L.A. Kings Game Reports


It’s Defense 101. You don’t “reach” for a puck to deflect it around your net unless you are trying to break up a lateral pass. You remove your stick from the lane if the puck is clearly headed for your… Read More ›

That 70’s Crime

We were robbed! Robbed I say! We outplayed those pretentious fucks about which they have nothing to be pretentious about. Marc Andre Flatulence made some good saves, some lucky saves and he is DAMN LUCKY interference is actually a penalty… Read More ›

Men 5, Boys 2

Kings won. 2 points. You say, “yeah, but that wasn’t a test.” I say “just because I could make the Oilers’ roster doesn’t mean the game was a gimme.” You say, “I want Kopitar to play like that every game!”… Read More ›


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