L.A. Kings Game Reports

Kings Off To A Start

I’m a pretty happy guy. The Kings are three wins away from a second Stanley Cup in who-gives-a-fuck-how-many years, it’s a second Stanley Cup. I’m a pretty lucky guy. I have been to 14 out of 22 playoffs games so… Read More ›

200 Feet of Chemistry

Chemistry. Pearson-Carter-Toffoli have it. As do Kopitar and Gaborik, Clifford and Lewis, Stoll and Williams, Doughty and Muzzin, Greene and Martinez and Mitchell and… A friend sent me a text after the game and asked me if I was starting… Read More ›


Yesterday Bobby told you how the Kings need to play to beat the Ducks. I’m here to tell you why they need to beat them. Garbage hockey shouldn’t prosper. I may dislike the Blackhawks for what they have done to… Read More ›

So We Drink

To an injustice. To self reflection. On self degradation. The Jewish way. We were not beaten. Self flagellation. Last time the series was tied, the Kings won two games. We drink.

Winners Write History

When I started the #MakeThemPay hashtag on Twitter, there was no tongue in cheek. I believed as you believed. Faith was strong because there was precedent and that which is self-evident does not necessitate blind faith. Our eyes were open… Read More ›


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