How The Hell Do You Die-Hard L.A. Kings Fans Make Time to Seriously Follow Other Sports?

I don’t get it. I don’t get how those who follow our L.A. Kings, who eat, breathe and occasionally shit this hockey team on an obsessive but otherwise healthy basis have time to invest into other sports?

I of course cater this question to true L.A. Kings die-hards but here is the deal – I know you do. I know that many of you actually and intensely follow baseball (I can name five teams – Dodgers, Angels, Yankees, Red Sox and….shit, make that four teams), football (Raiders, Rams, Titans?), basketball (my 10% interest became zero when Magic Johnson and Larry Bird stopped playing) and you sprinkle in college sports on top of it.

I mean, how? How the fuck is this possible? When do you have time to do this? I know every player on the L.A. Kings, present and pretty much past going back about 30 years, if someone talks about a specific play that happened during the regular season of a semi-meaningful game, I can probably tell you the players who were on the ice, the period and time left on the clock, I can practically give you a play-by-play of every playoff game, I know the X’s and O’s pretty damn well, I saturate myself in everything and all of it when I am watching it because it is my unfettered passion…so how in the hell can you find the time and energy to bring that passion to more than one sport or, for your truly insane, several.

And fantasy leagues!?

On top of keeping up with all of these sports, some of you nuts actually participate in fantasy sports on top of it!

This is insanity and don’t say “Linsanity” because it took a fucking YEAR for me to figure out what people were talking about and I thought a large portion of the population had some bizarre LISP I had NEVER previously heard about until I learned it was all about a big Asian BASKETBALL PLAYER!!

I listen to fellow Kings fans talking about the Dodgers doing this, a random basketball team doing that, how USC’s big football dick stuck it in to some mid west college’s ass and on and on and I just shake my head and ask myself, “is this seriously the same guy who was holding a conversation with me about the ’87 team and how Bobby Carpenter would have fared in today’s NHL?!” Was he faking it!? WERE YOU FAKING IT!?

So I come to you and would like to know your secrets…and also, for curiosity sake, answer this fucking poll, will you please?

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  1. Watching the dodgers now. Got to do something when there is no hockey. Don’t watch any tv shows except the news.

  2. None of the above.
    I watch every Kings game and every Green Bay Packers game and the rest are minor interests on some level, except basketball. I can’t stand basketball anymore. The last 5 minutes of a close NBA game is like watching two sloths dry humping.
    For the NHL and NFL I only watch my two teams and I watch the condensed version of my Packer games, so all that BS time between plays is chopped out. No shit, a full 3:30 game condenses down to just 20 minutes of action. Towards the end if the season and during the playoffs I will watch full games and start watching the other teams too, then I am completely brain dead from sports.
    NHL Gamecenter and NFL Rewind so I can watch whenever it’s convenient for me.

  3. I’ve always loved ice hockey. The NHL is just the best of ice hockey. When I was in my twenties, I watched a lot of sports. In my thirties, I had narrowed it down to the NFL and and ice hockey. Then, I realized that the NFL conflicted with my love for ice hockey. I realized that, if I was going to do some meaningful things with my life, I needed to focus ONLY on one sport. When there is no ice hockey, it just means that you have more time for your loved ones. You can share more personal time together. Go on a vacation. But if you’re going to have a life, you can’t live for all sports. Ice hockey is the most beautiful, special, intense sport on the planet. I love it! And I love the Kings!

    Now … for a small rant about our government:

    I also like to be aware of what is going on in the world around us. And I don’t mean watching corporate controlled media. Our government is totally corrupt. As bad as America is now, this makes me appreciate the beauty of ice hockey even more. It’s a wonderful escape. I don’t know how much longer the U.S. can continue before the tyranny in Washington D.C. destroys everything good in America, but I’ll continue to watch hockey while we have any normalcy left in America.

    Now … I’ll return all of you to your false paradigms.

    Go Kings!!!

    • I’m a die hard LA Kings fan and have been for 30 years. Yet I’ve been a die hard fan of other teams and other sports. I’m also a huge race fan. The thing is, that during the hockey season the Kings are on 2-3 times a week usually, that leaves time for other things and if it’s racing, it’s during the day. Where it becomes a “problem” is going out and seeing bands. Honestly, I didn’t see Game 4 or 7 against San Jose because I had tickets to shows already. I had plans for Game 7, vs the Ducks, so I made plans for Game 7 against Chicago not to break the streak and lo and behold I had plans for Game 5 against the Rangers. While I tend to watch about 70+ regular season games a year, I’ve also learned you gotta live life and do other things.

      • Yes, MJarvie, you do need to do other things. That doesn’t mean being wrapped up with all sports all the time. Slow down and talk with people. Don’t just text them. Enjoy as much of your life as you can. But be aware of the world around you too! Too many people are totally lost in sports. Life can be a burden. And we need some time to relax. We can be thankful for ice hockey. It’s a wonderful thing.

  4. This female’s perspective.
    First of all I applaud your knowledge and memory.
    My father was an avid follower of Hockey and Baseball, but not a stat man, so I did not inherit the
    ability or need to know stats. That, plus being female, I did not hang out with other boys and swap stats and cards (although I so regret not knowing Hockey cards were out there!).
    I loved and love horses and went into that industry.
    That is another 24/7 sport. Between the 2 my brain often aches with overload.
    Basketball..another fast sport had my attention when I first moved to LA due to
    1) my future mate and 2) the old school players.
    As Bobby said once Magic left the game, and the ones before him the game lost it’s appeal. It is not played
    the same anymore.
    I do follow baseball, a bit. It is a summer fill in.
    Football is really dullsville to me. In High School and
    College, I knew some of the players personally which kept me interested. NFL…no thank you.


  5. Hockey first and foremost. Then F1 and NASCAR (in that order.) Occasionally, things like the FIFA World Cup or IRB World Cup. I wish we had good access to Rugby here. But we don’t.

  6. I am a fan and study of competition, so yes, I have many other interests in the sports world besides hockey. Hockey is the only sport I didn’t participate in, growing up in So. Cal. so it’s one of the few forms of competition I don’t know inside and out…It’s the only game I can watch for fun and not critique every move. I’m 100% fan of hockey as a pleasure and outlet from the bs. That’s why I love hockey so much.

  7. I’m with you on the Magic/Bird thing. But as far as the NBA is concerned I think its just a really poor product. There’s no defense and no real use of the full playing surface. NO ONE plays any kind of full court defense, its all one on ones and walk ups. AND it really sucks. AND many of the players act like assholes.

    Lets face it, the NHL has assholes, but most of them are now concentrated in Anaheim (Kesler, Perry, etc) and San Jose (Torres, Scott, etc) so it just makes two hilariously pathetic situations even more exciting and shitty. A win-win. But seriously, think about it. When was the last time some NHL guy really fucked up, by like driving drunk and killing someone? Oh wait, another Duck. Geez, they really have a shit show going on down there huh? Except for Dany Heatley and the Mighty Ducks of Santa Ana adjacent, the NHL is FILLED with quality guys who are pretty fucking great on and OFF the ice. Its easy to like these guys. Speaking of liking guys, have you guys seen Jeff Carter in shorts? Holy fuck.

    ANYWHO! I used to love baseball, but my God that game is SSSSSLLLOOOWWWWW….and the season is really really long. I just fell asleep typing that.

    I do think that the NFL and NHL are weird twins of each other. I think the NFL is built for TV and not so great in person. While the NHL is the best sport to see live and on TV its a fucking mess, especially if you’re tuning into the Ducks broadcast with Brian Hayward while he invents new words to explain away the shittiness that is the Ducks. Note to Hayward: go Uber, don’t pool with “the Heater.”

    • First of all why is Kesler an asshole? He is one of the best two-way forwards in the game, yes like every other recent Canuck he tends to dive. But he is one of the few who’s overall game I respect, any team in the league would love to have him.

      Secondly, get the fuck over yourself on Heatley! Yes, eleven years ago he made the biggest mistake of his life and killed his best friend. Practically every American has got behind the wheel of the care while intoxicated, but unlike Heatley the rest of us were lucky enough not to kill our best friend. Was it his fault? Yes. But he owned up to his mistake and it is his burden to carry for the rest of his life. If you want to call a guy an asshole because of a mistake he made 11 years ago when he was 22, that is your right. However, misguided it may be.

      • I don’t think he was drunk. He was just driving his sports car to fast.

      • Agreed. Not a big Kesler fan but he is a very good player. Heatley’s thing just sucks. We’ve all done stupid things that didn’t have the same horrific results. I feel bad for the kid.
        It’s not like he’s Todd Bertuzzi or anything. That guy should’ve gone to jail for that shit on Moore. Fuck that guy.

    • Good comment, TimmyLove. Glad to see you adding to the comments. You made some good points. Do you remember where you saw Carter in shorts? I can’t picture him in shorts!

    • Carter in shorts..Pic please :-)

  8. Hockey is all I’m about. I watch every Kings regular season game, as well as catching a few other NHL games (some of the weekly games on NBC Sports). During the playoffs, I watch all the Kings games, and as many of the other games as I have time for. I play in one fantasy hockey league (Champion the last two seasons!)

    Any other sports I watch are because I’m around when someone else is watching it, usually basketball or football at my in-laws house.

    • I believe your approach is not only logical, but the only real way to go, if you are going to spend the proper amount of time on other aspects of your life. I’ve known many other guys who have lived sports sixteen hours a day. They didn’t have a great relationship with their wife and children. And they didn’t know anything about the political realities of our Matrix-like world of lies. One more point … you may not be a man/woman of faith (I’m a Christian), but it does take some time out of our busy day to study the scriptures as well. If you are always watching some kind of sport, and texting to your buddies about the games, that’s all you’ll have. I love the Kings, but no sport should be your whole life. There is more.

      Go Kings!

      • I share your priorities for family and faith (I’m also a Christian). Thankful, watching Kings games has become a family event, shared with my wife and three sons. Anyway, I agree that there are many important things in life, and finding a proper balance of time can be difficult. Even Kings hockey occasionally has to take a back seat.

        • We should have a balanced approach to everything! :-)

        • Agreed. Look what happens when you don’t: Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Balance, tolerance, and then add more balance and tolerance with a splash of acceptance. Even though we’re fans, we ain’t no fanatics. It’s all about respect.

          • To follow on the theme though. I grew up in Quebec City, so I was a hardcore Nordiques fan and played hockey for 5 years and reached Bantam “A”. I quit after that tough ’cause I found out that music was my calling. That’s how I ended up in LA 15 years ago. It would follow suit that barring any Nordiques in the world, I would follow the team of my adopted city. I became a fan in the Deadmarsh era and have been infatuated ever since, and lately madly in love. What a great job Deano has done assembling this team and keeping it together. Masterful.
            If Quebec City ever gets a team again my sentiment will sway, but my heart will remain in LA. As I will.

          • This is a Kings blog, so we do need to keep our political comments to a minimum. And I’ve made several in recent months. But I must say that more people need to awaken and speak out about the fact that the Zionists are gradually eliminating the Palestinians from Palestine … by brutally murdering them while they struggle to survive in an unlivable outdoors prison camp.

            As for your feelings about the team where you grew up, I felt the same way about the Rangers for many years. However, the way they’ve been screwing up that team has made it easier for me to put 100% of my attention to following the Kings!

            Go Kings!!

  9. I was an all star 2nd basemen from ages 5-9. My dad took me to a hockey game, which I had never heard of before, and by the end of the game I decided that this was the only sport to follow. I never played baseball after that day. I barely watch football. Basketball is a fucking joke.

    Been a die hard kings fan ever since. Through the good and the bad.

  10. Hockey not just the Kings, but the NHL and CHL. I also follow BPL, La Liga, Bundesliga. I will watch college football occasionally just to see how my Arizona Wildcats are doing. We are horrible in football, and I was just leaving when Lute Olson came to Tucson to make the Cats relevant

    I follow the UFC and also the new emerging Extreme Sports XGAMES stuff BMX and Moto X. My son rode Pro BMX not the same as the BMX Park but he also did some BMX Park. He used to train in Chula Vista at the US Training Facility they have down there for BMX racing.

    We enjoyed going to the XGAMES since we got to know many of the bigger more known names, like Gary Young who just won the Vans BMX Park Competition in Redondo Beach. Since I like to take digital action pictures, the BMX stuff is always fun to shoot along with the Moto X Whip and Tricks.

    MLB/NBA/NFL I could care less about them. I think it has something to do with playing hockey and soccer for a long, long time I never really never got into the Big 3. I also played Volleyball for many years until my back decided it was time for me to stop.

  11. I watch college and pro football, hockey, baseball, basketball every once in a while, formula 1, and sometimes golf. The way to keep track of all those sports is to watch the games when you can, but check the scores and see how your favorite team/players did when you can’t. And read plenty of sports news.

  12. Face it. We are all puck heads! We are all on here talking hockey almost everyday. Love it!

  13. I seriously find watching a whole hockey season can be trying–82 games is a lot. I know I’ll get lampooned for it, but usually by late December / early January I need a break and start missing a couple games. I’m not sure if the Allstar break is a blessing because it’s a break or a curse because of how terrible it is. Of course, by mid February I’m usually back to full rabid fandom that just builds as the playoffs get near. Then it’s even worse because not only is it watch every Kings game time, I get suckered in and want to watch as much playoff hockey as possible (much to the dismay of my wife).

    And this is why I will never understand how people have the time or attention span to watch other, far less interesting sports.

  14. Personally I LOVE advanced stats and think its about time someone like this is hired by a team. What is everyone else’s opinion?

  15. Bobby,

    My honest answer is that perhaps comparatively I am not as “die-hard”of a Kings fan as some others. Do I stay up until 2AM during the season to watch the games since I live on the east coast? Yes. Did I book a trip to LA (flight & rental car) and buy tickets for hundreds of dollars for Game 5 before the Finals even started? Yes. Do I put aside my disdain for social media and follow Philip Pritchard on twitter so I can update my wallpaper with pictures of the team with the Cup? Yes. Do all of my coworkers know the names of at least 5 Kings players, despite the fact that only one of them has ever been to a NHL game? Yes. Did I force my coworkers to take a 3 hour lunch and watch the Canada-America Olympic Game? Yes. But compared to some of the crazy bastards here I am a casual fan. Because I still watch every Packer game (the NFL begin the easist sport to follow and be a fan for IN THE WORLD! Seriously learn the QB’s name and go to ESPN for 5 minutes once a week and you can pretend to be a fan). I still follow the Cardinals, and just finished a week-long trip with my dad to watch baseball in 4 different parks and go to the Hall of Fame (hockey seriously needs organized group trips like this). I play basketball and cheer my Dayton Flyers as they storm to the Elight Eight!

    However, all of that time could be invested in watching old Kings games, and learning more about the team pre-2007 (when I moved to LA and became a season ticket holder). All my pre-2007 Kings knowledge was from video games, watching other teams, and of course the Gretzky/Robitaille Kings. So hats off and thank you to those Kings fans I can still learn from. Despite all the other sports I follow, hockey is the greatest sport in the world and I am counting the days until we can watch our Kings play again!


  16. Hockey games can be ruined by just playing them in baseball and football stadiums. There is only hockey. Everything else is what I do when hockey isn’t available. GKG. \X/

    • I agree with you! I can’t blame someone for wanting to be involved with summer sports like Lacrosse, etc. But during hockey season, this sport requires the full attention of those who love it. No other sport is good enough to pull me away from Ice hockey, especially the NHL and the LA Kings!

  17. I have not read this blog for some time, but am reminded in doing so that you are a great man.
    I too only think about the LA Kings (and in regards to that concern study the other teams). I do, however, follow International Cornhole tournaments. Kings rule.

  18. I thought this was somewhat related to this topic ( I also thought it might have been written by Surly, posing as a Leafs fan.

    It has some good points, especially about spreading the love of free tickets and beer. I can totally get on-board with being on the receiving end of that, now that I am “between jobs”.

  19. A little off topic but I just looked into 10-game and half-season packages…there isn’t any available. They are all sold out! Wow, how things have changed! I don’t know if that’s cool or not! Haha!

    • I say NOT good
      Supply and demand. .the prices will keep escalating. .
      I had to buy 3 games to get home opener and way ijflated prices..:-(
      I say TG for Bobby and Foxie and Television.

  20. Off Topic BUT
    Going Rogan..started taping show After
    Lord Stanley came Home 6/14
    because as Any Diehard knows
    there is No Such Thing as Too much KINGS!
    this weeks episode airing again (Direct TV schedule)
    Tomorrow night at Midnight channel 4
    About LA Sport Announcers.
    There’s our Bob..I adore him!
    Telling one of his stories…his mouth starts
    that mischievous hit of smile..
    Judy was on for a minute..sweet.
    It may be online somewhere. .I did not look.

  21. Speaking of other sports & the Kings. It was announced Blake will have his number retired by LA. This means that My favorite NHL team and favorite NFL team have announced they will retire my favorite number; and someday my favorite MLB team will too (Yadier Molina is a first ballot guy, just like Blake and Favre). So I guess if I want to play for one of my favorite teams wearing my favorite number I better work on my Kareem-hook-shot.

    • I liked Blake when I was a kid but still hate him for going to the Sharks. The Deadmarsh, Miller trade is understandable. But going to the Sharks?

      • Well, he wanted to win and he felt that San Jose was his best chance. They won the Presidents trophy, his first year with the team and were runner-ups his second. Also, had he stayed in LA, it is extremely unlikely the Kings get the #2 draft pick and draft Doughty & most likely Slava either. Thus without Blake leaving the Kings never win TWO much less one Stanley Cup.

        Thank you Rob Blake!

        • Yes, that DOES paint a different picture on the Rob Blake issue. I guess the team thanked him by hiring him back. It seems that he’s likable, and doing a good job so far.

  22. I was really sour on the whole Blake thing for a while. Everything I’ve ever heard about the guy is pretty down to earth and cool. You really can’t argue what he meant to the team. Plus if Deano likes him….. That’s really all I need to know. \X/

  23. The way he roughed up Pallfy still bugs me.

  24. As if Shea Weber & Brooks Orpik’s contracts didn’t make the holdout and debate seem like enough of a distant memory:

    • Also, I just realized that it is the hockey version of Ash Wednesday. 40 days and 40 nights until the Kings first preseason game.


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