Awake Kopitarians! Celebrate Thy Savior’s 27th Birthday.

Anze Kopitar turned 27 today.

Back when he was a rookie, I started a religion in his honor. We dubbed the followers “Kopitarians.” We gathered disciples. We went on missions to bring the devoted to the faith…mostly to bars, strip clubs and other places where any founding member of a growing dogmatic order seeks the like-minded.

The faith grew fast. 

Chicks flocked to it.

Big names became devout members. And some midsized ones too.

I figure now is as good of a time as any to introduce you guys to the Kopitarian Prayer, as created by one of the amazing Kings fans at…

It remains strong and has even caused those within the L.A. Kings organization like Jon Rosen to suddenly call out his name. Jon may deny himself a Kopitarian but we know better.

Sure, there were those along the way who rejected the Kopitarian way and slid their head between the bosom of false prophets. But aren’t there always the naysayers?

From then to now, our young, 6’3″, Slovenian who turned Chris Pronger inside-out in his first NHL game has become a man with two Stanley Cup championships, more to come, and the hockey world looking upon him as that which we always knew he was – divine.

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  1. Inside out is being too kind. Homeboy blew past him like a sack o potatoes and scored on his ass. Being a schmuck makes it all the more sweeter!

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