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Five Baby

Kopitar kopitaring. Brown browning. Carter scoring. Defense defending. Boys swarming. LA Kings winning. Shit isn’t complicated. I can’t find a single thing wrong with this victory against the Montreal Canadiens. We should have scored 4 goals. Kopitar’s open net…Jesus. That’s… Read More ›

Am I The Only One?

That kind of wanted Slovenia to upset Team USA today? That thinks Finnish players have the dumbest names? Who doesn’t care that their teammates and wants Dustin Brown to plaster Ryan Kesler? That wants to see that Kovalchuk change-up shootout… Read More ›


Often in my life I’ve wondered about tipping points. Even gradual changes have that one moment where suddenly everything is different. These moments often go unnoticed. We will notice that our hair is below our shoulders but not the moment… Read More ›


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