Adam Deadmarsh’s 2001 OT Goal and Alec Martinez’s 2014 2OT Goal Identical?


Both at Staples Center.

Both on breakouts, in overtime, Martinez’s goal in double overtime.

Both playoff series clinchers.

Stumpel’s right-handed shot at the top of the right circle is all but identical to the position from which Tyler Toffoli’s right-handed shot came.

Both go wrist shot, low, far pad, to create rebound to the long side.

Look at Adam Deadmarsh’s path to the net, compared to Alec Martinez. The same.

Adam Deadmarsh’s shot into the net is almost exactly, if not exactly, from where Alec Martinez shot the puck and scored.


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  1. My wife and I were at that game! 3rd date. Now she might be a bigger kings fan than I am. Not really. But it’s close.

  2. If it wasn’t for the injuries. Deadmarsh, Allyson. Who knows. Deadmarsh, Allyson, Pallfy…best line in hockey at the time.

  3. And goalie reaction is the same: Flat on their backs staring into the sky, dreaming of what might have been…

  4. Great!
    I just watched..I still get the
    shit eating grin on my face and
    tear up..saving in special
    Cheer Me Up folder.
    (I am guessing we won’t have to go through
    the ‘Free A-Mart campaign next season)

  5. I know it wasn’t overtime but Toffoli hit Trevor Lewis the same way in game 2 against the sharks in 2013!! just awesome… since all three were in the goal where my ticket is….


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