Linden Vey Traded, Roland McKeown Picked, and 69 Reasons To Be Concerned?

The L.A. Kings traded Linden Vey to move up and grab defenseman Roland McKeown in the second round. The dream of Vey centering Toffoli and Pearson is dead. The reality of Jeff Carter doing so is very much alive and still has me grinning from ear to ear…although an in-shape Mike Richards likely changes that.

Roland McKeown fell to us. A draft steal? Don’t know. Gotta watch the kid play first but the L.A. Kings went ape shit with mostly defensemen and some centers in this draft so it’s obvious where the team believed it needed depth.

“But that Adrian Kempe kid with the cool hair plays wing Scribe!”

He is a center / wing.

Read Matt Barry’s draft summary for the rest of it.


Normally a number with a positive spin. Not so much now. That’s the freaking cap. Bastards led us on with 71.

We have under 4 million in cap space and have Dwight King, Brayden McNabb, Andy Andreoff and I just read JF Berube as restricted free agents. I think the first three are getting contracts unless you see Lombardi trading Dwight King…I am not seeing that. Darryl Sutter loves Kinger. And that would leave a void on the team for serial killer smiles.

Andy Andreoff is my boy. My favorite prospect. I will be genuinely pissed off if we trade him. Besides, he doesn’t count against the Cap yet…although if he doesn’t make the team out of camp, it will only be because of dollars.

No way we trade McNabb. We are losing Mitchell.

Berube? Don’t know. Martin Jones is an RFA next season.

Under 4 million for Dwight King and Brayden McNabb who are both expected to play this coming season. I realize the RFA status isn’t a “now and this minute” problem but good planning and all…

Side note – Best of luck to Chicago with Toews and Kane both starting out with asking price of $12M. May your knees be cut off.

And speaking of knees…let us all hold homage to the Knights who say Ni.

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  1. Can’t see McNabb getting more than $750,000, King is due for a decent raise 1.75 or so. Delay is probably on term. Plenty left over. Berube doesn’t scout as well as Bartosak, and he burned up his ELC. Waivers for him most likely. Andreoff has also burned up his ELC. I understand its tough to get used to, but good players not making the team is a good thing, unless you keep all the shitty ones. GKG \X/ I’m gonna take a shower, turn up the air, put on my cup keeper gloves and wear my championship hat after dinner for a couple minutes. Oh boy!

  2. Dwight King’s next step is a 20 goal scorer in the regular season. I would be quite happy with 3 years at 1.75 per.

  3. I guess vey was not going to play next year so get something of value. Out of Clifford Nolan king and vey, 1 or 2 was not making the team. I think king gets resigned so Nolan is your depth forward as well as whoever is in the pipeline.

  4. Happy about McKeown much more than Kempe. Kempe reminds me of a boom or bust type. Tukonen or the dreaded Jens Karlsson. From what I’ve seen I think McKeown can play 20 minutes a night in all situations. He may be ready to make the team as early as next season. Overall the draft for the Kings was soso. Really wanted Bleakley or Quenneville. Too much boom or bust going on for my book.

  5. And when you guys judge his skill, don’t look for all the quick Patrick Kane dekes because that’s not his puck handling style. It’s more the relaxed, slow down the game style like Datsyuk or Kopitar with longer sticks. But watch how he feints a little with the puck dekeing back and forth a little on the right wing to keep the defenseman honest and off him so that he can keep going and take it down the right wing. And watch how he doesn’t even have to keep his eye on the puck the whole time while he does it, how he raises his head up to look for teammates before he even finishes the move. That’s a sign of a skilled puck handler who has a good feel for it.

    Also look at the saucer pass later in the video. Dusts the puck off a few times, then sauces it in one quick motion, a perfect saucer. Those are all signs of a very natural puck handler. It’s not fancy because it doesn’t have to be, but it’s showing me he might actually have pretty high puck handling ability, a very natural ability. Compares a little bit to Teuvo Teravainen in the way that he didn’t deke a lot by people, but has that very relaxed and natural puck handling ability.

    Or even watch Kempe’s shot later. I mentioned I had no idea about his shot, but actually that looked very good too. Really quick release. Puck jumped off the stick. Very natural. Honestly this guy looks more like even Tomas Hertl than Trevor Lewis.

    So no one questions the skating and size and hockey sense on this kid, but I’m telling you guys the skill is vastly underrated. I didn’t want to throw names about but I’m seeing a bigger Zetterberg here. He looks awesome.


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