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God I hope GM of the Year Bob Murray (what a disgrace to that award) is stupid enough to mortgage the future with 1st rounders or good young roster players to land someone like Spezza or Thornton. Would love to see Anaheim go into full win now mode at all costs. Same with Chicago. I am rooting for stupid. Always a safe bet with the Ducks.

Dave Boland is a fucking idiot…although I am surprised Toronto didn’t bite. You do realize they paid David Clarkson more than what we are paying Marian Gaborik right? Gotta love the Maple Leafs.

My prediction – lots and lots of trades the day before the draft, at the NHL Draft and the next couple of days after the draft. Just see it coming. The storm is building.

Willie Mitchell is gone and I would not be surprised if a rival snatches him up. That would suck but I don’t see him re-signing after the Greene and Gaborik contracts. I hope he goes to Vancouver. Perhaps wishful thinking.

There is no hurry to sign Dwight King and I would be a little surprised if we do before 7/1. That can wait. Let the dust settle, get the lay of the free agent land and see what we have left. Also see what kind of offers come in from other teams for our players, if nothing else to gauge the market.

I don’t want to see Linden Vey go. I dig this kid. He has some serious skill. I realize he could be another Loktionov but I don’t want to believe that. I just made Surly sad.

When you are really up and excited about good things happening, the most important thing you should do is stop and look around, see what is coming down the line that could hurt you or what you have to be aware of to avoid mistakes. I do that. You should do that. I know Dean does that. Never let a high artificially cloud your mind.

San Jose should blow up their team. It’s for the best.

I still say Jack Dougherty at 29. I like everything I see and read about this kid. He has King written all over him. NHL Network thinks he is going earlier to Chicago and we are getting Claude Lemieux’s son, Brendan. That would be weird…mostly because I hated his dad.




McNabb as number 7 and steps in for Greene if and when needed.

That’s it right? Okay. I can live with that so long as Slava’s post contract hangover is over.

Go Kings!

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  1. Willie gone. ..NO!!!!
    don’t make me choose…
    Trying to think without my heart..
    He has been
    a 50/50 for us. Two healthy years..
    two Stanley Cups.
    Full injury year..we struggled.
    But Greene was hurt as well, and Muzzie
    was still in green rookie mode. Different
    senario now. But please..not the hated
    Nucks. Hard enough B.Richardson is there,
    although he has shown to be needed player.
    That reinforces yet EXCELLENT is this
    LA team that players we find expendible become
    mainstays for another team. 🐴
    Vey-Loktionov? the size factor..
    I hope Slava has some FUN this summer..he really got put through the bad luck ringer this season. Hopefully he gets positive reinfircement on his Huge game saving play in the Final game.

  2. So as much as the Bruins want Iginla back ,because the contract they gave him last year was priced low and loaded with bonuses , and he met the bonuses, all 3.7 M worth, they can’t affor to keep him and that bonus $$ affects their CAP next year..

    from the Boston Globe

    “. They are already facing a bonus overage penalty, estimated to be around $4.5 million, for 2014-15. With the salary cap projected to be approximately $70 million, the Bruins will be forbidden from approaching the ceiling because of their penalty, the bulk of which stems from the $3.7 million in bonuses Iginla totaled as a first-year Bruin.

    So while Iginla deserves a multiyear deal, it would be difficult for him to get it in Boston. The Bruins could offer Iginla a similar bonus-stuffed contract as a 35-or-older player. But such structure is allowed only on one-year deals. ‘”

  3. Is it me……? Or is not letting a high artificially cloud my mind a little counter intuitive to getting high in the first place. Whatever….. My 2¢.

  4. Toews and Kane both want 12 million a year? Wow! Maybe Chicago looses one of its better players! I wouldn’t mind that at all!

    They can’t possibly sign them both at that price, can they?

    • $12M is a negotiating position. I bet they end up long-term, front-loaded contracts in the $8M to $9M a year range.

    • So….$12 million. Would you rather have 5 Marion Gavorik’s or Toews and Kane? So happy that our guys want to be here.

      • Yeah, that’s crazy money! I wouldn’t pay anyone 12 mil, let alone multiple players. If 10-12 million is the range, I’d keep Toews and shop Kane. Can you imagine the assets you could get for Kane.

        Brings up an interesting point…would you pay Kopitar 12 a year? How about 7 years at 10? To early to talk about but interesting non the less.

  5. Damn Mitchell is no longer an LA King. Not surprised though.

  6. I would have much preferred to sign Mitchell at 3 million for 2 years than Greene for what he got. In 2 years time gravel and/or forbert will be with the main club and mcnabb will be a regular by that time. Regher is gone but we need more defenseman money to keep muzzin and Martinez who will be due for huge raises. On the forward front, great to sign gabby for such a low cap hit and hopefully 5 yrs from now the cap will be higher but kopitar is also due for a massive raise and there’s the question of resigning Williams (yes) and stoll (no) and their combined 7 million cap hit which will beg the question if mike Richards will be worth the 5.8 million per year. If he is like the old flyers captain he is a steal. If he is an aging 3 or 4 liner, that’s too much money and we lose stoll and or Williams to keep him


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