Video: Epic Kings vs. Coyotes Highlights

Once again, from our super talented reader, jmsalsa. Enjoy.

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  1. My sincere appreciation for this outstanding and exciting video that capsulizes that great series.

    That shows exactly the recipe we want to see now for the finals that LA grit, determination and aggressive play that puts extreme pressure on the Devils where they are disrupted and foiled on what they want to do on the ice.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. Is it wrong I get erect every time I watch one of these videos??

  3. Continued excellence!

  4. The videos just keep getting better. Hoping for one more…

  5. Chills. These are so pro. Mad ups to you jmsalsa.

  6. Fuckin A nice work!

  7. I love that quote, “Probably going to have to get a bigger bandwagon.”

    Great video. Was that Justin Williams yelling “let’s go, let’s go” or was that part of the soundtrack (or was that a different player)? I wish you could hear more of the on-ice communication between players.

  8. Thank god we only have one more day. This wait has been fucking unbearable to say the least.

  9. Fucking Hell that was good!

    C’mon boys bring the Holy Grail to the Motherland!

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  10. We all heard and saw the Kings’ pride, power, & passion mantra that has been promoted for a long time, and now, we know that those characteristics can take the Devils in this final series.
    The team has since April shown those three ingredients up to the levels that are astonishing and phenomenal to reach the finals.
    All the need to do is just keep on pushing those three attributes and we can go far and get the job done in this series. There is nothing better than living up to those ideals, and I expect them to do so.


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