Which LA King Is Traded Before October?

I no longer label lines by number. 4 lines, each play the same game.

Kopi, Gabby, Brownie, Carts, Richie, Stick, Titty, Pears, Stolly are secure by reasonable measures absent something dramatic.

Lewie, Kinger, Cliffy, Nolan, Cracker, Andreoff…who is in play? Only Dwight King hasn’t signed.

Andreoff won’t get traded. He has too much upside.

Lewis is glue to the depth and too clutch 200 feet in the post season. We also need his size and speed.

King is Sutter’s darling if playing time is a measure. He is also underrated in what he does for this team.

Clifford, Nolan and the new guy from St. Louis, Cracknell. Why acquire this 29 year old? Don’t assume it’s to keep him. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him packaged. With Dean, I can see he and Nolan go to a team that needs “toughness” in exchange for picks or a prospect Lombardi covets. Maybe we can keep pillaging the Oilers. Buffalo and father and son united?

So who gets traded?

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  1. I think Cliffy goes, I think King still has potential to be a 20 goal guy

  2. Trade or no trade? That’s always the question. I’ve seen quite a few guys get traded and then turn out to be solid for another team. I like Clifford, but I still haven’t seen the upside of his play yet. I like King, but he’s still a question mark. Nolan is in the same category as Clifford. It will certainly be interesting to see who stays and who goes. But someone will have to go.

  3. Anyone earning under $1M isn’t really going to create any cap breathing room if traded. They may get moved as part of a package, but DL still doesn’t want any major change. And he might need some of these guys the following year when everybody seems to be needing a new contract.

    King won’t be moved will arbitration is pending. No teams want to take that on. But he knows that if he gets the big dollars then he won’t be on the Kings. The ball is in your court King.

    Clifford is the only other asset that could be moved to create some cap breathing room. With perhaps Lewis, if Andreoff proves it at the NHL level. That’s can’t possibly happen until Sutter gets him into 40 games though, so that might not even happen this year.

  4. Honestly, nobody may be traded depending on what King is awarded in Arbitration.

    If he gets awarded over 1.6 million which is very likely, then King gets signed by whoever the 1st team is there to pay him whatever it is he is awarded.

    Regardless of how much Sutter likes King, the fact he had his biggest year in points which was inflated due to his being used on the Top 2 lines when the Kings didn’t know what to do with Frattin and Toffoli, he walks.

    I don’t see Nolan joining his father in Buffalo, and I don’t see Clifford being moved especially since he just had surgery which may not fully heal before the season starts, and not many teams are going to make a trade with a player who could still be damaged goods, even if it is for draft picks.

    Andreoff will get his chance most likely, and since he can play LW or C and again if Clifford is not ready to go when the season begins, they will need Andreoff to fill that role of checking, energy 3rd or 4th line LW or C.

    • Trying to keep up with this..Where did you come up with 1.6 million? Is that what the Kings first offered King?
      Nerobobo said 1.8 million.
      Is that the cap scace we have left?
      and NO to a Cliffy trade!!!
      Same with Andreoff… we can’t keep losing our up and comers in our Excellent Development program to other teams. All our foundation and someone else reaps the benefits. I say NO.

  5. King and possibly Nolan. Nolan is in Sutter’s dog house similarly to how Martinez was a year ago. Lewis is awesome and Clifford showed that he has potential to put up some decent numbers offensively if given the opportunity. How King is still in the line up is beyond me?

  6. It won’t be Cracknell, because anybody could have had him cheap, so why trade for him? If it’s anybody, it will be Nolan because he is most easily replaced, and would probably free up just enough cap space to sign King.

  7. Not sure why you think someone will get traded. We still have 1.5M in cap space and that’s about what King will get. What is more likely is we lose a player off the waiver wire (Andreoff, Crack, or Shultz). The only player I think has a chance to get traded would be Nolan to his Dad’s team in Buffalo… Perhaps we could get a 4th rounder or something in return. By the way, Clifford played his best hockey in the post season… I think he stays.

  8. If Nolan or Clifford went we seriously have gotten rid of one of the only two real enforcers on our team in terms of fighting…who would throw down if need be? We would just rely on our size still of course to play physical but there will be a time where some blows need to be thrown…I love when Nolan fights for us… Crazy beast! I know fighting is not a big percentage at all in the sport but it comes around…

    • Greene is pretty tough. I hear McNabb is also pretty fiesty, and 6’4″. Enforcers are for teams like Calgary and Ottawa. Any player on our team would drop the gloves if they had too. Not important enough anymore to waste a roster spot on a tough guy.

      • I want the powerplay to be the enforcer that kicks the crap out of opposing teams. Still, I agree we need one good player who can also fight well.

      • It’s not just about fighting, it’s also about the style of hockey we play. Obviously our team gives grinder/grinding its definition and after 3 years of deep runs we’re going to need the boys who can carry physical and responsible play when called upon and then sit in the suite without losing a whole lot of value.

        We all know Sutter is a stickler for players being responsible for the fundamentals of the game and the specific roles they play. Cifford and Nolan know exactly what is expected of them within our system…the “trust factor”, if you will. Cracker and Andreoff will have to thoroughly outplay Clifford and Nolan. Andreoff is, of course, a home grown kid who isn’t going anywhere…that leaves Cracker.

        Maybe it’s King who doesn’t return. You have to fit into the financial plan as well. If he’s awarded too much money, he could become the salary cap victim. Who the hell knows. I do know it’s fun watching people battle for their lives to play on our team. It’s a nice change, isn’t it.

  9. I’m totally fine with Clifford and King fighting it out for worst player on the team. King will take a discount for a year. Sutter will pump his numbers up with second and first line duties, then someone will overpay him next year. And that’s okay, cause by then Andreoff has 20 or so games under his belt. My 2¢, whatever.

  10. I don’t think anyone. Assuming we carry 7 D and 14 forwards which is the norm then likely Schultz gets sent down, even if he plays a little better in camp than mcnabb doubt we risk losing mcnabb on waivers. With Schultz hit not on the cap there is plenty of room for King. Still surprised by the long contract for Greene. Thought we’d let him walk and do Mitchell for another 2 years.

    • First I must qualify by saying I Hate losing/Trading ANY of our Players..I am however getting a bit better about it esp when the player goes to a team that he will have a better chance to tap into his potential and make a name for himself. Losing Willie Mitch Stung Big Time, but I think I have recovered. When we are allowed a glimpse into conversations/tinking of management it helps to understand the whys. Do not remember exact words from Lombardi but it made sense.
      My thought was why wouldn’t a player take a cut to stay on a Stanly Cup team vs going where they realistically know they will not have a chance? Yes the Better money but I would hope all these guys are given some financial planning and will have Plenty left when their playing days are over.
      Definately will miss Wiilie’s big Stick and mentoring of the younger players. Greene.. His Leadership speaks Loudly. A healthy Greene will be a Positive. He can counteract his lack of speed by positioning. I hope he is able to cut down on the penalities that are part of changes to the Game.
      p.s. I am asking again if anyone could give me the steps to get a picture posted on this Blog?
      I took a nice one couple of weeks ago that I would like to share.. but I have not had time to spend figuring out how ..

      • Hi Hockeyjockey! You can do this:

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        2. Sign in to wordpress.com

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        4. I found my Jonathan Quick photo on the Internet. I just saved it to my computer and uploaded it to My Gravatars.

        • TY.. the Gravatar thing I think got when I first signed up with this blog.. but to add a pic.. yes..
          I will try later on this weekend.. just too busy.. gave myself a treat just to look at this post :-)

          • I know that this can be daunting the first time you do it. I had to do the same thing when I first figured it out! It helps to be computer literate. Newbies are always in trouble when they need to do something like this!

            I like the idea of having a Gravatar. Everyone should have one! :-)

          • I am computer literate .. a lot more then most.. I just don’t always remember how I get something done.
            But I am VERY stubborn.. so I am sure I will figure it out. :-)

          • Your like me! I’m fairly stubborn too. My elder son is a computer expert, but I soon learned that I had better figure it out on my own, because trying to get a friend or family member to help you with your computer is almost an impossibility! I sometimes check out computer/Internet forums for answers to questions that come up.

          • Yes the Google and Forums. .my
            bff s…

    • Let’s see…
      Sutter and Lombardi prefer lefty-righty defensive pairs…
      Greene is much younger than Mitchell… and a great option for the third pairing and right side of PK

      • I don’t think anyone dislikes Greene. I don’t. I do have a problem with how he’s had a number of injuries. Anyone could see how much slower he was during the playoffs. He was beaten a lot. I hope he’s able to get back to the way he did a couple of years ago. He’s still not that old yet.

  11. Nolan IS a good fighter, but other that that, I haven’t seen much out of him.

    I agree with ColoHockey on Greene. I thought the Kings would sign Mitchell instead … for a shorter term. What do we know!!

    • You’ve seen more than that, Persister.

      How do we win games? Many ways really, but a key factor for our group is how they wear teams down. How many times have you seen the other team commit major turnovers in the latter part of games because of consistent harassment? Much of that is caused by the constant and thorough hitting by the likes of Nolan, Clifford, Stoll and Lewis. It’s an important part of our game plan that’s not recognized by the general public. Now you can have too many of those guys, but the role is very important and I think Nolan does an outstanding job fulfilling his duties at an excellent price tag.

      • Yes, you ARE correct. He’s very strong on the ice. Every team needs a balance of skill and toughness. And Nolan adds the all around toughness factor to the team. If someone needs to go, Sutter and Lombardi will do their best to keep the better all around players. Look at Lewis, he doesn’t score much, but he adds so much in other ways.

      • He didn’t play much in the playoffs

        • It’s about the long season grind, and when the playoff start you let the skill guys take over. Over a 82 game stretch, you need a rotation of braun the keep them fresh and healthy.

        • Nolan will go on to play big minutes and score 20 plus goals on a shitty team. Ala Purcell, Moulson, Simmonds, bla bla bla. Good for him. That way next year when we slump in January everyone can say we should have kept him. My 2¢.

  12. Cracknell is nothing more than insurance if someone gets hurt in offseason/training camp/preseason. The real question is Clifford, Nolan, or Schultz. Gotta think that this team is not carrying 8 defensemen, based on prior modus operandi. Therefore, Schultz and Cracknell clear waivers at the end of the preseason. The only thing that gives me pause is that two-year contract for Schultz, in shich case it is either Clifford for an actual return or the team dumps Nolan for next to nothing to go to Buffalo.

  13. My initial thought is Nolan will be gone. There will be a team looking for a scrappy forward. I think it was Bobby in a post early last season that said Nolan has more talent than brains right now and think it’s still the case. There just isn’t a place on this Kings team for him. I do love the way he fights. Seeing that flowing mane bounce around as every punch is thrown adds to the chaos. He will fit in somewhere else, where I just don’t know yet. Maybe Eklund has a source :)

  14. I say Nolan goes. He is valuable to eastern teams. Just no life left with the evolution before our eyes with speed the wave o’ the future.

  15. I say Nolan is the odd man out.

  16. Looks like Prokhorkin is strongly favoring another 3 years with Moscow. I’m sure it’s for the best. Dodged a bullet really when you think about it. His nickname would have been Corky. That alone would make me want to stay in Russia.

  17. Interesting all the theories here. I don’t know what is going to happen with King but it is widely accepted that andreoff and mcnabb will NOT clear waivers. Therefore they cannot be sent down and will play with the big boys. Especially with the high price tag that we paid for mcnabb, he will be with the team the whole year. DL cannot risk losing him on the waiver. Cracknell and Schultz will be sent down for depth. Nolan can be traded but not sure we will get much in return. He is a guy that didn’t really play when in counted, the playoffs. King however will depend on his arbitration number. I am expecting that he will get rewarded for his inflated numbers and his size and the fact he played are large part in winning 2 stanley cups. His price tag of 1.8 million will be too much for the kings and he will get let go or kings will resign in the attempts on trading him. I will be shocked if we see him in a kings uniform next year. I like him but he is not playing on the top 3 lines as pearson, toffoli, gaborik, anze, williams, brown, carter, richards and stoll will all play more minutes. You don’t pay a 1.8 million for a 4th liner unless you trade one of the 9 above which I really don’t see. I see a better 4th line with clifford, lewis and andreoff with nolan a healthy scratch and cracknell in manchester. Schultz in manchester with greene, regher, mcnabb and martinez rotating as the as the healthy scratch

    • Good comment Nerobobo. You made some good points. Your hypothesis could well happen!

    • Good stuff but I don’t think new CBA allows accepting arb award and them trading the player. May be time limit on it and can’t recall. Someone look this up please

      • I think it depends on which party files for arbitration. If the team files it, they are obligated to keep the player at the figure awarded by the arbiter. If the player files it, the team can walk.

        • Teams file for arb? Wonder when that last happened. Maybe I am not paying attention to it

        • correct. king filed for arbitration. if the team doesn’t like the number, king becomes a free agent. However they can keep negotiating, and the team can sign him for 1.8 million before, then trade him to get something in return. There are currently 4 teams over the cap for next year so some moves will still have to be made. My hope is that they package King, Nolan or Clifford or perhaps andreoff (2 outs of the 4) for the money to sign mueller or get kevin hayes to sign when chicago can’t sign him, but again, the kings need funds

    • I only disagree on a couple of points:
      1) King is a third liner, which you backed up with your roster breakdown
      2) Where is $1.8M coming from and why is that a sticking point? If the Kings option Cracknell and Schultz they have $2.4M in cap room for King to sign


      • Actually he is on the 4th line as I named 9 forwards before king. The 1.8 million is just my guess as to what he will get from arbitration. And I think that crack ell and Schultz are not 2 way contracts so even if they get sent down to Manchester, their contract applies to the cap

  18. I see Nolan staying. Good cap hit. Can skate for a big guy. He is still young and will get better. We need his size. I don’t see how they can fit King under the cap. I like him but whatcha gonna do? We will miss him but Nolan and Andreoff can fight for his spot. King is pretty slow also.

  19. Kings are gonna have to peel some caps.

  20. Gotta admit I’m actually very pleased that radio broadcasts will be on a station where i wont have to accidentally listen to anyones political retardation. GKG \X/


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