Grandparents Sue L.A. Kings Over Puck to Head and Interference with Boinking?

Being the Stanley Cup Champions is not all fun and games. Apparently, a couple of grandparents have sued the Los Angeles Kings. The grandmother, Trina Adam, was allegedly hit with a puck to the head at the Icetown Sports Center in Riverside during her granddaughter’s birthday party. The initial reaction may be “so what, you’re in a skating rink, that is the risk you assume” right? She was allegedly in a special room, away from the ice rink when it happened. I don’t know how far this room was, but, holy shit, somebody may have missed the net and then some.

I don’t have the lawsuit. I am semi-tempted to send out for it and attach a copy of it to this article. I learned about all of this through an article by the Toronto Sun which apparently relied on TMZ for its information.

The grandmother has allegedly suffered from headaches, nausea, etc. Sounds like she may have received a concussion in all of this, which, if that is true, is no laughing matter.

Her husband, Dino, has allegedly filed a claim for loss of enjoyment of sexual relations, which I believe (if memory serves) is called loss of consortium in legalize.

The questions we have (some with tongue firmly planted in cheek) are of course:

1. What the hell is Jack Johnson doing at the Riverside Icetown Sports Center and taking shots? “Johnson SHOOTS! High and wide!”

2. Don’t the grandparents now open up their relative boinking history for at least the last few years? I mean, if you’re going to allege intimacy has suffered, you better be ready to back it up, right? I want to be at that deposition…I want to take that deposition.

3. Did I use the word boinKING on purpose when I had many other options?

4. Doesn’t the person who allegedly shot the puck share some or all of the culpability here? I mean, how the hell is one supposed to anticipate an errand shot like that? Perhaps there may be a design flaw in the room’s location in proximity to the ice rink. Don’t know. I have never been to this ice rink. Any of you?

5. Is this yet another reason to hate the Inland Empire?

6. Are you just happy Drew Doughty has had a quiet summer so far?

No matter what happens with this, we wish the grandmother a speedy and healthy recovery. Being hit by a puck sucks.

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  1. Um…first off all gross! Maybe you got nausea cause the lights are on and old mother Hubbard has a vagina like a wizards sleeve.

  2. Hahahahaha…this is some funny ass shit.

    There’s netting that’s connected to the glass and should go up to the ceiling that would cover most of the glass, if not all the way around. I’ve played at this rink several times and those special rooms are where parties are held. For a puck to get launched over the glass, and then over the netting and then through the door and finally hitting her on the melon you’ll have better luck winning the lottery.

    This is a good one. I outta pull this one on the Ducks. Scribe, you can represent me. I’ll sue for $10M and settle for $250k.

  3. No shit right. I’ve been careful not to say anything about frivolous lawsuits knowing Bobby is a lawyer…

  4. Hey! The inland empire isn’t that bad. And there are a lot of Kings fans out here. At least one of whom reads your blog. 😳

    Those grandparents were there for a party and could’ve been from anywhere. Riverside is pretty close to Orange County. Just throwing that out there.

    My kid is having his 3rd birthday party there next month. Kings themed obvi because 1) he asked for it 2) he’s awesome and 3) he’s a pretty diehard toddler. He educates all of the IE kiddies on the playground about the Stanley Cup, the Kings, “Johnny” Quick, Bailey the Lion (that’s how he says it), Dustin Brown, and Justin NumNums (he can’t say Williams very well). See? The IE isn’t all that bad. Just regular, awesome people who wanted a big house with granite countertops at a good price. GKG!!

  5. Be sure to have your husband wear a helmet.

  6. glad hollywood doesnt have people on drugs.


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