Meeting L.A. Kings 1st Round Draft Pick, Adrian Kempe

The L.A. Kings picked him from Moto in Sweden.

1996 born.

6’2″, 187. Big frame.

The kid skates real well from what I read.

Very aggressive, hits hard and plays all 200 feet. Nose for the net.

Damn good looking for the ladies. Cool hair too.


Kempe’s game drew rave reviews in the SuperElit where he served as an alternate captain of MoDo’s J20 team, so much so that he’s now seen action with the organization’s SHL entry. Kempe is an intriguing forward who has good size and an all-around skill-set that projects well moving forward. The Kramfors native plays with intensity and rarely takes shifts off which will go a long way for teams looking for a player that they can afford to be patient with in the second part of the first round.


Kempe has an excellent frame that moves extremely well chasing down loose pucks with an aggressive pursuit often initiating contact and engaging in puck battles with great success. His north-south style of game combines well with his strong skating stride as this power forward puts defenders on their heels with his unrelenting attack. Kempe drives the net hard and shows good puck handling ability, especially in the dirty areas of the rink.


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  1. Or maybe we choose another defender. Cause Forbort and Gravel probably won’t play a game in the NHL.

  2. He is 17 and plays for Moto? Didn’t Kopi play there? I’m pretty sure that is impressive.

  3. Forbort. Didn’t Mitchell make his NHL debut at 25? Too early to give up on him.

  4. Sorry Modo not Moto. By the way. The Neal trade? What are they thinking?

    • Speculation is that Neal is a locker room problem. Twice now he’s been dumped for questionable returns after teams that should have been good underperformed.

      • Is it because of the suits?

        • I placed a few calls to my NHL insiders and sources to find out the reason why James Neal was traded and this is what I received from one of my confidential informants.

          Per John Hoven and Rich Hammond:

          Hoven said: You’re a boner biting bastard uncle fucka
          Hammond: You’re an uncle fucka I must say
          Hoven: Well you fucked your uncle yesterday
          Ken Campbell: (laughing)
          All of those people who think Hoven doesn’t know what he is talking about can: …Suck my balls! (this is a joke people BTW)

          Neal got dealt to free up CAP and also because Nashville needs help scoring goals. Another reason why he was traded was because he’s as dirty player if not more dirty than Matt Cooke.

          Ray Shero was to put it nicely, a fucking pussy! I sincerely believe the NHL had one set of rules for Pittsburgh and another set of rules for the rest of the NHL. Shero never bothered being proactive especially when his team were clearly out to injure players on other teams.

          Shero was the 1st to bitch about a player who might have injured one of his players, regardless of it being deliberate or accidental. When the tables were turned he said nothing and he did nothing.

          Rutherford is trying to get rid of the players who had multiple violations and suspensions due to reckless, and dangerous plays. He is also sending a clear message to the Penguins, that there is no place in the game for players to intentionally try to injure an opposition.

          James Neal is a gifted hockey player, but he is also a player who has no respect for players on their opposition. Rutherford doesn’t play the hurt one of our players, and we are going to hurt one of yours game. It does nothing positive for the game or the league.

          Although the amount the Penguins are relieved of with Neal, Hornqvist kind of makes that a wash.

          i look at some of those teams like Pittsburgh and I am amazed at how much money they have to spend as of July 1st. 12 or 13 million dollars? Wow! I hope they choke on it, as they pursue defense as well as another goalie.

  5. Really would like to know what they saw in Kempe that put him ahead of some other players.

    He’s not really a sniper, and he’s not really a center, so is he a kid who they project will be a more offensively skilled version of a Trevor Lewis?

    Lombardi has also not been one to draft many Swedes, usually opting for WHL or OHL kids, or the kids who are off to play in college.

    I thought Brendan Lemieux would have been a decent choice, since he was ranked around the same slot as the Kings were picking. He is a LW who plays for Hawerchuk in Barrie so its not like the Kings have been burned by Pearson/Clifford even Clune played for Barrie.

    Lemieux even lives here, and his sister is going to Pepperdine on a volleyball scholarship starting next year.

    I thought with a pedigree like that, and the coaching he has been getting in the OHL he would have been a pretty good prospect with an edge like his dad.

    Oh well, 8 more picks? I can sense some wheeling and dealing going on. The Kings have the #30 pick of the 2nd round which is like having the 30th pick of the 1st round, except its really #60.

    I guess this is where the Kings have excelled over the years, so why not keep that streak alive and add some more diamonds in the rough, just waiting to be polished over the next 4 years.

    • I hear what ur saying but, hows that old saying about polishing a turd go?

      • Hopefully something like” you’re pretty retarded if you try and polish a turd”. Either that or “you just like playing with it.”

    • My first worry when they started bagging on the pick, how he had no offense, was that it was another Trevor Lewis, but I think he actually has a little skill, unlike Lewis. Thankfully. I just wish they would have traded back a little and got another 3rd if they were going to draft high on a kid like this.

      However, here’s the secret genius of the pick, I think (if it works). Remember how Sam Reinhart was just kind of average at the World Juniors two years ago, the year before his draft year, when he was 17? But now he’s awesome because he’s really filled out his skill in the last year?

      Well, Reinhart was born in October 1995, I think. This kid was born in September, 1996.

      Reinhart is a month away from being a whole year older than this kid. That more average version of Reinhart at the WJCs two years ago, that’s about the same place where this kid is now.

      So that extra year, at that young age, seems to make a big difference. 11 months from now, when this kid is finally as old as Reinhart is now on draft day, he may look like a totally different prospect, faster, more skilled, more dynamic, stronger.

      And then combine that with the other aspect: he’s playing with men in Modo. So he’s playing in the stiffest league of any 1st rounder, and he’s also the youngest of any 1st rounder. Sounds like the perfect recipe for being completely fucking underrated.

      What if you took him 11 months from now, at the same development point as Reinhart now, and then took him from the most difficult league with men where he’s probably not getting much ice time, and put him in a junior league like the OHL? He might look positively dominant. And maybe that’s what Bob Mckenzie was taking into account when he was like, “actually I think he might be more skilled than you think. He’s still really young.”

      So we’ll see. I actually have a good feeling about this pick, like he might be just young enough, and just skilled enough, to go along with all the defensive and physical attributes Lombardi is overly obsessed with, to actually break out of the mold of most Lombardi picks and be a little more dominant of a 1st round player than we’re used to.

      I’m just pissed that, even saying that, he’s more of a reach, and requires more development and projection, while Anaheim and San Jose seemed to hit more of a “sure thing” with the best power forward in the draft going to Anaheim, and maybe the most complete offensive player in the draft outside of the top 5 going to San Jose.

      The Kings pick did give me the idea to check the ages of their picks, though, and while Anaheim’s was maybe in the middle between Reinhart and Kempe, San Jose’s pick was also almost a full year older than Kempe. So I’m hoping that means he maybe looks a little better now, as an older player in junior for this draft year, than he will really end up being in the NHL. But then again, Reinhart is old and he looks like he’ll be a stud, and Mackinnon was the youngest player in the draft and kicked ass right away, so it doesn’t seem like that extra 10 months of development was really that important there. Although, it probably just means Mackinnon will be even better next year. And I take it back because we already saw pretty clearly how big of a difference that year made for Reinhart.

      So I definitely think it will pay dividends for Kempe’s development. I guess what I’m saying is that while it helps to have an extra 10 months to reach a certain level and development, that once you reach a high enough level, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need any extra development time because you already have all the skills in the world and you’re already well on the road to kicking ass in the NHL. Reinhart looks that way, and unfortunately, SJ’s pick looked awesome. Anaheim’s could turn out pretty good too although power forwards like that are more hit and miss. He could just be Zack Kassian. But that Russian the Sharks took looks like a slam dunk, better than anyone we’ve taken in the 1st round under Lombardi. They got Hertl two years ago, now this Russian. It seems like they’ve changed their philosophy to start drafting more skill, because they used to be a lot like the Kings, and if that’s the case and they keep hitting on picks like that, the fact that we haven’t evolved our thinking and other teams have is going to leave us behind. I know we won another Cup (WOOO!!!) but it was way too close for comfort, and Dean didn’t draft Kopitar, and Carter was acquired by trade, as was Justin Williams. And Doughty was 2nd overall. They deserve credit for the contributions of Toffoli, Pearson, Voynov, Martinez, etc, but none of them are star players. If we continue failing to draft impact players in the 1st round, it will catch up with us. At least for awhile there, Anaheim and SJ were bad at it too, but they seem to both be figuring it out. It’s worrisome. Plus, Kesler, but anyway.

      That’s what I think Dean was thinking. He’s the youngest player in the draft, playing in the hardest league of any player in the draft, which is the perfect recipe for a prospect being underrated by everyone, and if Sam Reinhart is any indication, those extra 11 months of development time, at that young age, can make a huge difference.

    • I think you’re right with the wheeling and dealing. I can definitely see that in the cards.

      Those guys that play on the bigger ice may have to find their stride with an nhl size rink and the increased physicality. I’m not too concerned about the speed since those bigger ice guys are typically pretty fast.

  6. First time I laughed today. thanks!

  7. Also. I think that he is so young that we won’t really see his name for a few years. Which is good because I think we got some young guys who are close to making the BIG club. Modcoop I think you nailed it with your last paragraph.

  8. Just read the report from yanetti and he sounds like a helluva player for being only 17.

    I don’t why but it did cross my mind could he be the next Peter forsberg? Didn’t even know of that he’s the assistant GM to modo.

    How about a guy like Forsberg centering Toffoli and Pearson in the years to come? Are you sitting your pants right about now?

  9. The Brad Richardson award goes to Linden Vey this year. The Brad Richardson award is a new award, given to the best Kings player that doesn’t make the team. Players don’t necessarily have to be traded to the Canucks to win this award, just a team with Kings envy, where said player would slot in immediately and get a full 82 game season barring injury. It’s wierd I know. Brad Richardson won the Andrei Loktionov award, and then Vey wins the Richardson award. Is there no end to the depth? I mean really. Like a friggin black hole. The Vezina, Norris, and Selke are consolation prizes now. I’m calling Andy Campbell for linden Vey award next year. GKG \X/


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