Hey Look, I Think We Just Passed the Salary Cap…No? Really? Not Yet!

Dwight King signed for 3 years, 5.85M. That is a cap hit of…where is that damn calculator…$1.95 million per season.

The Salary Cap is $69 million…mmm…69.

We are now at $69.44 million? That is what Jon Rosen wrote unless my reading comprehension just went to shit.

But then I looked at Cap Geek and that tells me, including Kong’s signing, we have $208,106.00 of cap space.


And that includes Adam Cracknell.

AWESOME! We can always lose him, if he sucks, and gain another $600 for a total cap space of $808,106.

Happy Scribe!

Oh shit, that doesn’t include Andy Andreoff and Brayden McNabb and they either have to play with the big club or we lose them on waivers. They are, combined, $1.2 million dollars per season.

That means, with those two, we are a little less than $400 over the Salary Cap if we don’t keep Adam Cracknell.

“What are you worried about Scribe? I nearly spend that during an intermission on beer, man! We’re good!”



So it becomes a battle of Andreoff, McNabb and Cracknell for the 23rd spot on the roster unless Lombardi make a trade.

That’s enough math for one night. I probably screwed that up somewhere.

Tried any new beers lately?

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11 replies

  1. These are great problems to have for any team…let alone the Champs.

  2. What? I don’t like numbers/math/word problems after too much Angry Orchard…..ouch!

  3. You may know this already, but from what I understand, multi-year contracts are not always paid out equally divisible by years. They are often paid in front loaded or back loaded weighting, for the purpose of expected value of the player as they age or improve their ceiling, or to manage the team’s cap. Maybe that is how we are actually still under the cap?

  4. I drink interesting new beers all the time. Half of them I make myself…

  5. We signed andreoff on a two way contract

  6. Looks like their will be an open competition for 2 spots. One to play and one to sit in the press box. Between Nolan, Andreoff, and Clifford. All three can’t make the team.

  7. Old Republic. Celtic Red, and California Common. Little brewery in Grass Valley. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Filled my kayak then my belly.


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