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  1. I got chills.

    • I said the same thing to myself as i read your post. Feels soooo good! GKG
      Cant wait for round two!!!!

  2. Excellent Video!! Thanks jmsalsa!

  3. Oh wow! Too bad they don’t give Oscars to the best YouTube video; this one would take it.

    I especially love how all of the analysts have been so wrong on their predictions.

    I wish I can get paid that much to make bad guesses

    • You at least gotta hand it to Melrose though, he had the Kings in 4 and LeBrun and Barnaby literally laughed at him.

      • I laughed at LeBrun and Barnaby laughing at Melrose. Clearly Melrose was the only one actually using his head and not underestimating our boys.

        Kinda like being the underdog, pushes you to prove everyone wrong and work hard.

        • The thing about Melrose is that he sures likes to mix it up and break the trends and be contrarian. Therefore, I like the guy.

          He was a much better commentator than coach.

          If the Kings did not have such a bad start to year 94-95, who knows what might have happened with his Kings tenure. However, with the McNall fiasco, there were a lot of tough times destined for any coach with the Kings.

          Coaching record
          G W L T OTL Pts Finish Results
          LA 1992–93 84 39 35 10 – 88 3rd in Smythe Lost in Cup Final
          LA 1993–94 84 27 45 12 – 66 5th in Pacific Missed Playoffs
          LA 1994–95 41 13 21 7 – (33) 4th in Pacific (fired)
          TB 2008–09 16 5 7 – 4 (14) 5th in Southeast (fired)
          Total 225 84 108 29 4

  4. thnx everyone – glad you liked it!

  5. I can’t stop the chills I got from watching this video! EPIC! I am so fucking pumped for the next game! Too bad its 2 days away! lol! GO KINGS GO!!

  6. more please, more

  7. Pure awesomeness!

  8. Sick ass vid. Pumped up! The hit on Sedin was icing on the cake. Fucker got Drilled! St Louis is gonna be madness! Saturday can’t come soon enough.

  9. Great editing…someone hire this guy

    • Certainly better than the rubbish Staples puts up on the board. I love the intro sequence it’s a great lead in and a giant, HEY FUCK YOU EVERYONE. Go Kings Go!

  10. wow that was amazing

  11. get that shit to zanny dollars! well done

  12. Someone bitch-slap me!

    One of the hockey pundits that I most respect is Bill Clement. I found a radio interview of him where he “analyzes” the Kings-Blues series. I don’t need — or want — to tell you what he predicts.

    But I will say this: when he was asked how long the series would go he answered, “I think this’ll be a seven-er.”

  13. Nice work, jmsalsa.

  14. I cried. There I said it.


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