Right Feelings & Wrong Things

I sat in the chiropractor’s office this morning and sorted through a bevy of violently thumbed magazines. In the pile, the number “27” in white on black caught my eye. It was Alec Martinez giving Lundqvist a reason for Swedish tears to freeze on his Swedish face and Dustin Brown’s kids a silver bowl to play in, immortalized in pixels on the latest ‘Sports Illustrated’. I had seen the cover before, but hadn’t had a chance to flip through the issue. So I did.

I read about the Kings burgeoning dynasty and their idyllic combo of talent, youth, size, system and brute force. My eyes glazed over, but not because I knew all of these things, not because I’d read them countless times over the previous two weeks. It hit me, like the moment you turn downhill on a tall roller coaster, first in the testicles, traveling quickly up my gut and washed all through me to the tips of my fingers. Then it left, because really, the feeling was not a surprising one, it was one of normalcy.

The Kings as the envy of the league. It felt normal.

Immediately I remembered a time not too long ago when reading that sort of glowing praise for our Los Angeles Kings was the stuff of my day dreams. Always wishing it to happen, always knowing it could, always worrying it wouldn’t. And now it’s here, something that wasn’t here after the Cup in 2012. Scribe described it as “The Moment Elation Became Validation“. That’s what my moment was this morning, in raw emotion. I had understood it intellectually, but something about the casual way my mind processed the information about the Kings dominance struck me. This Kings team? Winning Cups? It’s not special anymore, because now it’s just right.

Which brings me to things that are wrong.

Willie Mitchell not being a King is wrong. I’m OK with the Greene resigning and the overall D corps moving forward. I don’t mean his absence wrong for the roster, I just mean it’s wrong in the way that eating apple pie without vanilla ice cream is wrong.

The season ticket payment plans are wrong. Back when I stopped having to pay for tickets after April, starting to pay for the following season in late June made sense. Now, after two months of paying for twelve home games, I’d like a moment to breath. Frozen Fury tickets too… yeesh. It’s a seven month season (nine when you’re winning Cups), but a twelve month wallet suck.

Whatever the fuck this is? It’s wrong.

Hollywood can’t manage to make award shows interesting. The NHL has no chance.

I haven’t worn My Stanley Cup Kings Cap in like four days, which is pretty wrong. Will make that right tomorrow.

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  1. It’s something special to be able to say “what the fuck is up with all the white championship hats?!” Like a week and they will both look as good as those violently thumbed magazines. Plus, you know……… We are black and silver. Not in a lame Raiders way, but awesome, like a ninja, with a giant shiny sword. I guess they will keep better if I never wear them. Most of my hats would shame any defenders glove in a face wash. I bet most players would lose their cool with a forced sniff of my work hat. It’s pretty special. It’s the closest thing I have to sweaty hockey gear. All of my jerseys are black too. I may just be kind of a slob, but it’s just not realistic to keep that thing clean throughout a whole game, and well…… I don’t wanna look like a slob. I’ve got a fuckin championship team I need to represent here. Fucksake! When’s preseason? \X/

  2. On a side note these types of “goals” won’t happen anymore…

  3. I know right? The white hats. Fuck. They get dirty. Plus, what you said. The Kings are black.

  4. Like hats…


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