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I cannot figure out how we are going to sign all of our restricted free agents with our limited cap space. Can you? It seems a trade may be inevitable unless players take discounted one-year or otherwise short deals.

Some of the salaries that were handed out in free agency really make me appreciate what Dean Lombardi was able to do with our players. I don’t think we have a single overpaid player on the team. We do have several underpaid ones.

If Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are really getting 10.8 per season each, what the hell is Anze Kopitar worth? Hockey Gods help us.

There isn’t a defenceman in the league I take over Drew Doughty. Not only is he my subjective favourite, but objectively the most complete.

What is Jake Muzzin’s ceiling? What is that of Alec Martinez?

Do you really trust Willie Mitchell’s experience, poise and skill set replaced by a kid? I don’t. I hope McNabb or one of the kids fighting for the spot do well, but that is a tall order.

Can Marian Gaborik stay healthy? Remember when Justin Williams was absurdly injury prone?

Is Mike Richards working out? Getting in shape? I hope so.

Deirdre doesn’t like Scott Hartnell I think. If I am right, I wonder why?

What do you want to talk about?

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  1. Workin on my 63 Riviera most Saturdays. Black paint silver interior. Callin it the Rally Riv :0

      • 425 Nailhead, 465 FPT, 340 HP stock. I rebuilt and painted everything under the hood and the motor bay. I usually only do the mechanical stuff on a resto, this one I’m doing everything myself, upholstery….. Everything. Almost done repairing and painting the center console. Car sat in PHX for 30 years. Took me about 3 days to start it. The rest up to this point has taken since Thanksgiving. Motors are easy, and old cars are testaments to how Americans can build shit. My 2¢. It doesn’t smell like rat turds anymore though.

        • Having a guy do the seats in silver vinyl. Carpet, hood lining doors and stuff I think I can do myself. You can take the whole car apart with a pair of screwdrivers and a standard ratchet set.

        • First generation rebuild. Love it. 49 Roadmaster is one of my favorites and I think shared some lineage with the Riviera. I don’t know a lot about cars but I know what I like. Simple in my taste. 67 Shelby GT500. The only Mustang that gives me wood.

  2. Kane and Toews are both only making 6.5 million each until their contracts expire at the end of this season. They both were asking for 12 a year starting the 2015-2016 season, but I think they’ll probably end up somewhere close to 10. A pretty reasonable number for players of their caliber.

    And although I personally think Kopitar is a better player than Toews(but not by much), I think they’re both worth about the same, contract wise.

  3. I think the problem is more about roster spots than it is about cap space. Once King, Andreoff, and McNabb are signed that’s 25 players (15 forwards, 8 defensemen, 2 goalies) on a 23 man roster. Unless there are injuries at the start of the season, likely one forward and one defensemen will have to be waived/assigned or traded. At forward, that’s likely one of Nolan, Cracknell, or Andreoff. At defense, it’s likely one of Schultz or McNabb.

    You hate to lose any of these guys to waivers or trades, but, the rules say you can only have 23 guys on the active roster. Assuming King, Andreoff, and McNabb are all signed, and everyone else on the roster is healthy; that’s two too many…

    • Once King goes to arbitration he should be awarded 1.75-2.5 Million so that gives the Kings no CAP to offer Andreoff or McNabb anything.

      I think letting King go, not matching what the arbitrator awards is what will happen once the Kings know exactly how much that is.

      King had his best season from a statistical standpoint last season. The problem is, most of his points were racked up when he was playing LW on the 1st or 2nd lines to begin the season. Putting him on the 3rd line or 4th line he won’t be putting up points, and for what I believe he will be awarded, it just makes more sense to cut him loose.

      It’s no secret that I am not a Dwight King fan. To me he doesn’t play with any edge or real grit. He does not really engage in contact, seems to float around and really doesn’t try to drive to the net. He doesn’t cycle very well and does not really plant himself in front of the oppositions net to provide screens or score goals off rebounds enough.

      Lombardi gave up to much to get McNabb, and I find it hard to believe he will be traded because he was ready to play in Buffalo but was sent to the AHL where he would get more playing time, but not because he wasn’t good enough to take a NHL roster spot.

      At 6ft 5in 210 lbs, with a nasty streak, he does not go anywhere especially since Mitchell is no longer with the Kings. He can be paired with Reggie since they both played for Buffalo so there is some familiarity there.

      The prospects of Forbort/Miller being ready to start the year with the Kings are very slim. Almost all of the prospects, that have yet to play in the NHL are going to probably be playing in the AHL. The players who are still in the CHL will be returned, and the players who are still in college will also play for their respective schools. Any players still under contract overseas will be returned unless they are bought out, at which point they too will play in the AHL.

      Andreoff is also another player who will not be traded. He is a 3rd or 4th line player who knows his role and playing LW or C makes him more valuable to the Kings. He is bigger than Vey was and might not be as gifted a scorer, but did put up decent numbers in Manchester when he was playing in a Top 6 capacity there. He won’t be a guy who is looked to carry a team like he might have been in Manchester.

      Jeff Schultz will not be traded either. With a salary of 850K he’s a bargain for what he is, a defensive defenseman. With the usual uncertainty of Matt Greene coming into a season healthy or even making it a whole season without being placed on IR for extended periods of time Schultz and his experience are too valuable to just let go.

      Cracknel is a good 3rd or 4th line option who can put up some points and also deliver some pretty good checks. He played for Hitchcock in St. Louis and was a pretty decent energy guy.

      I think the player that would most likely be dealt before the season starts will be Martinez. He’s a UFA after next season and he only makes 1.1 million this season. Martinez is much more attractive to many teams simply because he puts up some decent offensive numbers and is a pretty good defender.

      Scoring a could of clutch goals in OT to help the Kings win their 2nd cup won’t be enough to make him untouchable and its pretty clear that Sutter likes Muzzin over Martinez.

      The Kings will end up cutting a few guys loose before the season begins or early on, but I don’t think it will be Cracknel/McNabb/Schultz/Andreoff

      Everything should be a little clearer once the arbitration of King has been decided.

      • I forgot to mention this, not 100% sure but the Kings could lose a couple of players they decide to send down to the AHL because of having to place them on waivers first before they go. If Schultz has to be placed on waivers, the Kings stand a good chance of losing him.

        Maybe someone with a better understanding of the whole waiver rule can give us a “Waivers For Dummies” explanation. I get confused by all of the various rules and criteria which need to be met in order to have to place a player on re-entry waivers if they are sent down.

        • As you say, waiver exemption can be pretty complicated. But, as I understand it, the primary criteria is they are no longer exempt after playing in 3 professional hockey seasons (NHL/AHL) since signing their entry level contract. I don’t think any of the players I mentioned in my original post (Nolan, Cracknell, Andreoff, McNabb, Schultz) would be waiver exempt going into next season. So there would definitely be the potential to lose them if you try to assign them to Manchester.

        • All good points. I agree with you on DK 100%, and hope you are wrong about AMart. It seems like he could be headed for a raise if he can stay consistent. McNabb wasn’t cheap, but I’m hopeful he is a solid pickup. If I trust anyone to scout a Dman it’s DL. So….. Not thin on the back end, just not as good as we were. Solid for the regular season, who knows? Maybe a defenseman at the deadline? Looking good to go deep and hard again. :)

  4. Schultz & Cracknell will get sent to the AHL. Like kostamojen said, its a roster spot issue not a cap issue for the RFAs. Next year is when money is a worry, but like Bobby alluded Dean is a fucking beast! So no worries. I love that Hartnell deal for Columbus no risk, higfh reward. Worst case they are stuck with a contract, when they were willing to buy out Umberger anyway. Is Deirdre really Kris Letang or Dan Blysma?

  5. Chicago just announced they signed Toews and Kane to matching 8-year $84MM contracts. Both contracts carry a $10.5MM annual cap hit. I don’t think many people are going to argue that these two players aren’t worth the money, but, I expect it will cause some cap problems for Chicago. Here’s some quick math:

    A lot of people are speculating that the salary cap next year will be about $75MM. If that is the case, Chicago will have 28% of their 2015-16 salary cap committed to two players.

    As a comparison, Last season, the Pittsburgh Penguins had 27% of their salary cap committed to Crosby and Malkin. I don’t think you can argue that PIT was a bad team, but, they have definitely had problems keeping good depth players with their salary cap limitations.

    I foresee the probability of Chicago having trouble maintaining good depth players once these new contracts kick in. It also makes me concerned about how much Lombardi is going to have to pay Kopitar in his new contract.

    • Chicago has played this game before when they won their 1st Cup in a long time in 2010. Dale Tallon stacked that roster with so much salary, they literally had to dismantle a large portion of that team once the season was over.

      I believe Lombardi owes Kopitar some money for breaking his promise to him when he told Kopitar he would always be the highest paid Kings player. A couple of years after he made this promise he gave Doughty a raise which made Doughty the highest paid on the team.

      Kopitar is locked up until the end of the 2015-16 season. Solomon/Lombardi (if still GM)/Kopitar will address this then. I understand its a business, and maybe I am wrong, but Kopitar seems to be a pretty level headed guy, and it would not surprise me for him to take a hometown discount.

      Regehr comes off the books after this season, as well as Stoll and Williams. that accounts for close to 10 million dollars. With the assumption the CAP increases there should be a decent amount of funds the Kings will have to lockup the players who become RFA and UFA’s.

      At the same time, if a player like Mike Richards shows no real signs of bouncing back from a less than Mike Richards type of season, then the Kings could potentially trade him, although not likely.

      The offense of this team looks to be solid with veterans like Carter/Richards//Brown/Gaborik locked up until 2020 for most. Its probably a given Kopitar will also be also added to this group.

      Toffoli/Pearson hopefully continue to improve and work their way into the Top 6 as permanent fixtures.

      The pool of prospects on offense looks to be filled with so much promise, with Zykov/Mersch/Shore/Dowd/Prokhorkin/Kempe and maybe some surprises like Kitsyn being able to turn his game around after his struggles last year or some prospect who fly’s under the radar.

      Defense wins championships, and although the Kings did win the Jennings, there were still concerns, with quickness, experience, age and size.

      In the next few seasons we will see the changing of the guard so to speak with older defensemen leaving or being replaced with some of the prospects the Kings have in their system, or will have in their system, or acquired via trades.

      Goaltending is another area that I still have some concerns. Quick did not have his best season, but he was good enough. We can’t forget that Scrivens and Jones really helped hold this team together. Jones started his NHL career with a huge shoot out stoning of Anaheim, and a couple of shutouts. He appeared in 19 games and posted a 12-6 record with 4 bagels and a 1.81 GAA.

      Martin Jones might be ok right now as a backup to Quick but you have to believe at some point he may request to be traded in order to have a better chance to become a #1 goaltender with another team.

      JF Berube appears to be 3rd in terms of depth as far as goaltenders in the Kings system, so if Quick were to be injured and out for an extended period of time he could come in as a backup to Jones. If Jones were to be injured, then Berube again could be called up to serve as the backup.

      The Kings also have Bartosak who should be ready to start playing in either the AHL or ECHL after his career with Red Deer was completed last season.

      There are all sorts of scenarios we can conjure up as to the future makeup or core of the Kings, but the reality is anything can happen which can drastically change this organization.

      Regardless it’s good to be a King!

  6. As you say, waiver exemption can be pretty complicated. But, as I understand it, the primary criteria is they are no longer exempt after playing in 3 professional hockey seasons (NHL/AHL) since signing their entry level contract. I don’t think any of the players I mentioned in my original post (Nolan, Cracknell, Andreoff, McNabb, Schultz) would be waiver exempt going into next season. So there would definitely be the potential to lose them if you try to assign them to Manchester.

  7. No offense to Kane and Toews. However, if it’s Gaborik-Kopi-Williams

    That pretty close salary wise. Crazy!

  8. schultz and cracknell will get sent to manchester as they are “depth players”, or insurance if the starters go down. they wont be picked up by anyone else otherwise another team would have snatched them up already. they were ufa’s. mcnabb signs and stays with the big club as greene and regher wont be healthy for large spurts of the season. nolan and andreoff will stay up as depth as well and andreoff goes down if king resigns but he may end up being too expensive for a 3rd or 4th liner if he really makes 2 million. as a grinder cracknell or nolan or clifford come much cheaper. i think king gets let go or a trade happens to make room. I like king but as a 2 time cup winner, he will command too high of a salary that the kings wont be able to afford

  9. I think you are correct sir. Don’t get me wrong King is a good player and has stepped up in big
    situations. But he is frustrating to watch sometimes. Some say he doesn’t play big. He actually does. But doesn’t drive the net. He doesn’t utilize his size some times. If he is let go he has potential to score close to 20 for a third liner. With an occasional 2nd line role. I understand they got good young guys that are NHL ready but I think they should resign Dwight.

  10. It’s the cap sometimes though

  11. Don’t forget to vote for the best goalie in the world, evn though he is American and has almost no prayer in this election.


  12. I really like what I see and hear from McKeown. If his play matches his speaking skills, intelligence and his over all aura, he’s going to be a star.

  13. I think the Kings should trade Voynov for picks and cap relief. If Richards doesn’t have a better season next year he will be gone. The cap should go up again after next season. Sign Stoll and Williams for three more years and Kopitar for six more years. Let Reggie go after his contract is up if the younger defensemen are playing as well as planned.
    If Brown doesn’t have a better season next year he doesn’t deserve his contract, trade him to Buffalo for picks and a young nhl player.

  14. Evander Kane for Slava Voynov and a pick 3rd or 4th round!

    • Excuse me Paul Holmgren, but why would the Kings do that? Give up a RH top 4 blueliner for a second line LW that costs $1M more? With no RH dman ready to fill that void and Tanner Pearson set to play 2nd line LW. What am I missing?

      • The Kings have other d pairings with two left handers, so what’s the problem. Voynov hasn’t been producing on the power play or scoring much anyway. Yeah I’d like to have Evander Kane, not sure about the Paul Holmgren reference! It’s time for Brayden McNabb to step in.

  15. I’d like to see Bailey take the next step this year. Otherwise I say trade him for one of those Kingbots!

  16. Hockey off season sure sucks, eh?

  17. So McNabb and Andreoff signed. Does that mean King is gonna be traded or is it someone else?

  18. The Blackhawks are done. Jamie Kompon has left the team to become the head coach and general manager of the Portland Winterhawks. Kevin Dineen will fill the big shoes left empty by the great Kompon.

  19. See why the world sucks without hockey?!

  20. I liked the old Monarch jerseys much better. I know they’re moving out west in the next few years but that doesn’t mean you change the cool looking threads. The new look jerseys are less desirable. I dislike when good things are changed for no apparent reason. Oh, well!


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