Video: L.A. Kings vs. St. Louis Blues Highlights. Very High. Bright Lights.

From our very talented reader, jmsalsa.

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  1. So sweet.

  2. great video! i didnt even have to mute the music😀

  3. Quite a display of badassery. Well done!

  4. It shows that the St. Louis series wasn’t as easy as it looked !

  5. No post to live comment on the replay by FSW on 1993 seventh game against the Maple Leafs?

  6. Damn, that’s some hot shit right there

  7. That hit on Foligno, McSorley’s drag move, Gretzky’s kick to the stick for a shorthanded goal – blissful. All that in the first period…

  8. This outstanding video is going right into my permanent King library collection.

    The video captured the essence of what the Kings accomplished, which was total class and professionalism out on the ice for this last month. We finally got our elite NHL team here in LA.

  9. Great video! By far better than the videos I’ve seen at Staples. Keep up the good work!

  10. wow that was offing awesome. beautiful

  11. Loved it, wow, so great. Way to go jmsalsa!

  12. Holy shit is it Sunday yet?!

  13. Reblogged this on NOMADICLES and commented:
    Schedule is in. This Sunday LA Kings vs Phoenix Coyotes at 5PM PST. Can’t wait! Check out this awesome video highlights of Kings vs Blues series. Go Kings!

  14. Great video. Can’t wait!

  15. Great video. I’ve been a fan of the la kings since 1988, that is when I came back from Italy I’ve been through a lot as a kings fan. In 93 I missed the run they were on because of me going on vacation in Italy and was unable to catch a feed. I love this team I love the way they make me feel on game day. I hate it when they lose and love it when they win. I am a kings fan and will not predict the outcome of this series. One shift at a time. GKG

  16. I have a fulll preview for this series where i give the full rundown on all the stats and why the kings will win so come check it out and enjoy!!

  17. thnx for all the great comments everyone. makes the late nights editing worth it! =)

  18. I love Dustin Penner tugging on Crombeen’s jersey on that faceoff- so funny!

  19. Finally got a chance to watch this…

    AMAZING work. That’s coming from an incredibly harsh critic on these things. I look forward to the one against the Coyotes.

  20. Well done!


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