Er…Drew? Want To Explain This One, Buddy?

Thanks to our reader, Michael for sending the video.

As for the rest of us…what the fuck? Not that there is anything wrong with that…

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  1. Lol! I wasn’t imaging that! I seen that and thought what did he just do?
    Then saw the replay and there he was grabbing Stollie’s stuff! Lol!

  2. I guess this proves that Stoll is the best looking guy on the team.

  3. WTF, and funny as hell. This just means there is some wacky hi-jinx in the locker room that we don’t know about. You should send Surly in to investigate!

  4. I knew it, after that twilight stuff I knew there was some interesting “team bonding” going on there lol

  5. Couldn’t believe it when I was watching the game, surprised fox didnt say anything about it on the replay. Fuckin doughty

  6. This just in, Doughty’s lack of offense actually related to the distraction of dealing with his latent homosexuality and closet relationship with Jarrett Stoll, who, it seems, was not satisfied with screwing the rich and famous of only one sex…

    jk. lol. I have no idea what that was about. Even more disturbing for the fact that Stoll doesn’t seem fazed by it.

  7. Guy’s, you’re overreacting. Clearly, Doughty is just helping a buddy out with a quick cup-check just like he helped Quick out last year when he had some mustard on his mask [insert picture of Doughty kissing Quick]. Good check Doughty, solid jiggle and everything…

  8. It’s called a reach around. From what I’ve heard, this is popular in prison. Very uplifting for the other guy. Above and beyond dude!

    Nothing this guy won’t do for his teammates.

  9. For the record, now that Ive finally gotten a chance to actually watch Forbort play, I like what I see. Would I have picked him over Kuznetsov based on what little I’ve seen? No, but really liking Forbort. Obviously always knew he had great size, but love his skating for a big man too, and seems pretty poised and smart on defense from what little Ive seen. Dont have a great idea of his offensive potential yet, though, which could make or break the pick. The size, skating, and reach bode well. Will have to see how aggressively and smartly he rushes the puck (if at all), his hockey sense in the offensive zone, his shot, and everything else.

    But Im liking the pick more now overall. I still think Kuznetsov was the steal of the round, have since draft day, and the Kings probably could have gotten him and an extra 2nd round pick by trading back to 23-24 and picking him, but Forbort looks like a very high-end defensive prospect to me.

    • And what does this have to do with Drew?:)

    • Emmerson Etem fits a need for the Kings. Speed, Offensive instinct. Etem is a local kid from Long Beach, and lighting it up in the WHL for Medicine Hat.

      Only knock on Etem is skating, and that can be taught, not offensive extinct.

      Forbort & Tinordi might not exactly be the same in comparison, but 6ft 7in, mean/physical Tinordi could have been a good draft pick also. I am sure Forbort could become a good two way defenseman as projected. Having a potential Chris Pronger or Dion Phaneuf nasty (without the offensive skills) stay at home defender like Tinordi is currently what the Kings lack.

      I think watching these players in the WJC isn’t really a good glimpse into the future. Forbort is really a man among boys, but unlike Schenn he’s a d-man.

      I think seeing Forbort playing in the CCHA would be a little more telling, since he is playing against players his age or older.

      I think the Doughty grope might have been something joked about or said by Stoll about giving up a nut for a goal, but I might be wrong.

      Team USA is really in a bad situation. Canada slaughtered Finland. I am not sure if this was due to Gibson being in net for Finland, or just Canada dominating Finland.

      Team Canada took a period, but eventually blew Team Czech Rep out also.

  10. Bow chika wow wow!

  11. I would have expected this move to be saved for Jack Johnson.

  12. It’s a cup check. What’s the big deal? Bunch of f’n Puritans….

  13. Kinda puts new meaning on butternut squash😀

  14. Escalation dictates that now if he gets a hat trick, he gets to brick in Doughty’s mouth. Dem’s da rules.

  15. hahaha… i didnt notice that when i saw the game. thats hilarious!!


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