Quotable Darryl Sutter

L.A. Kings coach, Darryl Sutter has had some great one-liners during his tenure with the L.A. Kings. As our readers know, we started a Quotable Dean Lombardi feature page a while ago and we have updated it with new quotes so we could keep track of what he has said over the years. While that page was more educational, this page is just fun. I took the first many of these quotes from L.A. Kings beat writer, Rich Hammond’s post about this topic and I added a few. I will update this page regularly as we get more fun quotes and one liners from coach Sutter.  

“I think I was in the barn…I wasn’t shoveling shit, I remember that, but I had that day. Was probably warming up. It was cold.” (December 2011 on what he was doing when Dean Lombardi called him about the L.A. Kings head coaching position)

“I guess I don’t get to see the cows for a while.” (December 2011 on becoming the new L.A. Kings head coach)

“This isn’t baseball.” (December of 2011, on why he doesn’t announce his starting goalie)

“They can wear wigs and sunglasses. I don’t care, as long as they’re ready.” (January of 2012 on the L.A. Kings players and whether they should wear helmets in warmups)

“He has a sore back. It’s that old line. `I’ve got a weak back.’ `When did it happen?’ `About a weak back.'” (January 2012, on Dustin Penner’s back injury)

“Nobody died, and it’s a hard-working point for our team.” (February of 2012 after losing in overtime to the New York Islanders)

“(I)t’s tough to make the first pass when your friggin’ (butt) is up in the air, from getting knocked on it.” (February of 2012 on the Kings’ struggles to get out of their own zone)

“Torres? He’s half a second late, a lot.” (February of 2012 on Raffi Torres’ hit on Colin Fraser)

“I don’t think Mike Smith and Anze Kopitar is going to go down as one we’re going to go to Vegas for. Heck, the way they talked about it afterward, it sounded like they were buddies. I thought maybe there was something else going on there. They were calling each other by their nicknames.” (February of 2012 on the skirmish between the Kings and Phoenix Coyotes during a February 20 game)

“We feel fortunate they could fit us into their schedule tonight. All you have to do is listen to everything. You can’t imagine how they could lose a game again.” (March of 2012 on playing the Vancouver Canucks)

“There ain’t no weak sisters.” (March of 2012, on the Western Conference playoff teams)

“Heck, when I first went there, our captain lived in Edmonton in the summer and their captain lived in Calgary. Where was the rivalry? You’ve got tougher traffic than me?” (March of 2012 on the Calgary versus Edmonton rivalry)

“He moved his feet, shot on the fly. He looked like Mark Messier.” (March of 2012 on Dustin Penner goal)

“I’m not a philosopher or Nostradamus or nothing.” (March of 2012, on the predictions and the playoffs)

“Tonight is over, and we move. It’s like the sign at the airport. Park and ride.” (March of 2012 on the coming roadtrip)

“They haven’t lost at home since Christ was a child.” (March of 2012 on playing a road game against the Nashville Predators)

It really doesn’t have any impact, other than that we miss him in the lineup. … He’s getting better. They’re not going to amputate, I don’t think, or anything like that…” (April of 2012 on Jeff Carter’s ankle injury)

“You can’t win a shootout nothing-nothing.” (April of 2012 after losing to the San Jose Sharks in a shootout)

“Well, obviously they didn’t. I couldn’t text them or anything.” (April of 2012 on the officials not seeing Ryane Clow playing the puck from the bench)

“What do you think my thoughts are? You can’t call too many men on the ice. What do you call, too many sticks?” (April of 2012 on Ryane Clowe playing the puck with his stick from the bench)

“That’s true. It’s awesome. Bump and run.” (April of 2012, on adjusting to L.A. traffic and the hazards of being a pedestrian)

“You don’t get nothing for three.” (April of 2012 after taking a commanding 3-0 lead over the Vancouver Canucks in the first round)

“I told him I need tires for my tractor. Hey, it might mean the difference of two or three minutes in a game.” (April of 2012 on Drew Doughty’s Bridgestone commercials)

“I saw it live and in Technicolor. It was good on both.” (April of 2012, on Dustin Brown’s Game 3 hit on Henrik Sedin.

“What are you going to do? If they’re leaking oil, they give them four minutes.” (April of 2012, on the L.A. Kings receiving a four minute high sticking penalty)

“I don’t even know if he’s in North America now.” (April of 2012 on Simon Gagne and his injury woes)

“Looks slow and he looks behind, and borderline in the way.” (April of 2012 on Scott Parse returning to practice)

“We’ve been waiting about four months for Jarret Stoll to take that shot. [grins]” (April 22, 2012, after the series winning 2-1 OT victory over the Canucks in game five)

“The only time there is noise taken out of the building is when they play `Jeopardy’ at Staples. I wish they wouldn’t do it. I don’t get that one. If you want Jeopardy, stay home and watch Jeopardy. If I’m paying 500 bucks, I don’t want to be watching Jeopardy. That’s a fact.” (May, 2012 on crowd noise at Staples Center)

“There was a lot of contact when he was out there. Boom. Jeez.” (May of 2012, on Dustin Brown’s style of play)

“I just fold my pajamas, and that’s it. … We played an afternoon game and lost 1-0 Columbus or somebody. It was a pajama party.” (May of 2012 on afternoon playoff games)

“When I steal their ties, I tell them they’ve got $800 ties on, and $300 suits.” (May of 2012 on borrowing clothing items from players)

“We get 60 hours of rest before our next game, as long as nobody is in that bike race.” (May of 2012 on game preparation in light of the Tour of California bike race that ended at L.A. Live and closed down the streets)

“What’s that?” (May of 2012 when asked by Dennis Bernstein whether the L.A. Kings are a team of destiny)

“Everybody enjoy it, and stay out of trouble.” (June of 2012, closing remarks at the L.A. Kings Championship rally)

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