Are the LA Kings STILL Interested in Christian Ehrhoff Now That He is Bought Out?

You may remember not too long ago, there was some talk between the L.A. Kings and Buffalo Sabres about Matt Moulson. This is right before we landed Marian Gaborik and Gabitar, to Surly’s delight, was born. You may also remember Buffalo in their cute, nonsensical insanity wanted Tyler Toffoli and the L.A. Kings chatted about Christian Ehrhoff if such a deal were to ever go down. Thank goodness it didn’t.

It was something like that.

Who remembers any of that stuff clearly any more right? We just won the Stanley Cup twice in three seasons. It’s like trying to remember the chick you banged 6 months ago when you just bedded Mila Kunis and Kate Upton…together.

So the Buffalo Sabres, with their brilliant (sarcasm) management of players and dollars, are now buying out Christian Ehrhoff. While this didn’t cause OJ to spew from mouth onto lap top screen as I enjoyed my morning breakfast and caught up on the NHL haps, it did get my attention. So I read…

It seems…you know what, screw it, just read this. It’s a good summary of why they are doing it.

Now, back to the L.A. Kings.

We cannot do this without trades. Someone has to go. We simply do not have the cap room. But I wonder if this has Dean thinking. He wanted him (if the reports were true) at the trade deadline. Ehrhoff is a good, reliable defenseman, plays serious minutes and is still young enough to give us 3-4 solid years.

He has been banged up here and there but, in L.A., he won’t be counted on as the guy. I don’t think he even plays first pairing minutes. He is, pure and simple, Willie Mitchell’s replacement.

The chances of landing Christian Ehrhoff are low. First, other teams with a lot more cap space will be interested. I would actually be surprised if the Anaheim Ducks don’t go after him, in which case Ehrhoff sucked, glad we never got him, we will make him bleed and fuck him.

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  1. I’m more of a Kate Beckinsale & Emma Stone kinda guy but hey whatever, to each his own.
    I thought the same about Ehrhoff but the chances are slim to none.

  2. No, and they shouldn’t be. Next years defense looks like this:

    Doughty – Muzzin
    Voynov – McNabb
    Martinez – Greene

    I’m in love with that defense. I see Regehr being moved. His play and minutes have declined significantly. He has lost a step and a half and makes entirely too much money. Dean will do the smart thing and move him somewhere else soon enough (I hope). I hated watching him play all year. He’s almost dazed as guys wiz past hI’m like a pylon. Nevermind your hatred for Jake. The man played well in the playoffs when he had to and I like his feistyness. That’s the defense right there with Schultz in the pressbox. Schultz outplayed Regehr in the playoffs anyway.

  3. That last group of words has me wondering where the fucking moderators are!!!

  4. Too funny

  5. How does Gagner and Crombeen fetch a 6th rounder and Nate Thompson return a 4th and 7th? Am I missing something?

  6. Jovanovski on waivers? How can be not be worth 4 mil?

  7. Schultz, 2 year extension.

    I like this signing. Emergency player that has the tools to get the job done when called upon.

  8. When they signed this guy this season I was like wtf. That’s why I’m not a NHL gm. He certainly helped against the ducks. I loved when he almost sheepishly raised The Stanley Cup and was gonna pass it off and the boys told him fuck no, go skate that shit around. What a fucking TEAM.

  9. Got to happy for this guy!

  10. They might have been interested, but he’s off to Pittsburgh in search of an Eastern Conference championship and a chance to not touch the Prince of Wales trophy.

    • Well last year Benouit Pouliot got his photo taken with it and went from UFA signing a 1 year $1.3M deal to an UFA signing a 5 year $40M deal. So next year Ehrhoff gets a $13M/ year deal? Afterall he did make $18M in ’11-’12


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