Fuck Spring and its Chickens. Willie Mitchell is the Second Domino.

Youth is wasted on the young. Willie Mitchell has been the glue to the L.A. Kings defense since he arrived here in 2010. Back in 2010, he was on our radar – “our” being Surly and I. I wrote an article about whether we should sign him and believed then we should. It is funny reading some of the comments to that article. Check it out. Surly wanted him like he wanted a three-some with…actually, he asked me not to tell that story so I digress. Here is Surly’s article on Willie Mitchell that followed mine, also in August of 2010. This is after we signed him.

We were both excited to have him.

And it’s been exciting to have him.

And it sucks to lose him.

But that is what happens with championship teams that have veterans. Willie didn’t play his entire or even most of his career here but he did make his biggest mark with our Los Angeles Kings. For that, he will always be remembered as the man with the long stick, big heart and who was masterful at clearing the crease, breaking out with the puck and chipping in few but big goals at big times from the point.

My educated guess is that Willie knows his next contract is his last contract and he wants to be paid well for at least 3 seasons to carry him to 40. Will a team? I think so. At 37 and two Stanley Cups, he has value. I just hope it isn’t to a direct competitor. Hopefully the Oilers pay him $11 million over 3 years.


Justin Williams and Jarret Stoll are both 32 and coming up fast on expiring contracts. Will they resign? Can we resign them and pay them market value? Will a home town discount be needed? Will Dean make a move at the draft and trade one in a package to move way up? When youth become veterans and the salary cap pinches at each end of the team you can put together, something has to give.

In 2013, that was Rob Scuderi.

In 2014, it is Willie Mitchell.

In 2015…

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  1. Are we really speculating about 2015 free agency on the day of the 2014 draft?

  2. I call Mike Richards. He is less core than JW and JS. Costs almost as much as both. Just to see what that looks like.
    Mike Richards < Justin Williams and Jarrett Stoll.
    Sorry Dierdre.

    • That’s okay, you don’t have to apologize for your shortcomings or misspelling my name, people misspell my name all the time.
      have a good weekend
      Draft night…can’t wait.

      • Hahahaha! Nice.

      • Shortcomings? I’m gonna have to request an explanation Deardra. You’ve been wrong all year about MR. Just cause I don’t wanna fuck everyone who ever wore orange and black doesn’t mean in coming up short anywhere.

        • And apparently you have no sense of humor and the last vulgar group of words was totally uncalled for , classless and degrading. Since the moderators think that’s acceptable and I don’t, I guess that means this is the last time I’ll be visiting Surly and Scribe after 3 years of daily visits.

          • Modertors? Im afraid you are gonna have to fend for yourself. I would have to say that your sense of humor kind of sucks. Didn’t get offended. Poked you back. Dont make this a vagina thing. I would have said that to Ryan J, Persister, or anyone else that consistently fawned over anyone. So………. Vulgar i am. Not funny. Fucksake! Long live free speech. If S and S want me gone you can have your little fuckin sandbox.

          • I’ve really enjoyed reading the comments on Surly & Scribe. However, I have mentioned a couple of times that some of the name calling that has been done toward other posters has made me feel uncomfortable. Some of the sour comments have come from posters that I like. Some posters have very intelligent comments, but they’re obviously not extremely refined. I can’t expect everyone to behave politely, but I would hope that they can restrain themselves somewhat. It would make things easier on everyone. I’ve said the same thing to my youngest son. He just says that I’m old, and that I don’t understand. Well, being polite has nothing to do with age. I’ve known my share of older, impolite, men and women. You don’t need to be old to to be rude. I’ve always felt that it’s important to be polite. And now that I’m over fifty, I still feel the same way.

            I would hate to see you leave, Deirdre. I don’t think Richards is the best player on the planet, but I have liked him. He’s been a good all around player who has done a lot for the Kings. It may be necessary for the Kings to do something with him, like Mitchell, but he’ll still be respected by everyone.

            Stick around! :-)

          • One of the best parts of this blog is its free spirit, its open mindedness, its vulgarity and its humor, to go along with its knowledge of the game.

            The really special part of this blog is with all the profanity and openness, it’s one of the classiest sites, if not the classiest around. Very rarely have I seen personal attacks on this site. Y’all can do as you please, because we’re all gone individuals, but I would beg we didn’t make things personal. That’s what takes the fun out. Then we become like every other site and that would suck if you asked me.

            I enjoy everyone and I hope you don’t go Deirdre. When you don’t “mother” Mike, I like your comments! :)

            You’re not going anywhere Hamburgular, because it would be less fun shitting in the sandbox without you. :)

          • Right on, Kingnation13!

  3. Generally speaking, this is a game of youth. With the game getting faster and the players getting bigger/stronger, careers are looking to be at or near the end of their career when they reach 35 years of age. In years gone by, there were more players playing after the age of 40. Now, young players are making it to the NHL at 18 years of age.

    Willie is now 37. He’s now an old man in the NHL. We all know that he’s been one of the key D-men on the Kings, but how long do you keep him … when you have good young D-men who are ready to play in the NHL? How long do you hold them out? How long can you keep Willie?

    The Kings are deep in quality players. They also have some more hopefuls coming in this draft. The wheel just keeps on turning, and the cycle continues.

  4. Agree on Mitchell and given how some GM’s badly overpay for mediocre D, MItchell will get a good payday, he’s not only a solid defense men but a great leader, esp in the lockeroom where younger more inexperienced teams need him, like Minny maybe, since his wife is from there. An interview or quote from his agent a couple weeks back said Willie was looking for 2 years/ 4 M per .

    The Williams (who is about to turn 33) and Stoll situation and next year might hinge on AMart. He isn’t a 3r d D pairing anymore and showed it this year, esp in the playoffs. He might not want to stay and sign on again if he has to remain in the bottom pairing and I wouldn’t blame him. If the Kings are sticking with Slava, then AMart might not sign here.

    Neither of JW or JS will get the kings to ‘move way up ‘ in the draft. They’re a solid vets but 3rd line players. That won’t happen. If one or both are not a part of DL’s future plans, in order to get anything back, that trade would have to come between now and next March (trade deadline) And it’s not likely he’ll sign both to extended contracts. I’d say he’d retain JW for a 2 year deal maybe.

    DL is never without a future plan (which Futa mentioned, the ‘blocks’ that DL has written out that spell out the beyond the following year ) I’m sure he’s decided what course of action.
    It might even tie into him not keeping RR after next year and rolling Greene (whose signing I didn’t like) andMcNabb as the 5/6, that would save them a bit. It might even be moving Nolan and/or Clifford for Monarchs to come up

    According to Capgeek, the Kings have 49.5 M committed to 10 players for 15/16 and 21.5 available. And that’s with a 71 M cap, (Greene and Gabby are counted). NHL projects next years revenue at 4 B which would be about 77 M.

    Kinda odd that King isn’t resigned yet…

  5. Kesler to Anaheim for Bonino, Sbisa, 24th overall and 3rd. I am not happy to have Kesler in our back yard although within division it’s not that big a difference, and it cost ANA Bonino who I swear is consistently one of their most effective players against us.

  6. Burnside over at ESPN.com says the Kesler deal is just what the Ducks need to dethrone the Kings. Uh, okay. He then goes on to speculate what round 2 of the playoffs would have looked like if Kesler were a Duck. This guy is worse than Rick Reilly

  7. Yeah Kesler is a good player and he gives the Ducks a solid 1-2 punch down the middle so they say. The Kings still have a 1-2-3-4 punch. Not worried a bit here. Plus he has a heart of glass. Cue the song…

  8. Really! If you have been here for three years, you know everything goes especially with the commentary from S S. I don’t use fowl language unless it’s about the ducks; however, many of the comments are hilariously dirty and funny. That’s is what I love about this site. Don’t take anything personal regardless of who says it. It doesn’t make them right.

    I love MR. He may have had a poor season, but DB sucked too. I wouldn’t get rid of either of them. Playoffs come, and these players are totally underpaid. Who has their heart and skill come playoff time at the price they are being paid. It is what it is.

  9. Kesler isn’t gonna be the difference for the Ducks. They gave up quite a bit to get him too. Bonino isnt a fluke. Kesler nominated for the Selke again is a real longshot. They kind of already had a solid team, but he doesn’t have the intangibles of say Mike Richards. Who I suddenly feel like I have to constantly remind everyone that I like. What the Ducks and the Sharks don’t appear to get, in my opinion, is that the adjustments they need to make aren’t minor. The Blues and Minnesota have it wrong too. It’s been some time since you could buy or rent a cup. You have to build one. I would post a link or two about how other teams are trying to replicate the Kings drafting and development but you probably already read it. They were on these other really polite blog sites.

    • Hi Hamburgular! You are one of the posters that I enjoy reading. When I speak of politeness, I’m not speaking about how some individuals use foul language on occasion. What I don’t like is when someone gets particularly nasty with another poster. I guess, sometimes, a person could deserve it, but we should sometimes be careful how nasty we get. I think, at times, people can get a little carried away.

  10. Everyone, please remember, politeness fucking counts.


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