A Surprise Surly And Scribe L.A. Kings Podcast Show With A Surprise Video…Surprise!

Surly & I got a wild hair of sorts and decided to do a L.A. Kings podcast tonight. Nothing like a last-minute production to bring out the unrefined fun among fanatics. Here is the link. Enjoy.

Surly & Scribe L.A. Kings Podcast For 5-24-12

Along with the podcast, what a great video by our very talented reader, jmsalsa!

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  1. That video is FUCKING PHENOMENAL!!!!

  2. Helmet cam, Jacob. Helmet cam.

  3. Bring on the Eastern Conference Champ right fucking now!

    This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for our entire lives ladies and gents!

    Great video, and GO KINGS GO!!!

    • I was wondering if someone could contact the Redwings organization and maybe get an exhibition game going while the East wraps up…

  4. Wow, this man knows how to assemble an amazing impact inspirational video five star all the way. It is too unfair we have to wait this long to get started with the finals.
    Thanks for the surprise podcast and keep them rolling in.

  5. “Win or lose, I’m proud of these boys.”

    I feel that way. The reason why is we have a little less than a week until our first Stanley Cup Finals game. So looking back at what this season’s expectations were, where we were midway to 3/4 of the season finished, and then the run we made, I’m proud that these boys were able to get their shit together and make this run.

    I don’t think any of us expected the Kings to be this dominant in the playoffs, let alone even make the playoffs. So for that, I’m proud they had it in them.

    Like you guys said, if the Kings lose I’ll be fucking pissed. And I won’t want to say I’m proud of them even though I am. I’ll be too depressed.

    • Well proud of them wasn’t the topic (well it was, but a different topic, not the one you are referring to).

      That was fans themselves being happy win or lose, which is a totally different thing than being proud of the team win or lose.

  6. The Kings compete level on the PP sucks.

    • The Kings competitiveness on the PP sucks.

    • hey, kind of new news here, but we actually got a new coach. Rather exciting.

    • The Kings compete level on the PP sucks.

      … LOL! What does that even mean?

      Boston won the Cup last year with a power play that ranked right around the bottom of the league’s playoff teams. They also won the Cup with a penalty kill just a little bit better than average. This is not unusual stuff, by the way. The myth about special teams being the key to winning in the playoffs is just that – a myth. It’s something said to create an illusion of deeper knowledge, very much as a statement like “the compete level on the (insert hockey term here) sucks” creates the same illusion.

      Teams win Championships with 5-on-5 play. The Kings have played about 860 minutes in these playoffs. Of that time, they’ve played 220 minutes of special teams – 125 minutes on the PP and about 95 on the PK. They’ve played roughly 26% of the time on special teams. Less than 15% of their total ice time is spent on the power play.

      Now – what do you think would be more of a factor as to why a team won or lost a game (or a playoff series)? Playing effectively in situations that cover 74% of a game, or situations that cover less than 15% of a game? It’s obvious, right? Apparently not.

      By far, the teams who scored the most on the power play in these playoffs were Florida, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. Those teams are on the golf course now. So much for special teams being the key to winning.

      And, it’s not like the Kings’ power play is even all that bad. They’re putting pucks on net, and they’re getting chances and rebounds … that’s what a power play is supposed to do. But, since pucks aren’t going into the net enough, I get to hear stuff about poor competitiveness and poor strategy regarding a team which is 12-2 in these playoffs. Of course, there aren’t any specific examples of poor competitiveness or poor strategy pointed out, because no such examples even exist.

      I’ve heard lots of people saying the Kings should play 5-on-4 as they play 5-on-5, which shows a clear lack of understanding of how hockey works. Power plays are very short periods of time within a game – usually they last about a couple shifts. The shorter a period of time is, the chances of luck becoming a huge factor in which team ends up getting what they want increase; just as having a one-game playoff instead of a best-of-seven increases the chances of a team winning on a lucky night. Also, the short amount of time on a power play magnifies the little lapses in execution, which every team is guilty of now and then.

      The simple explanation for the power play is this: the Kings will not score on them until, suddenly, they do. And if they do, there will be much rejoicing. If they do not, I’m guessing there still will probably be some rejoicing during the other 85-86% of the game.

      • That is a Terry Murray quote JT… lmao.

      • As far as your statement that PP’s are overrated and needing a good PP is a myth and that having a bad PP and winning the Stanley Cup is bullshit by the way.

        You obviously talked before doing research. Why don’t you go back 10 years and see where the two Finals teams ranked in PP%. The list will clearly show you virtually every team at least in the top half, if not higher, with the exception being last year and the Kings this year.

        That shows a distinct correlation between the two. Not an end all be all, but more important than you think it is or give credit too. I know it’s great to have an opinion and all, but when facts say otherwise, you just appear as a mouth with no voice.

        And the PP sucks. Don’t care what you say or how you try to spin it in your usual JT way. You can’t honestly tell me our PP is good, or decent. It’s not. And it has nothing to do with luck either.

      • I do agree that the PP is overrated in the playoffs though. Less chances = less potential reward.

        • I shouldn’t say overrated, because I just contradicted myself. Less valuable. Less of a risk/reward. Meh… whatever. We need an edit button!

          • … Uhhh, OK. I’ll just pretend this never happened.

          • TY. My point was having a good or great powerplay is indicative of better success in the playoffs. These stats show rank and PP% of the two teams meeting in the Cup finals.
            2003-2004 TB 1st 21% Calgary 6th 13.8%
            2005-2006 Car 2nd 24% Edm 7th 17%
            2006-2007 Ana 7th 15.2% Ott 3rd 19%
            2007-2008 Det 9th 18.9% Pitt 3rd 22.8%
            2008-2009 Pitt 7th 20,8% Det 4th 23.7%
            2009-2010 Chi 5th 22.5% Phil 7th 21.9%
            2010-2011 Bos 14th 11.4% Van 8th 20.4%
            This year’s playoffs, Kings are 15th 8.1% NYR 4th 18.6% NJD 6th 17.5%

            Only 2 teams on this list aren’t at least double % wise of what the Kings are. The 15.2% by Anaheim is not great, but a lot better than the Kings. So really only Bos and now the Kings have advanced to the SCF with an abysmal PP% in the last 8 hockey years (not including strike season).

            These numbers to me show a successful PP, while not an end all be all, is an important and valuable part of success in the playoffs. There aren’t as many PP’s in the playoffs usually, so sure your chances of scoring more are lowered, but that may actually make them even more valuable. It depends on how you look at it I guess.

          • I’m sorry, It should say only 3 teams on this list aren’t double % wise (forgot about Calgary) and “so really only Bos and now the Kings…” should include Calgary as well.

            Point still stands though.

  7. Great podcast. I think that NY is almost scarier because they have played anywhere near where they were in the regular season and still have an opportunity to make it to the finals. While New Jersey is playing a better brand of hockey, I can’t really see them taking it a step farther.

  8. who the hell is named rhume?

  9. To me, I would be thrilled to see the headline LA beats NYC. Even a final win in the Gaaardannn
    would be fully enjoyable. In the meantime, just let the Rags and Jersey beat themselves to a pulp in a game 7 so that the survivor is wasted and spent for the finals.

  10. Doaning, verb: to whine, to bitch and to be a giant douchebag.

    In a sentence: “God dammit, my buddy’s whore girlfriend dumped him and he won’t stop Doaning about it.”

  11. Just to hit on a few of the topics:

    1) “Happy, win or lose.” I will not be happy if the Kings lose. I will be proud of our boys for the way that they played, and for making it to the final. I will applaud Dean Lombardi for his overall vision and the progress that he has made in establishing this team as a perennial playoff contender. But, I will only be happy if we win the Cup.

    2) “Player most happy for.” I’d have to agree that Willie Mitchell tops that list. This guy has been the most consistent on the team, a rock solid force. He’s worked very long and hard to get where he is now. I’d also like to add Dustin Penner. I know he has a reputation as being lazy, and he has obviously had a very tough season; but, the guy worked his ass off over the summer and I believe all season long. He stoicly took his ration of shit from the media and fans all season long, and despite it, has remained dedicated to his teammates. I’m glad that he’s the one that got to bury the game winning goal in Game 5.

    PS) I love the podcasts. Please keep them coming! But, it’s time to setup an RSS Feed so that your episodes can be downloaded by podcast management programs, instead of having to download them manually. Go motherfucking Kings!

    • But, it’s time to setup an RSS Feed so that your episodes can be downloaded by podcast management programs, instead of having to download them manually. Go motherfucking Kings!

      Explain what this means and we’ll be happy to do it:) I’m lame with lots of this stuff… still not even sure what an RSS feed is… oh, research it myself you say? grrrr….

      • Ehh.. basically it is an XML file that allows you to publish content automatically. So people will be able to download your podcasts automatically without having to wait for you to post one and then download it. That XML file will publish itself once and will be able to be used by a bunch of different devices.

        I don’t know if that helped or made it more confusing.

        • Both… I know what XML files are, but only use them to log editing…. We want to get the podcasts on iTunes eventually… but that’s different, but I think would help, or at least be better than uploading it to the wordpress file bin.

  12. The player I am most happy for is Dustin Brown. He is fucking lucky he isn’t banned forever and in a holding cell at Guantanamo Bay.

    • Dustin has it down to a science on getting clean but borderline hits. He is not going to stop what he gets away with, but granted, we all hope that some screwed up ref does not blow a clean hit into a penalty anyway.
      Who knows how the finals will be called, loose or tight by the refs, after all of the earlier playoff misconducts and illegal hits, etc.

    • … Huh? For hitting someone shoulder-to-shoulder and thigh-to-thigh? If that’s bannable, then I didn’t get the memo.

      • Dustin’s hit was 200% clean. My concern are the refs screwing up clean vs illegal, but, that should not stop him at all on what he does best. In fact it is apart of his game and lifts the team, as it should too.

        This just came out that the NHL are now investigating dog players, Doan, Smith, others, for their post game behavior and words. It seems there will be some discipline imposed. That is a deserving black mark on the dogs too.

        Source: http://tracking.si.com/2012/05/25/nhl-investigating-phoenix-coyotes/

    • Sarcasm guys, sarcasm.

  13. On another note, check out this picture of Kopitar I made. I was bored and banned for a couple hours from another site I go to, so I got bored, downloaded Adobe Illustrator, and this is the first computer picture I’ve ever made. Not the greatest, but I’m happy the way it turned out.

  14. And on a hot chick note, Heidi Androl is reportedly going to be doing some coverage of the Kings for nhl network. Dont let her near our airtight seeking 2nd line.

  15. …remind me again which part of Surly & Scribe IS refined?😛

    • Maybe there is some classy members only section where people smoke pipes and discuss Proust that they dont let me in to. I’ll stick with the triple penetration department.

  16. The Devils. The fucking Devils.

    Let this not be 1995. Let us trap THEM, not vice-a-voice-a.

  17. Does anyone know if there is a contest, sweepstakes,or something so I can try and hope I can win a Stanley cup tickets. I don’t have that much cash to spend especially it being very expensive. I think kings should save some sections for true kings fans that can afford ticket prices.

    • Just the raffle the Kings are holding to have an opportunity to buy regularly priced (still expensive) tickets.

      Otherwise you are probably SOL sad to say.

      I payed 500 bucks today to get one extra ticket to game 6 and that’s the best I could do as a season ticket holder with priority.

    • So your prayer has been answered, but the Kings literally want blood for your chance to win free tickets.


      A good cause, but the amusement of “blood for cup finals tickets” is not lost.

  18. amazing video and great podcast as usual :


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