What is Drew Doughty’s Potential and Ceiling?

Was on vacation and earlier this week mind drifted off to the team. Started thinking about Drew, his rookie season and each one thereafter.

Then foreshadowed his career in my head.

Ran numbers of average goals and assists, minutes played and will play, playoff games, his big moments coming up, the number of Cups, Olympic and other medals, his durability, on and off season preparation as he grows older, his maturity, when he will hit his peak, comparisons that are fair – Lidstrom, Bourque, Niedermayer, Bobby Orr, name another D man who was as aggressive as Drew at this young of an age and thrived doing so while being solid all around defensively – did they break the mold with him? Is he in a class of his own? Has he only began to tap his tremendous potential?

Are we being objective? Is he now an elite defenseman and will be one of the best all time?

Lots of questions that occupied my thoughts for about 30 minutes until…”Bobby…Bobby? Bobby!”

What is it with chicks that they have pressing questions that can’t wait right when you’re day dreaming about important stuff. Women…like there is a big difference between being 10 minutes late or 30.

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  1. Happy Vacation~!!!
    and any updates on Cliffy Anyone?
    ck back later

  2. Just one brief comment on Doughty – He’s been solid since he’s been on the Kings, but he HAS made youthful mistakes. He hasn’t been a Bobby Orr kind of player, but who has? Orr was fabulously unique.

    I believe Doughty is still growing into an excellent D-man. How good will he get? I don’t know, but he IS very intelligent, and he has excellent instincts. I believe the sky is the limit with his play. And with players being protected better (Bobby Orr was constantly cut down at the knees), Doughty could have a very long career. I see a fabulous future for our best D-man.

    I couldn’t find any news on Clifford.

  3. He will become the best dman in the NHL sooner than later.

  4. Gotta throw Paul Coffey in there somewhere….
    Drew will be in the top 3 in NHL history when it’s all said and done.

  5. His ceiling is drywall. Just like mine. Pretty sure he puts one pant leg on at a time too.

    • But once he’s done he wins Gold Medals (and Stanley Cups)! He’s the cock of the walk baby, and when he’s done we will all be wearing gold-platted diapers!!!

      • He’s a pie faced gremmie. With a long road ahead. Paved in silver drenched in tears of joy we all hope. GKG \8/

  6. I’ve done a career trajectory breakdown on Drew vs. other legendary defensemen. It’s pretty interesting. Several of them followed a similar trajectory, breaking in early, having early success, falling back as they round out their game, and then surging forward somewhere between seasons 5 and 8. The only anomaly is Orr, who was just freakish. He posted league best defenseman numbers his first three years, and then proceeded to double them for the remainder of his career. Can’t believe he had 130+ points TWICE. These days the leagues best centers struggle for 100…

    On to the interesting stuff about drew.

    In the regular season, his current pace lands him comfortably in the top 30 all time, with hall of fame names everywhere he looks around him. The closest comparables appear to be Scott Stevens and Scott Niedermayer. However, as mentioned, almost all defenseman in this class of player took their biggest leap between seasons 5 and 8. Drew is only this year beginning to show signs of this leap. It is coming. If it is of comparable size to that of most of his comparables, that trajectory, and a long, healthy career, place him within arguing distance of the top 20 defenders of all time.

    His playoff numbers, however, paint a different story. And it is one that you could interpret as a sign of the leap which is coming, as his increased experience and maturity should lead to consistency, causing him to replicate his playoff feats year round.

    We can only hope that comes to pass, as his playoff numbers are mind-numbing. At his current pace, assuming a full career playing mostly on playoff worthy teams (almost nobody among his comparables missed the playoffs more than 3 times), he will end with 57 goals and 179 points in the playoffs. 57 career playoff goals places him second all time behind Paul Coffey. 179 points would place him fourth all time, behind Coffey, Lidstrom, and Bourque.

    In single playoff performances, Doughty is already in legendary territory. His performance this year is good for 30th all time, right behind the playoff engineered by Coffey on the 95 wings. The only better playoff performance post-lockout belongs to Chris Pronger with the ’06 Oilers.

    • Nice breakdown, Bmac6502! You can’t help feel excitement when it comes to Drew Doughty’s quality play! That bodes well for the future of our Kings!

  7. I think he’s just below scratching the surface. I think we witnessed that during his Norris nomination year. The kid’s won 2 cups and 2 gold medals already. He plays 25+ minutes a game. He can go coast to coast and put the puck in the net (like Orr used to). He matches up against the other teams top lines.

    I would think into his early 30’s and stays healthy the guy is going to be a dominant, if not the dominant, defenseman in the NHL. I think he’s going to be better than Scott Niedermeyer.


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