LA Kings Getting Lots of Calls About Slava Voynov?

So said by a little birdie. Or is that birdy? Pretty sure it’s birdie.

The inquiries, if true, about Slava Voynov are not a surprise. Par for the course. Smart, puck moving defensemen are at a premium need. Even though he had an off year, I like our young Russian and look forward to seeing him learn from this season and playoffs and know he has a lot of room for improvement. And then do it – improve that is.

Besides, you gotta love a defenseman who has likely given Rick Nash nightmares for the entire summer.

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  1. That certainly was a nice play by Voynov!! I’ve heard others say: “You make your own luck with hard work and determination!!” This was certainly true when Voynov managed to deflect that puck!!

    Go Kings!!

  2. I would choose 3 or 4 defensemen in the league at his cap rate over Slava. That being said none of them have won 2 cups in the last three years. If I’m pretending to be Deano, (which I do sometimes) I wanna keep a Russian ambassador around for Zykov and maybe Prokhorkhin, (however the hell you spell that… I know there’s an h somewhere so I just put 2) so I’m pretending that’s happening, and hoping they don’t go all red army and defect to the KHL, or start holding the team hostage for money at the deadline. That’s all the anti Russian sentiment I have to offer. Pretty sure we’ve seen the last of the big name signings without losing one or two guys. Been reading some chuckleheads saying Weber is headed to LA. That’s just an awesome fantasy, but……. Even at 71 million, we would have to lose Slava and another 3.5 -4 million dollar player. All which sends the wrong message to the room. Which is good enough as is. There are 4 players that had well below average years if you include Greene. 6 if you put Lewis and King in that group because everyone always expects more from them. Home ice advantage next year and perhaps not an easier road, but a team that can and has won it all, twice. I’m fine with the same season as last minus the pre Olympic fiasco. GKG \X/

    • 7 if you toss Quick in there too.

    • No way does Nashville let Weber go.

    • Prokhorkin is also from the same hometown as Voynov… Chelyabinsk (home of the recent meteor)..
      You would think that Slava would be the ideal person to host our two incoming Russians in Prokhorkin and Zykov.. lol especially considering he bought that new beach house a couple months back~

      • Zykov here for training camp, then back to the QMJHL most likely.

        Prokhorkin well seeing is believing so maybe he does come on down this summer.

        I believe VALERI NICHUSHKIN is also from the same hometown. That kid is a beast!

  3. Weber could be headed West, but it probably isn’t the Kings. Nashville doesn’t have very much
    in terms of scoring with their roster on paper. Their defensive core is still under construction with veteran Shea Weber and 2nd year defenseman Seth Jones. Michael Del Zotto was a mid season addition, so that should help their transition game or breakouts from within their own zone. Weber/Jones/Del Zotto can make that good 1st pass for breakouts. The speed of Del Zotto should also back defenders off so offensive numbers should see a bit of an increase.

    Nashville will probably open things up under their new coach Peter Laviolette. New system to learn and implement. Last season they were without Rinne pretty much the entire season.

    They made the trade for James Neal, which should be an improvement in their Top 6. Not sure where Filip Forsberg is in terms of growth but I am not that familiar with much of their prospects and I don’t expect them to really have much offense with what they currently have.

    July 1, will probably be a busy time for Nashville considering they will have something like 17 million to spend on UFA’s.

    Edmonton has a bunch of offensive prospects, but they are a pretty bad defensive team, so they would be a good dance partner for a team like Nashville since Edmonton dealing forwards of blueliners.

    That is all I think I need to say about Nashville and Weber.

  4. Who gives a shit


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