Rumor – Kyle Clifford Being Traded to Toronto?

That is all I know. No details yet. I will be getting on a plane soon but if I get more, I will write more. Consider this a rumor for now.

Meanwhile, pontificate or express necessary piss and vinegar.

Update – may be a whole of nothing for nothing. This is what happens when you are short on time and you get information you don’t have time to double check.

Hopefully nothing to see here.

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  1. This is concerning if true. I liked his playoffs and he is a true LA players. I always heard that the franchise was huge on this guy. :(

  2. Yes for Matt Frattin!!!!

  3. If they sign King then I’m ok with it. Kinda figure that Andreoff and Clifford are the same types of players. If this is true thanks for everything Big Dog! Good luck to you and your family.

  4. It’s not a done deal yet. Just a rumor. Let’s see what happens.

  5. Is is Not Canadian April fools is it?
    you got me once this year..
    But I would take it again gladly.
    💜👑💜 our Neanderthal Big Dog


  6. The Mayor is at it again. He may have good inside info but he doesn’t always have it correct. Didn’t he have Clifford and Williams good as gone before the trade deadline? Telling everyone it was a sure thing.
    It’s a rumor until signed on the dotted line, even if talks are ultimately happening.

  7. Depends what we get in return. He’s worth more than a 3rd rounder at this point in my mind. Maybe a young pick to develop. Dunno. King has more value than Clifford at this point. Nolan and Clifford are kind of interchangeable. Nolan is a better punch taker, but I trust Cliffy to not take too many stupid penalties. We will see. Andreoff has to make the team. No shortage of guys fighting for that role. Clifford could probably play 3rd line minutes on a shit team like the Leafs. Good for him if it’s true. Cracknell, Van Der Gulik, Nolan, 1/2 dozen other guys from Manchester. I don’t mind it. Could be so much worse. Look at the Rangers. I mean Fuck. We are incrimentally improving constantly. This is growth. Growth can hurt some times. My 8 year old crys and rubs his shins. GKG \X/

    • I agree. Though I rather trade Nolan than Clifford, both are replaceable with the cheaper andreoff. King is better than all 3 but cost more so maybe the motivation to trade Clifford as opposed to Nolan is to free up another 1 million to be able to sign king

      • Unlike Hoven or Eklund, I do have family in the know. I’ll ask my brother in law and his parents if they have heard anything about Clifford. I’ll also ask my own insider with my NHL Tonight host who seems to have sources inside the ranks of the Kings.

        “both are replaceable with the cheaper Andreoff” true but you are assuming Andreoff makes the Kings opening night roster, which he has not yet done.

        There was a lot of talk about this last season, but Andreoff was sent back to Manchester so until Andreoff makes the Kings roster to start the season, I wouldn’t believe anything regarding Clifford being traded just yet.

        How many NHL games has Andreoff played? Zero! Clifford plays LW, Nolan can play either C/RW. Andreoff can play C/LW.

        Nolan only makes 700K, while Andreoff would make 550K not much savings. Clifford makes 1,075 Million and will be a RFA, Nolan also will be an RFA.

        Andreoff might be cheaper, but he will have to win the competition or make a case to be in the NHL.

        Clifford just had surgery on his wrist, which makes him questionable right now, so with the whole clusterfuck that is going on with Toronto right now, and the very bad decisions made by Nonnis I doubt Clifford is their number one priority on a team with Colton Orr and Fraser McLaren.

        It might be possible that Clifford asked to be traded closer to his home so he could spend more time with his family, but I see this as the only reason his name would be floating around the rumor mill, which tends to always be a trade with the Maples Leafs.

        I highly doubt that Clifford if moved, wouldn’t be moved until Andreoff is a lock to make the Kings roster. You can’t replace experience, and Andreoff doesn’t have it yet.

        Nolan was only in the “dog house” because of sucker punching Joensu of Edmonton after Joensu grabbed Nolan’ jewels. Nolan is also bigger than Andreoff and has proven he is a pretty good protector of this teammates. Clifford is not so willing to drop the gloves as often due to being knocked out or concussed a few too many times over the past 3 seasons.

        Clifford’ role is not that of an enforcer, he is a defensive forward, who is also an energy guy who can put up points if paired with the right line mates, but his fore check and willingness to get into scrums is not so easily replaced.

        Dwight King has more upside to his game if he is placed on the 1st or 2nd line as a LW. Unfortunately he isn’t good enough to play as a Top 6 forward with the Kings, and he is not a very physical player. He’s Dustin Penner 2.0 except not even decent enough to put up the crap numbers Penner did while he was here.

        King put up his career best numbers last season solely due to playing on the 1st or 2nd line. Once the Kings figured out who to play on the 1st and 2nd line as LW, King was hardly noticeable and he really didn’t put up much in the way of goals or assists. This is why King can walk if he is offered more than 1.6 million which is more than likely going to be the case based on his performance last season.

        Losing a King won’t really hurt the Kings, and if Clifford is traded, it wouldn’t really hurt the Kings just like losing a Nolan, but its hard to replace their physical play. Nolan and Clifford bring it every night. Dwight King just floats, and fails to use his size which is a big disappointment.

        • You made some good points Modcoop. I don’t think any of these guys are that important. Every team, though, needs strong grinders, and they are certainly from that mold. As for King, he does have good hand – eye coordination, which permits him to make good passes and tip shots on net, but that only works if he’s placed on a line with skilled forwards. The key minus factor with King is that, for his size, he refuses to play strong hockey. He should be much stronger in the corners and in front of the net. He’s not afraid to get in front of the net, but his movement is more like a small forward who is trying to slip in between the D-men to score. The Kings don’t need him to do that. The Kings need him to be a strong force in front of the net. He’s had his chance to prove himself, but he hasn’t. I don’t care if he leaves.

        • TY as always. .giving a fair assesment..


        • Thank you for that Modcoop. I’ve been saying the same thing to many of my friends who are pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the Kings. When did the Kings become a team who give hand out positions without earning them.
          I love Andreoff but he has to outplay some serviceable bottom six players who grace our team. And the last time I looked, Sutter is still the coach and he doesn’t give shit away for free. Matter of fact, rookies usually have to overpay to find their spot. Why are some people guaranteeing Andreoff a spot before camp has even started.
          I’m not a King hater, but if his price is too high, catch you later, dude! We wish you luck in your adventures. At the same time he deserves to get paid if that’s what he wishes so I have no problem with that part of the business.
          Isn’t it grand when our biggest dilemma is if we trade a singular bottom six player. We have come a long way!

  8. Spot on

  9. Until Eklund writes a vaguely worded post citing made up . . . errrr unnamed sources and gives it an E4 I don’t believe it

  10. Elkund is a fool.

  11. Sorry off topic but I just wanted to unload this here because when I responded to a post on the Insider’s page, some genius tried to bait me into a verbal or typographical debate which I just ignored because I didn’t want to get into it there and also remember why I hate that blog, not Rosen, just the people who think they know everything, and tend to try to bully people who they consider new or have never seen post.

    The comment was about how Bettman made a shitty decision about taking the money that NBC threw at the NHL to get the rights to broadcasting the NHL on NBC/NBCSN when ESPN/ABC or Fox did a better job of promoting the league.

    This issue was prior to the NBC TV schedule announcement, and I will also mention that here.

    NBC/NBCSN do a shitty job of promoting the NHL period! I have said this, as have many others that NBC/NBCSN is nothing more than the “Nothing But Crosby” or “Nothing But Crosby Sport Network”.

    I said that ABC/ESPN had done such a great job of promoting the NHL, especially with their commercials of a fictional town “Hockey Falls”. I don’t think anyone with NBC is that creative, and I don’t think they will ever have something as clever as Hockey Falls.

    NBC alienates the Western United States, even Canada, but I expect that to be status quo with Canada. There is pretty much crickets in terms noise made about the Kings, Ducks, Sharks, Coyotes, Avalanche, Stars, Blues, Blackhawks, Predators. Honestly I find this lack of respect a huge symptom of malaise on the part of both NBC and the NHL.

    Fox Sports which includes Prime Ticket, and the other sister Fox affiliates are also a issue with me. I don’t know why Bob Miller and Jim Fox are not or do not have any contract with NBC/NBCSN. If someone knows, please post the reasons here because I would really like to know.

    Having our Vin Scully or Chick Hearn not doing play by play during the 2nd, 3rd rounds of the playoffs and Stanley Cup Finals really takes away from our hearing their excitement, and their personal investment into our team. Having what I liken to a substitute teacher doing play by play and color bothers me, especially when the clowns doing the play by play could care less. If the team is the Devils, then Doc is perfect since he did play by play for the Devils for years but he gets annoying with his over the top ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Too bad John Forslund or Gord Miller are employed by a NHL team, or by a different network. If its the Blackhawks which Olczyk does color, then you are getting what sometimes sounds like he is crossing the line and becomes Ed Olczyk the Blackhawk color analyst not a neutral 3rd party color commentator. Then we are forced to listen to the worlds most hated jackass between the benches and lexicon of completely useless factoids when not blowing his load over some player Pierre.

    Honestly there really should be a petition to get rid of Pierre. I’ll take Brian Engblom or Joe Micheletti any day over this clown.

    Ok the schedule for games on NBC/NBCSN: What a fuckin joke! Great the Kings are now part of 13 games scheduled to be aired on NBC/NBCSN. One fuckin game on NBC? I’m sorry who has been in the Western Conference Finals the past 3 seasons? What team has won 2 cups in the last 3 years? This is a complete tea bagging of the Kings and the Western Conference.

    Five games vs the Sharks? WTF is that? Are they really that clueless to broadcast 5 of the 13 games vs the Sharks? There is no rivalry, these games are not very exciting. Arizona are a better rivalry than San Jose. St. Louis is a better rivalry than San Jose, and Chicago is a better rivalry than San Jose. Not one game vs a Canadian team? Really? No Toronto or Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Vancouver?

    You must be kidding when the only games vs the Eastern Conference NBCSN will be showing are vs Buffalo which is at the level of a CHL team, and the Rangers who will not see another Stanley Cup Final for another 20 years. The Kings are one of the top teams in the NHL and NBC couldn’t choose Boston, Montreal, even Detroit as the teams they would have scheduled?

    I can understand Chicago getting more NBC/NBCSN games since they are in the Central Time Zone, I get it, but once again Pittsburgh seems to be the priority of the geniuses in charge of programming at NBC/NBCSN. I could give a fuck about Pittsburgh! I don’t care about the farce of the NHL because that team hasn’t won anything since 2009, and it is very clear by this broadcasting schedule NBC/NBCSN are still more about Pissburgh and consider most other teams in the West to be less important, or inferior.

    FUCK YOU NBC and FUCK YOU BETTMAN and the NHL! Shame on you to not pull your heads out of your asses and wake up.

    Sure it means we get more Bob and Jim, but fuck that glass half full cliche, this is a blatant disregard of the reality that Los Angeles are one of the top 3 teams in the NHL, but for some reason NBC/NBCSN even the NHL are out of touch.

    • Agree on most of the points. You are right. BUT, if you’re an older fan you quickly grow to appreciate the coverage on NBCSC despite these issues. There were over 40 years of REALLY bad TV (KTLA perhaps ten times a year) and hardly any television coverage for Kings fans. This year, in comparison, coverage is blissful. If NBC would take listen to your comments and add Bob and Jim (or even just good announcers such as Doc Emrich or the guy from Buffalo, it would be MUCH better. They are still East Coast biased for sure, which is why we get all the Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin BS. Players in the West are FAR better as is the conference in general. By the way, Buffalo has a pretty exciting pool of young players. They are the Avalanche of next year. I am glad they have them on. Now, I can’t say the same for Carolina or Florida or many of the other Eastern teams. Pretty boring. I think they would be well served to create a Western Conference feed alone. But, in the spirit of your post Fuck them, especially Pittsburgh.

      • Back in the ‘olden’ days the cameramen could not even Follow the puck. Hockey has come a Long way..but NBC sucks. For the $$$ they make they
        do a piss poor job.

  12. Feel better now buddy!

  13. You are right though. ESPN does a much better job in regards to hockey. I rember when I was a kid and we just got ESPN, which was a big deal in the 80’s and they had the hockey contract.

  14. Totally right about espn promotion. Remember clement in the bar taking notes from the patron About philly. Not only that but announcing. Gary Thorne an bill clement, bet announcers ever, in the past or future.

    • I don’t know about them being the best, but they WERE great! I never complained about the way they put their hearts into the game!

  15. Forgot about those guys. They were very good. Now we got Heyward and a couple of douchebags. No offense to Pang.


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