Pride, Passion, Federal Express Delivery Guy

Give me a passionate hockey fan and I don’t care for what team they cheer…except Canucks, Sharks and Ducks fans…and sometimes Coyotes and Avalanche fans…but the rest of them…wait, not Penguins fans either…or Maple Leafs and Canadiens fans…in fact, fuck the Canadiens fans… except for that pretty, flirtatious thing that sat next to me for game 5 against the Rangers, I am married so I can’t…you know…but you may want to. Anyway, passion runs deep with some hockey fans and I love it.

Passion ran deep with a Federal Express delivery guy who, along with a package, left this note for Dustin Brown.

What Can Brown Do For You? He Can Troll Your Punkass...

What Can Brown Do For You? He Can Troll Your Punkass…

And Brownie then promptly trolled the Federal Express Twitter right back.

Better than what Surly would have written. That would have read something like this – “Hey f*** you, you ****sucking, glorified private sector mailman, your f***ing Rangers suck!”

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4 replies

  1. Good job Dustin!

  2. Maybe the fedex guy was talking about the Texas
    Rangers…..wait, they suck too.

  3. At first I thought he was referring to his Uniform Outfit. Same Fedex Shirt and Shorts since the 90’s I gotta believe.


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