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  1. Thanks jmsalsa. Memories re-etched.

  2. Another awesome job, Salsa!

  3. Love the fact you put the clip of Bob calling the game winner. Been waiting for the 2014 video from you and you didn’t disappoint! Good job!

  4. Good job JM Salsa!!! Love it!! :-)

  5. Awesome! Love the slo-mo for the GWG. Dad?! Dad?! Whoohoohoo!!! Impressive!

  6. thnx for all the kind words and support! Go Kings!

  7. Dude this is a sick video! Awesome work man! Don’t fuck with the LA Kings baby!!! :)

  8. Justin Williams just shared this on his Facebook page!!

  9. It’s awesome that he checks out Surly & Scribe!

  10. Awesome, JMSalsa. And you did it all without pandering with music sung by guys with lady voices.

  11. reliving the moment, thanks.

  12. Wed, October 8

    10:00 pm ET Line

    San Jose

    Los Angeles

    today’s oct 5th right? game this wed?


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