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You’ve probably seen us at the games…you’ve likely heard us too.

To those who are new to the pages of this site, you may ask who we are within the L.A. Kings community. Bloggers, avid writers and, most of all, rabid L.A. Kings fans. To the casual fan, we’re obsessed. To the media, we’re brazen savages. To the Die-hard L.A. Kings and hockey fan, we are family. If you get us, you do so because you’re one of us. If you don’t, you never understood.

We started Surly & Scribe to channel our love of this team to a fan base that shared our decades of pain and promise until its crowning fulfillment of a Stanley Cup Championship in 2012.

Will you ever forget that game?

Neither will we.

We were there in section 315, laced with a level of fervor and unhinged intensity previously unprecedented and not until Trevor Lewis scored the fifth goal into an empty net did our collective minds begin to grasp that our Los Angeles Kings were going to become Stanley Cup Champions and the Kings of the NHL.

At that point, we lost what was left of our minds.

But, as we saw for ourselves, raising the Cup at Staples Center on June 11, 2012 was not an end. It was a beginning to the hopes and dreams of L.A. Kings fans like you and us to have our team become one of the elite in the NHL – a team that is unsatisfied with just one Stanley Cup, but one that plays every season for the earned right to win more. And with such aspiration, glory bestowed itself upon us once again as we won our second Stanley Cup in 2014. 45 years it took to win our first Cup. 2 years it took to win our second. Surly and I hope and pray to the Hockey Gods for many more in our lifetime and that of our children and yours.

Since we started this L.A. Kings blog in September of 2009, our readership has steadily grown. L.A. Kings die-hards have become our die-hards. We are perpetually unfiltered in substance and style. We don’t moderate comments anymore than we moderate our own opinions. We hope our prose entertains and inspires. We hope our skits and humor make you laugh. We speak your language because it is the same as ours.

I have been a student of hockey for most of my life. Surly has been committed to his puck insanity most of his.  You won’t get the tired clichés, milquetoast commentary or either of us to tow the company line. Our commitment to the vision, one that is honest and independent, defines who we are.

But reader beware: Surly & Scribe is addicting.

We hope you enjoy what you read as much as we do bringing the words to you.

Now and forever, scream it for your 2012 and 2014 Stanley Cup Champions. Go Kings!

– Bobby Scribe

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