over the last 5 years; Gabby:267 points, Callahan:206 P, Clarkson: 123 P, Clowe 209 P, Horton 183 P.

    But what about injury concerns? Over the last 5 seasons, Gaborik has played in 82% of his team’s regular season games over the last 5 years. Callahan:86%, Clarkson: 84%, Clowe: 84%, Horton: 72%.

    Basically compared to other notable free agency signings since the new CBA; Gaborik costs about the same (if not slightly cheaper), scores almost 12 points more per season than the best of them, and plays in only 3 games less per year than the healthiest of the rest of them.


    • Yes, when you take the time to digest what is happening to our beloved Kings, you can’t help but get excited!

      I guess we’ll never understand why the Kings had the problems that they had in the middle of the season, last year, but that’s now a forgotten memory. The important thing is that they made some adjustments and brought in Gaborik! Everything jelled! Things are certainly looking good for the future of the Kings!!!!!

    • Nice informative and simple breakdown. DL did it again!

  8. Just when you are thinking “how can it get any better”. In comes McNabb and draws comparisons to Shea Weber and Al MacInnis. When the Kings establish themselves as the first post cap dynasty you will probably need help up off the floor, drowning in a puddle of tears and phlegm, convulsing with joy. I mean if that made you cry…… You’re gonna be a mess. I’m here for you. \X/


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