Claude Giroux Arrested In Ottawa For Repeatedly Grabbing an Officer’s Ass?

Although few details were immediately available, a source said Giroux was arrested for repeatedly grabbing the buttocks of a male police officer. Alcohol is believed to have been involved.

Here is the Ottawa Sun article.

I cannot comment on this yet. The imagination is still sorting out the details.

No truth to the rumor Drew Doughty has called Giroux to discuss grabbing incident.

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  1. If Giroux keeps up this kind of irresponsible conduct, he’ll be in LA winning Cups before he knows it!

  2. And it was a male cop! :-)

  3. And how many times would a male cop let an dude grab his ass before arresting him? Haha! What’s the over/under? I’m setting the line at 2.5. Haha!

  4. He’s either a closet knob polisher or he was so jacked up on whatever he was drinking that he thought the cop was a chick. Either way Webster should put his mug under the word stupid. Holla!

  5. Isn’t that ASSault on an officer?
    I mean I don’t wanna ASSume anything.

  6. That sounds like drunk dare to me. If I had a a quarter for every time I was dared to do something to a cop when I was drunk, it have enough for a really sweet sticker at the liquor store. Which I’m sure someone would dare me to stick on a cop car. \X/

  7. How you gonna top that!

  8. He wasn’t charged so he basically got 2 for holding.

  9. In other news, SJ signed that lesser life form John Scott. Barf.

  10. Ya. Wonder what they are gonna do with him?

  11. Waste of a roster spot.


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